INTEREST CHECK Fruits Basket, Maybe?

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  1. Okay... When I was younger I made a fan fic of fruits basket but it was more copying the idea with a whole new group of people.
    Yeah Yeah...
    "Copy ideas is bad!" Well... bite me.
    I was wondering if anyone would be interested.

    Yes, I'm posting this because I'm bored. xD
  2. Hey, everyone gets inspiration from somewhere. There aren't really any original ideas left, so execution is more important than innovation in some cases!

    I really liked Fruits Basket, so I wish I could join this, but I've been having trouble with anything that isn't chat RP lately. I hope you find people, though. :]
  3. Thank you. I hope I do find others who will take the idea and make a story with me. Then again, I may just have to post it in Modern because I know people hardly look here for rps. ^^;
    Again, thank you. Your interest and reply gave me a smile.
    I love Kyo x3
  5. :3 Should I post this in the Modern role plays then [MENTION=2340]Severusx[/MENTION] ?

    I love Kyo as well. Then Hatsuharu was my number two favorite character along with Momiji being number 3. ^^
  6. Yes, please do~

    I was always a Kyo fan... And I also loved Yuki and Momiji~
  7. Well if that's the case, [MENTION=2340]Severusx[/MENTION] I dub thee my assist in coming up with this. ;D

    Haha I even had fan fics of being the cat. ^^: Sadly, I loathed tohru for getting with him.
  8. I never really liked Tohru. She was so annoying. v3v I always loved Kyo and I was so jealous....

    Maybe, for our role play, I could make an OC and have her replace Tohru. :O
  9. KYO is the best i willing to join if im welcome ^.^
  10. Haha See... I wouldn't want to use the characters already. I was thinking more of the next generation typw or maybe even a curse very much alike but somewhere else. With a whole brand new cast. ^^:

    And plus, that's be three people loving kyo and wanting him for their self. xD
    Of course you'd be welcome. We haven't even begun the rp yet. Still in planning process.
  11. I got that part i just want to be a kat ^.^
  12. Can't promise that. ;D there are 3 of us after all. I'm okay for a different zodiac but I will only take the cow or the head of the family if I can't be kitty. Kyo, Haru, and Akito were my favorites. Momiji is in that list too just I wouldn't want to be a bunny. Don't think I could get away with being the tiger either.
  13. i'm not sure what i'd want to be
  14. Hmm... First we need to worry about the story though. ^^; so besides the curse what else? Next gen? Or curse in different place?

    Any ideas at all?
  15. We should mix this story line with nuku nuku XD
  16. I'll join, i'll join! Hatori is my fav chara...BUTAKITOANDMOMIJICROSSDRESSLIKEBOSS'! Anyways, if we do the current generation I bagsie either Hatori or Kisa (SO KAWAII!). But next gen sounds better as there is more freedom. We can develop our own characters, won relationships, and own plot with out having to stick to so any rules with in the manga.
  17. I'll message you with some information. ^^ We do plan to make this but it won't have anything to do with the old characters... Sorry. <3