Frustration to a new level.

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  1. For the passed week work has called me in, and then told me to take leave because of my leg. I pulled my calf muscle. So now I get called in for desk duty, which wouldn't be too bad if I had just one co-worker who knew how to write without the use of chicken scratch. No kidding it doesn't help that my boss has been jumping down my throat at every chance she gets. I pulled that muscle chasing someone down you jerk, not doing something stupid. You yell at me for doing...I don't know...MY JOB! You are just mad because you can't figure out a clever way to have me fired. So you give me extra hours which are normally night shift, and I don't get home until around ten to tweleve, and the next day I have to get up and go back to the office by eight am. Not too bad, not like people who have much longer hours but for Pete's sake at least let me out into the field to supervise! You give me paperwork that YOU need to sign! Personally, I don't think you were ready to take on the job you were premoted to.

    And to top off my stress at work, I am so tired of telling people no. I don't like telling my broke friend that I can't help him, or my cousin who needs money for her car. I can't do it; I have a family at home. I have to use every cent I get for them as I am the only one with a job. Don't tell me I am a bad friend, because I've helped you in the past. I let that slip by last night because you say words out of anger. But don't you even dare to say that my family would stoup to violance to solve our issues. You are the one with the sibling that would rather solve an issue with her fists then her words. She even threatened me and my little girl, and you say that my family is bad? No kid, no. I don't even know if I want to see you on tuesday because of this. You know how stressed out I am, you know what i am going through and you turn around and feed me this bull crap? No doesn't work that way buddie.

    And I know she is mad that I am hardly ever home because of work (if it seems that I spend a lot of time on here is because I am on desk duty and doing this on the side which I normally am not focused on this site more to my research), but I can't quit my job because it's the only source of income and I won't see my family on the streets. I want to get out of this apartment yes, but can I do that with only one paycheck? Eventually yes just not now! Christmas is coming up and I want to at least get Anna a good gift and their birthdays are next month. As much as she groans at me to get home, I can't. We need the money from the extra hours!

    Advice anyone?