Fruits Basket (Seeking a Haru!)

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  1. So basically looking for someone to play my Haru while i play as Rin!!
  2. I'm up for playing Haru! He's actually my favorite character.
  3. Hurray :D Did you want to discuss some sort of storyline?​
  4. Yes please :)
  5. Well we could always start from where Akito throws rin into the cat's room there Haru comes to see her and he finds out by one of the girls working there that she is in the cursed cats room refusing to eat or even leave.​
  6. Okay. Just bear with me, its been a little bit since I've read it. I did read all of it though!
  7. That's fine :) I just wasn't sure. From there we can make it up as we go. I can send you a starter. In private mail or a forum?​
  8. Up to you. Is this going to be mature? I don't mind either way, just figured I'd ask.
  9. Hmmm i won't lie it might be. In that case i shall set it up as a private message. Starter coming your way :3​
  10. It could be in the mature thread. Were in the same age group lol
  11. Oh, well i have already sent it through Private message XD​
  12. Its all good lol
  13. Lol hope you like it. I'm pretty lengthy XD​
  14. Lol I noticed!
  15. I will try to reply the best of my abilities but i am a para to novella role players.​
  16. Its okay. I'm a para roleplayer but I do like to read so I completely support ya!