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  1. Hannah walked through the school ignoring all the prepy girls and all the geeks she just wanted to make it to the music room in peace but she new that was never going to happen no matter how fast she walked. Hannah got stopped by some of the girls and was made fun of she kept quiet and walked past the girls after being insulted for how she dressed she made it to the music room and unlocked the door and slid inside staying quiet.
    Once she got inside she turned on the lights and set her bag down and she went over to a grand father piano and she sat down and started to play. She had a competition in a few weeks so she had to train and practice as much as possible before then.
  2. Kyo walked through the hallways, his hands in his pockets and his head down. He grumbled lowly as he walked behind his cousin and the girl that had been living with them for the past few weeks; Yuki and Tohru. He hated the fact that Shigure was making him go to this damn school. He could feel all of the people that were around him and every second he feared passing a girl. He could see people staring at him and probably talking about this hair color and how weird it was. He WAS the only kid in the school that had orange hair. He sighed when Yuki stopped and looked at him.

    "Quite pouting, Kyo." He said.

    "Hey, I didn't want to come to this stupid school." He glared up at his cousin.

    "You have to. That is what Akito has decided for you. Must you be so down about it?" Yuki asked with a smug smirk on his face.

    "Oh, Kyo. It'll be okay. You'll like it once you get used to it." Tohru chimed in.

    "Just both of you, shut up." Kyo said. He was starting to feel a little trapped here in the school and bolted away from them. ​
  3. Hannah had finished practicing for the morning so she put away her music sheets and covered the piano with a large sheet to keep the dust of off it. Once she finished getting everything ready she walked out of the music room and saw a guy with orange hair running away from Tohru and Yuki she raised her eyebrow watching the scene she closed the door to the music room and put her back pack over her shoulder and started to walk to class.
  4. Tohru sighed and looked at Yuki, "He'll get used to the school." She then turned around to see Hannah, "Oh, hey Hannah." She gave the girl a warm smile. Yuki nodded to the woman and then continued on towards class.

    Kyo had made it just outside of the school and put his hands on he knees. He hated being here; the atmosphere was weird, the fact that there were so many people in the school bothered him. How could Yuki go here? Too many people, too small of space. He'd rather be back on the mountain training. He still had to defeat Yuki!​
  5. Hannah stopped at a window and looked down seeing the orange haired boy again she tilted her head staring at him 'interesting' she thought to herself and she opened the window and jumped down and kicked Kyo in the head and she landed in front of him. She still did't say anything she just looked at him with her head at an angel.
  6. Kyo took a deep breath when suddenly his head was assaulted by shoes. He let out a gasp and held his head while looking down at a young woman, "What the hell!?" He yelled. She just stared up at him which annoyed him even more, "What was that for!? Where did you come from!?" He started to shout these questions at her. His head was throbbing and his anger was boiling. He took another deep breath. He had to keep himself calm. ​
  7. Hannah pointed to the open window "I jumped and you looked like you needed a good whack to the head." She shrugged and sat down on one of the benches and looked at him with a happy look on her face. "So why are you so mad?" She tilted her head again this time in the opposite direction.
  8. "I LOOKED like I needed a good whack to the head!?" He yelled. Unbelievable! He once again had to mentally calm himself down. Who was this girl? She asked him then why he was so mad. "This damn school." He mumbled underneath his breath. He then looked at her, "Who are you? And why'd you jump from the window?" He looked up at the open window. He was surprised to know that he wasn't the only one who can jump from windows and land unscathed. ​
  9. Hannah looked at him "I'm Hannah" she got up and grabbed his bag "follow me I know a quiet place you seem to need a quiet place your not good with people." She started to walk towards the music room carrying his bag she didn't need to explain her self to him she knew people like him if they felt cornered then they would attack anything in site she glanced behind her at him and she kept walking to the music room as she walked she yelled to him "I jumped because I needed to figure out who you were."
  10. Kyo tilted his head as Hannah grabbed his bag and started to walk away with it. "Hey, wait! You can't just take somebodies bag and walk off with it!" He had to follow, though, in order to get his bag back. He found himself following her to the music room. She then shouted back to him the reason why she jumped, "So you kick me in the head to figure out who I am!?" He groaned with anger and frustration. That made no sense at all!​
  11. Hannah opened the door to the music room and she went inside it was quiet so quiet that you could hear hannahs breathing "these rooms are sound proof so if you ever need to get away to a quiet place this would be that place." She set his back pack down on the ground and lowered her head. She wasn't good with explaining to people why she did the things she did but when it came down to it her reasons where just she was just trying to help the poor red headed boy out.
  12. Kyo looked around the room, seeing all the musical things and realized that it really was sound proof in here. He tilted his head, "Isn't a music room supposed to be echo-y or something?" He asked, but then looked at Hannah who had put her head down. "So. What's up with taking my bag and bringing me here?" He knew that that sounded more harsh then he intended, but once it was out, it was out. He just hoped this girl wasn't about to pull some freaky thing on him. Tohru's friends were weird enough. ​
  13. Hannsh sighed and shock her head "I just wanted to help a new student because I know what its like to not have anyone at a new school that you hate." She kept her eyes on the ground when she responded to him she had no reason to yell at him or to scream at him she just wanted to help him.
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