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  1. Introduction

    Hey everyone! I am looking for another new role-play partner for all these ideas that keeps fluttering around in my head. It’s based on the Fear the Walking Dead show , but I want it to be centered around Nick Clark and Chris Manawa. So, essentially it’s a M/M pairing role-play.

    About Me
    • I have been roleplaying for about five years.
    • My post lengths ranges from 4+ paragraphs.
    • I really enjoy slow burn / angsty relationships.
    • PM or Threads, really does not matter to me. It’s up to you.
    • I am very patient and understanding.
    • I am open to all ideas!

    What I expect from you
    • No one liners, at least give me one paragraph. I understand inspiration can disappear, but at least give me something to work with.
    • Be able to post at least once a week. Just let me know if you can’t post that week, I will understand.
    • Help contribute to the progression of the story. If you feel there could be a really great opportunity for a plot twist or whatever else you can think of that can make the story awesome, then by all means try it.

    * What I expect from you is exactly what you would expect from me. So, I am not nit picky about all the details of how we role-play as long as we meet somewhere in the middle and communicate.

    Roleplay Idea

    So, as I mentioned above, it’s a Nick Clark x Chris Manawa* role-play. I would prefer to take on the role of Chris.

    I had envisioned this plot to take place right after 2x07, and after Nick walks away from the group goes back to where Chris and Travis are and stays with them. Then from there, it carries on with those three trying to survive until Madison and co meet up again, but then Travis ends up getting eaten. It sends Chris down a mental spiral and he blames Madison for taking away his family and runs. Nick ends up chasing after him and tries to help him pick up the pieces of his life.

    You know something like that, nothing is really set in stone with it, and it needs a lot of work.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.