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  1. Hello! Recently, I've been obsessed with the anime "Fruits Basket", and am looking to start a 1x1 with someone over it! But, before you read everything, I would like you to keep in mind I do not do Canon, so all of this will be OC and have nothing to do with the original story. :3 Also, this is not intentionally romantic, moreso a slice-of-life, so don't make a damsel in distress character.

    Now! All of that aside, what I am looking for is a partner that replies fast, often, and one that can develop their own characters as well as provide ideas. ^-^

    As for my idea, it is very simple. I need someone to play the Cat, and what kind of character it will be, you can decide that for yourself. I also need my partner to play a human or two, and a couple of other Zodiac members if they wish. I myself will be playing the Rat and a human as my main character, and the Dragon and God as my side character. :3 And remember, this initially will not be a romance!
    Anyway, I hope someone will PM me~ <3 I really want to do this roleplay. :3 'Til then, ta ta!
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