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Hey out there.
So I'll start out by saying that, yes, I know there's a shit ton of tags on this thread, but I assure you that every single one of them can and will apply to any RP that might develop from this concept.

Now then, first thing's first. Everyone reading this should go onto Steam and buy this game right now. Yes, it's kinda old, but it's still fucking exceptional, and even without taking any mods into account (of which there are literally hundreds if not thousands that are good enough to download and try) I easily consider FTL to be in (at worst) the top 10 best video games of the past decade (any platform, any genre), probably closer to the top 5 honestly, especially since it's an Indie game. If it was a $30 game, I'd still say it's well worth the money, but it's like $10, and I've spent close to 200 hours playing it since I got it last year. Like I said, fucking exceptional. But anyways, enough of me trying to sell you a product, on with the concept at hand.

So I don't know why I didn't think of this any sooner, but I think that FTL could be an amazing world to set up a roleplay in. Great setting, great overarching story and scenario, metric shit tons of diversity in the sorts of stuff that could happen in the course of the story, and the best part is that we can expand infinitely on the context and story that the game provides us with to start with and do whatever the hell we want to with it.

So yeah, like I said, first go buy this epic game and play it for a good few hours, but then come back here and we can work on planning out something fun!

So yeah, just some tips for anyone thinking of buying FTL and a bit of insight into what will await you; Fair warning, you are absolutely on a straight-up suicide mission. Every time you play. Even once you know what you're doing, (and I don't mean "I blindly and falsely THINK that I know what I'm doing", I mean "I legit REALLY know my shit when it comes to this game, y'all") don't expect more than a 10% success rate on Normal difficulty. Maybe 15%-20% on Easy and no more than 4%-5% on Hard. (Honestly the difficulty levels of Easy, Normal and Hard are misleading. They should be named Hard, Harder, and Hardest) You WILL fuck up and die. A lot. You'll also be doing everything just fine and then out of nowhere get pounced on by something stupidly OP because the RNG said 'fuck you' and you basically just get shat on by God and die. And since it's perma-death (you can save, but it closes the game when you save to preserve the challenge of it being perma-death) you'll have to restart from the beginning when you die every time.

You'll get really mad sometimes, because the RNG is a cold, heartless motherfucker, but the satisfaction of getting through the challenges the game throws at you, getting to the end and mashing the final boss's face in is only made even more satisfying the more aggravating all the failed tries leading up to that point were. I can confidently say that the challenge that is surviving a game session of FTL, reaching the end stage, and killing the boss is the most satisfying challenge in a video game that I've ever experienced. The best part is that no two play-throughs will be the same, or even close to the same (Well... except the ones where you get fucked up and die early. Those will all be mostly the same.) There's such a ridiculous amount of random item, event, enemy and map generation programmed in that every run will bring different challenges, each fight will bring different threats and force you to adapt constantly, and (minor spoilers) the different loadouts of each of the different ships all demand totally new and different playstyles from the get-go, which only get more diverse and unique as an individual game plays out. And because of this, every time you manage to beat the game it's still just as satisfying (well, the very first time is always really special) since there's so much randomization that you're beating a whole new and completely different world every time, and changing between ship starting loadouts you're practically playing a different game each time. I've played it for close to 200 hours (though there's about a year in the middle that I didn't play at all because I was just too busy with other things) and I've never come close to getting bored. The replay value of FTL is bottomless.

On top of all this, the diversity and randomness of the game's item, enemy, event and map generation can and should be brought up to even more ridiculous levels by the FTL: Captain's Edition mod, specifically the Endless Loot add-on within CE. Seriously, I can't sing the praises of the Captain's Edition mod enough, the creators of that mod are absolute geniuses. It's like a whole new awesome game built off of FTL as a base, honestly.
AND THEN there's a mod option for CE (as well as a standalone mod) that basically turns the game into a potentially endless sandbox by allowing you to continuously flee into deep space, which can make a good run last much more than the standard 2-3 hours and get closer to 10-15 or even beyond.
Seriously, go play this game, please.
And/or stay here and play it out with me.
Either one will be more fun than you bargained for.

If you're interested, please PM me or leave a message here.
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