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Who is your favorite zodiac in this series?

  1. Cat

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  2. Rat

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  3. Dog

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  4. Seahorse

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  5. Monkey

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  6. Snake

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  7. Tiger

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  1. Hey everyone so I just recently finished the anime series "Fruits Basket!" For like the uh 5th time I think. So I would love to at least use some characters from the anime/manga but you can make your own characters too, I know im being kyo :D At the moment I need,
    Sea-Horse Or other aquatic animal
    And Tohru!

    I can't Wait to rp with you guys! Oh yeah summary If your not a fan and if your not just search up fruits basket Rat Etc. Ok so the sohma's have a curse when ever they are hugged by the opposite sex they turn into the zodiac animals! Rat and the cat are obviously mortal enemies but then three people Rat, Cat , and dog take in Tohru She finds out about the curse and it all continues ^.^ ((Oh yeah heads up The cow has 2 sides))
    Zodiac animal
    Name: Kyo Sohma
    Zodiac animal: Cat ((not included in zodiac))
    Transformation: Transformation 1:[​IMG] When beads are off:[​IMG]
    Gender: Male

    Bio: His mother committed suicide and his father blamed it on him for being the cat and having the curse of the cat. She had never actually loved him due to she kept him inside and told everyone no to look at him. He has anger issues and thinks by beating the rat in a fight he can be opened into the zodiac.
    Personality: Short temper, Bad with sorrys, Fighter, Idiot at times, Sweet

    Kyo started walking towards the rats house God I hate that stupid rat I'll beat him this time! He was walking with confidence making sure he looked strong and intimidating, He knew he had a chance on beating that rat this time he did just spend 4 months training in the mountains. He had stopped at the store to buy some sushi passing the leeks he almost pucked in his mouth and got the sushi eating it on the way.
  2. Umeko was taking a walk when he caught a glimpse of orange hair in his peripheral vision, making him stop in his tracks. It's Kyo!, he thought cheerfully. He made his way to the cat. "Hi Kyo~!" He called out while waving eagerly as he got closer to the teen.
  3. Name: Jin Yuuto
    Zodiac: Rabbit
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Boxing fighter, Always in thought, Bored rather easily, Blunt, acrobatic.

    Bio: Jin has no real tragic past. He hung out with friends that knew his secret, but when it became public it was a little harder to just relax. As a result of his annoying classmates pestering him he moved to a new school to start over.

    Jin was hanging over Kyo's window. "Hey, Kyo. Yo. KYO WAKE UP!" Jin laughed to himself. He gave a big smile. "Good Morning!"
  4. ((Of course!))

    Name::Umeko Sohma
    Zodiac animal::Tiger
    Bio::Umeko's family abandoned him when he was just a young boy. He is certain that they don't remember him so he keeps an eye on them and makes sure they're alright since he still loves them, despite the abandonment. He has been fending for himself since then.
    Personality::Bubbly, Cheerful, Smart, Friendly, Child-like, Manipulative, Hides emotions, and Understanding.
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  5. If I may be her?
    Tohru Honda
    Zodiac animal: None
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Transformation: None
    Gender: Female
    Bio: Her father died from an illness, and her mother was killed in a car accident. She went to go live with her grandfather on her father's side, but she left for renovations on the house. Thus, she started living in a tent while still going to school and having a job.
    Kind, sometimes an airhead, very sweet and caring.


    Tohru slipped out of her tent. It had been a tough night to get through, but that didn't matter. She still had to try hard today too. "Bye mom." She said sweetly to the picture inside the tent. She stood up and started to walk out through the woods. The woods could be kind of scarey to go through, but at least it wasn't dark out. There could be creepers out there at night.
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  6. Kyo looked at jin "I AM UP YOU STUPID RABBIT!" He slams his fist in jins face "What the hell! You would have gotten a way worse beating if I was sleeping!". He sat up and looked out the window for a moment and than faced jin again "You are a spoiled little bunny ya know that" HE had a wide smirk on his face he was tormenting jin after all.
  7. Name: Roger Sohma
    Zodiac animal: Rat/Mouse
    Looks: tumblr_n28iv5NYsg1s3tf8to3_1280-1.png
    Transformation: pet-mouse-rodent-animal-13773435.jpeg
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Roger was bullied as a small child by the school kids who knew of his curse. They would get girls to hug him causing him to transform, they would take his clothes and hide them or find cats to chase him. As he grew up he would still be bullied and teased casusing him to shut himself off from others so he wouldn't be hurt.
    Personality: Roger is quiet and hardly talks, only exception to that is when he is near Kyo, then he is often seen shouting and fighting the other. He is sensitive and will save face before he is seen crying.


    Roger was sound asleep until he heard the yowling voice of Kyo, he was shouting at Jin again that was like what, the tenth time that weak?

    The young male climbed out of bed and staggered to the door ignoring the fact he was still in his boxers. He leans out the door glaring at Kyo "OI! What's with ah'll de yellin' for?! Stupid cat!"

    Roger growls his emerald eyes flashed hate.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Zodiac animal
    : Dog (White Tibetan Mastiff)



    Gender: Male

    Kaede is a zodiac just like the other certain members of the sohma. Infact, he was the one to first know of it and the one to first be aware of a way to break it. How did he know? Because he was the former lover of the god of the zodiacs, who had cheated on him out of desperation to which the male had gotten revenge back and cheated on him/her for someone else, the someone being him/hers own mother/father. Knowing of who kaede slept with, the god went ballistic and had attempted to blame things on him. Even years before this they had always had this type of tug of war game in their strained relationship and once the god of zodiacs attempted the blame game, kaede simply snapped back at her, retorting of how she started it first -much to her dismay-, causing him/her not to believe despite rumors being true. They're relationship was often complicated and therefore naturally it caused kaede to have a sense of blinding loyalty towards the god of the zodiacs despite their sort of... Dysfunctional relationship.

    The reason for sleeping with the mother/father was because he felt that the mother/father could've been what the god was. He/she rather then just "God". The god who is selfish and holds everyone down. After the major argument they had out of all past ones, Kaede was kicked out of the main house and therefore lives with most/few of the other zodiacs who had come with him.

    Laid back, Flirty, smooth, charming, manipulative, loyal, a tease, 'pervert'.
    Surprisingly can be thoughtful and mature.

    - He has many scars, however only one on the left side of his face is more visible then those on his body. In his zodiac form, it is very noticeable, however in his human form it is blocked by his hair. The other scars only show if truly angered.

    - older then the other cursed members.​
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  9. [​IMG]
    Lukanadoko (Luna-Ka-nado-ko), Lulu, Sohma
    Zodiac animal:
    she sometimes wears a sheep costume for the fun of it
    None that needs to be told. only thing I want to say is she like 5 and half years old ^^


  10. Tohru continued to walk along the path in the woods. Though suddenly, she began to think she was hearing some kind of voices. She stiffened up, her eyes wide. "Naa..what is that?" She thought to herself. "It could be creepers, oh no what should I do? What should I do?" She began to frantically run around, but in that process she ended up in front of a house in the middle of the woods. She stopped in her tracks and stared at it. "There's a house here?" She said to herself, this time out loud however.
  11. ( o hallo ;D doggy coming through )

    Kaede had just risen from his deep slumber and did his morning things. He woke quite early, in order to carve and paint some clay and Once finished with morning routines he walked outside to set them down in his front porch to harden and dry. That was about an hour ago, and kaede was deep inside the peaceful house which door was still slid open, allowing the warm breeze in. It was indeed a nice day out and he read the paper way back in the kitchen.
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  12. Having grew bored of the situation Roger returned to his room and dressed in his usual outfit (see pic).

    Once dressed he walked out of the house only to notice a young woman outside.
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  13. (My character is staying over at Kaede-Chan's house Muhahahaha because I'm awesome!)

    Lulu waken up and looked around. "Ba" she mumbled and got up wearing her sheep sleepy wear. she yawned as she walked into her door. "Ba?" she jumped and fall on her butt. she got up and opened the door walking to the kitchen still tired. "Kaede chan~" she mumbled with a 'ba' at the end. "Hungry, ba" she said rubbing her eyes looking cute.
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  14. ( So cah-yute *says it the way pews does*... -u- Ba means 'dad' in viet too! So... Yeah 8D <3)

    Kaede was holding a cup of sake in his hand. The male heard a small 'thump' since he had keen hearing and soon a little girls voice, to which the male looked over his shoulder."Hmm..?" He uttered through his lips seeing a brunette child."Ah, good morning Lukanadoko~" smiled the male as he placed his news paper down on the table."Did you brush your teeth and did your morning routine first of all? I won't feed you until you do." Kaede said flatly as he felt a strong presence outside. The presence of someone born in the year of the dog, the zodiac he represented. He looked away momentarily, then looked back at the little child waiting for an answer, or for her to do so.
  15. (Really? Ba means Daddy?)

    she simi-glared at Ba and pouted but left. not with out saying "I want pancakes then with a lot of Baple! Ba(Maple)" She walking into the bathroom then closed the door. grabbing a stool she moved it under the sink. Grabbed a toothbrush and tooth past.... she then started to bushed her teeth. once finishing that. she moved to washing her face. then she was done. well almost she need to change but she not doing that! she walked out and "I'm wone give me foow! Ba(I'm Done Give me Food)" she pouted walking to Keade.
  16. Kaede nodded and soon walked over to the oven part of the stove, checking on cinnamon buns he made. He already started on the pancake batter and grabbed a pan, getting a ladleful of the batter and pouring it neatly on the pan, shaping it and making it into the head of a bear. He always shaped the child' stood, or Atleast in general was always crafty at it. But this didn't mean kaede was the cook of the household, he only cooked the fancy things like eggs, bacon, rice, etc for him and Lukanadoko. They were the ones who ate better then the other zodiacs in the household. He didn't necessarily feed the cat and rat who lived with him, as he saw no point -even though they really did needed his cooking- and rarely fed them his dinner. Only feeding them if they got along... Pretty much the cat and rat mostly ate burnt food with the rats cooking. Kaede only cooked for the others always at breakfast. As they get 'basic food'.

    As he flipped the pancake skillfully and let it sit, he turned the fire off and went in the oven taking out cinnamon buns shaped like snails. Kaede prepped the child' stood, giving her a stack of bear shaped pancakes which were all surprisingly evenly shaped and put it on a plate. In between the pancakes he spread butter in each of them, before decorating the top and turned around, cooking bacon. The dog didn't do eggs.... Weren't his thing for breakfast. After that was done he placed it around the stack of bear pancakes and grabbed the plate, putting it on the table.

    "Here.." Sighed kaede as he have her a fork and placed a knife on the side. Kaede sensed roger and walked out the kitchen."Want breakfast?"(@Armin Arlert ) he asked."There's cinnamon buns I made." The male said before walking away and sitting back in his spot at the dining room, which was outside the kitchen. He proceeded to reading his news paper.

    ( FOOOD.
    Her pancakes (open)

    Note: he put the bottle of syrup on the side for her to put on her own XD

    The snail buns (open)
  17. Roger had reappeared in the home when he was asked the question, Roger blinked but nods curtly.

    He sighed softly as he picked up a cinnamon bun when a question entered his mind "Kaede...why is it that you cringe at my notion of makin' any meals for us?"

    He was painfully aware of inability to cook but it wasn't that bad right, right?
  18. Tohru noticed something sitting out. She walked up to them, "Oh, they're the chinese zodiac." She whispered to herself looking at the sculptures laid out to dry. She wondered who could have made them. "They're wonderful."
  19. @ScarletNova

    Kaede sensed the person who was born in the year of the dog come closer. He looked over his shoulder again, quietly and placed the newspaper down on the floor, gesturing up."Stay here." He ordered his sheep friend and quietly walked towards the open door. To his surprise it was a highschool girl, that seemed to be rather fascinated in his art work. A smile formed, plastering his face."My, my. Could it be my eyes?" He asked sarcastically."Seems to me that a strange high school girl is in my front porch.. Admiring my art surprisingly." The dog grinned, staring at her gently and observing her keenly.
  20. Having finished breakfast Roger heads out of the house as he walks out he noticed a young girl standing near the sculptures along with Kaede.

    He watched curiously as he stood outside the house.
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