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  1. Gajshio sat at a table in the Guild, trying to decide which of the three jobs before him to do. He wore a dark cloak which masked most of his appearance, and had interesting marks on his face. {Monster slaying... Find an old artifact... or interrogation... hm... tough choice.} The Guild was in a fight, again, with Natsu at the center, like always.
  2. "It's been far to long..." Axel said as he entered the city. Axel Vexen was his name, and he was in the possession of God-Slaying magic. Once a member of Fairy Tail, he was finally returning after so many years. There were faces he missed, and new ones he hated. Someone was now within the guild that Axel needed to fight, and with such an ambition, He made his way towards the guild.
    Axel Vexen.jpg
    Axel Vexen
    God-Slayer magic
    Member of Fairy Tail
  3. {I suppose I’ll take the Monster Slaying one… maybe I can capture a few more spells from them.} Gajshio picked up the paper with the job, and went to Mirajane to get the acceptance stamp put on the Job Request. “Thanks, Mira.” He said quietly as the seal was put on. “No problem!” She smiled.

    Gajshio headed out the door, but he instantly could tell something was wrong. {Something powerful is coming through…}

    Gajshio Khagmeir
    Spell-Absorption Magic
    Member of Fairy tail
  4. Axel moved through the city and was almost at the guild, but then he bumped into a man. It was more of a child really, Axel saw that the boy was clearly younger then him. Upon further inspection, he saw the fairy tail mark on him. "Ah, a fellow guild mate." Axel said as he outstretched his right arm for a hand shake, and revealed the mark on his shoulder. "Names Axel Vexen, it's nice to meet you." He could smell the low level magic that flowed through the boy, it sickened him, but he figured he should be nice to him at least.
  5. "Hi... Axel?" Gajshio said. "Nice to meet you too. You're a Fairy Tail member?" {Geez... this guy practically radiates power! What kind of magic does he even use?}
  6. "Of course, it's just been quite some time since I've been to the guild. What was your name again, I didn't quite catch it the first time?" Axel said as his grip became slightly harder, and his power began to physically manifest itself. He was showing off, and it's exactly what he wanted to do.
  7. Gajshio smirked ever so slightly. "Gajshio Khagmeir. I'm an s-class wizard at the Guild. What about you?" {This guy may THINK he's tough... just you wait.} Dark patterns that looked like strange writing started forming over his skin, and his physique changed to make him look more imposing. {You're not the only one who can show off}
  8. "Gajshio Khagmeir huh?" Axel said as he gripped even tighter. "Anyway every tell you that your is a mouth full?" Axel noticed the markings on the man in his attempt to impress him, it didn't. He smirked, and his power surged greatly, to the point that the nearby windows shattered in an instant, people fell to their knees, and the houses rumbled in their foundation slightly. Axel wasn't going to back down from this little pissing contest of theirs. "S-Class as well...clearly." He said, still having that smirk on his face.
  9. Gajshio couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sorry... that's really cute." Gaj gripped Axel's hand harder, and entire buildings exploded in a brilliance of light. The levels of magic he radiated skyrocketed, and magic whipped around the city with massive and devastating power. "God Slayer Magic, huh? Goody! I needed a spell of that sort." He grinned, the city brought to dust by his power.
  10. Axel leaned in and whispered into the man's ear. "I can turn this whole world to dust Gaj, and don't think I won't. God Slayer magic is something you shouldn't go up against." He said and then leaned back out. Axel had no more time to play around, so he let go of Gajshio's hand and headed off to the guild. "IT was nice meeting you though." Axel said, sarcastically and then snapped his fingers. Everything went back to normal, just like it was before they tried showing off to each other. It was no competition, Axel was the winner, for the true wizard doesn't go full force right off the back. No, he only teases his opponent with a taste of his true power.
  11. Gajshio sneered at Axel, and then smiled as his hand lit up with the crackling dark energy of God Slayer Magic. {Thanks for the spells, loser} He decided to head back to the guild. {I wanna see gramps' reaction to him}
  12. He'll kill himself with that, is what Axel thought when he could smell God Slayer magic. The boy took it from him, but that was ok. He was going to learn the hard way and Axel was going to enjoy the show. Once at the guild, Axel took a deep breath before heading in. "It's been to long, I doubt anyone will remember me..." He said and then entered.

    Things hadn't changed, people just got older. Axel did immediately notice new members though, such as Juvia, Gajeel, and Wendy. Ignoring them, Axel moved throughout the guild. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at him. There he was, a young man who wasn't familiar, but he bared the symbol on his arm.

    "Who is that?" Lucy asked.

    "Not sure." Mira said in return.

    Axel said nothing as everyone looked at him, He was stopped though when he attempted to go up the stairs. Erza moved in between him and the stairs.

    "I don't know who you are, but I don't think you have any reason to be here." Erza didn't believe the mark on his arm, she knew everyone who was part of the guild and he wasn't familiar to even her.

    "I'm here to see gramps, it's been many years since I've stepped foot in the guild my dear Erza." Axel looked around and saw a lot of faces that he missed. Most importantly, he saw Levy. His heart warmed at the sight of her. Before Erza could say another thing, Axel vanished and appeared on the second floor. He kept on walking and Erza didn't stop him. She figured gramps would take care of him.
  13. Gajshio watched all this unfold from the entrance to the Guild. {This guy...} He cast an Illusion spell and followed the guy upstairs to where Makarov and Axel were, hiding in plain sight and listening to them.
  14. "Axel...it's been to long." Makarov said as Axel entered the room. The magic that flowed from Axel was tremendous, it was to the point even Makarov was going to question how he had gotten so strong.

    "I left to fulfill my promise to a guild mate." Axel said as he took a knee. "I have returned gramps, and stronger then any other mage we now have. I can protect and do what I swore."

    "Yes yes I can sense that about you Axel, I just hope this power wasn't gained through wrongful means." Makarov got down to ground level and looked at the boy. "My you have grown."

    "Indeed." Axel said in return. "No one remembers me though, and I me this cocky new member on the way in. Grasping for power like mine, he was trying to mimic it."

    "Oh you must mean Gajshio then." Gramps said, and then looked out towards the hallway. He could sense another, and he was sure Axel sensed it to if his power was as grand as he says it is. "He's a good kid."

    "He'll get himself killed." Axel stood and looked back at the hallway. "I told him I was an S-Rank wizard. I have the power to be such."

    "That you have, and given the circumstances I will allow you the privilege of being an S-Rank. You should go back out there and announce yourself to the family. I'm sure they will remember once they hear your name."

    "Psst...if you say so gramps." Axel bowed at Makarov and headed out the door. On his way out, he purposely barged into Gajshio. "You have terrible illusion magic boy." He said with a smirk, and then kept on walking.
  15. "Dangit..." Gaj muttered. {I stole it from an Illusion Specialist, too...} He followed Axel out into the guild hall, the clamor of the Guild almost deafening.
  16. Axel returned to the guild hall, and once again everyone got silent when they saw him. "Axel Vexen, S-Class wizard of Fairy Tail has returned!" He shouted, and everyone just looked at him funny.

    "You a real man!?" Elfman shouted up to him, almost as if he was giving Axel a challenge.

    "Of course." Axel said in return. He raised his hand into the air, and then dropped it quickly. At the same time, Elfman was lifted into the air by darkness, and then was smacked into the ground by it. Elfman was knocked out by the demonstration of being a man. "Anyone else doubt me?" Axel asked looking around.

    "Oi, you're acting a bit like I was once." Laxus said and headed up the stairs.

    "Possibly, but until we can determine that." Axel paused and looked back at the crowed. He then pointed at Gajeel. "I issue a challenge, a duel to Gajeel Redfox!"

    "Bring it." Gajeel said in response, he was going to put the man in his place, or so he thought.
  17. Gajshio rolled his eyes. {This Axel guy needs a good old-fashioned kick to the crotch, if ya ask me.} He watched at Gajeel got his butt whooped.
  18. "Le'ts do this!" Axel shouted and then lunged at Gajeel. Before the iron dragon could react, Axel had slammed into him and sent him crashing out of the guild.

    "Shit..." Gajeel said as he took the hit, but he couldn't react to Axel's next attack either. The man was fast, to fast to be read. Axel hand raised, filled with Dark God Slayer magic, and was slammed into Gajeel. Gajeel has felt Dark Dragon magic before, but this was something new. It hurt a lot worse.

    "My fights end before they even begin." Axel said as he disappeared. This gave Gajeel the chance to stand, but he was then plummeted into the air, and then slammed back into the ground. The iron that Gajeel concealed his body in shattered on impact, and his heart stopped for a few seconds.

    "Bastard..." Gajeel uttered and then passed out. It was over in the blink of an eye.

    "To weak to protect her, to weak to protect my little Sapphire." Axel said and then picked up Gajeel. He carried him back into the guild and placed him on the ground. "He'll need good healing magic if you want him to recover quickly." Everyone was just in utter shock, they had no words to say.
  19. Gajshio clapped his hands together and a magic circle flashed. In the blink of an eye Gajeel's wounds were healed. "You've proven a point, Axel. Now bug off."
  20. "My point? It was more of a statement really. All I was trying to do was..." Axel began to say, but was cut off. Levy had walked up to him and smacked him across the face.

    "You're a jerk, you were a selfish jerk then and you're still one!" She shouted and then went over to help with Gajeel.

    "A jerk..." Axel said. He was in shock but such a statement, especially from Levy. Axel didn't know what to say, so he simply left the guild and entered the woods nearby for some alone time.

    "Levy knows him?" Lucy asked Mira.

    "Clearly, and not in a good way." Mira responded with.

    "He probably just needs to cool off, but I have never seen Levy get that way before." Gray said as he overheard the girls talk.

    "Of all people to say someone needs to cool off..." Lucy said and then looked at Gray. "GRAY PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!" she shouted and Gray quickly covered himself up.
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