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  1. About two years ago there was a war, between the kingdom of Terra and the kingdom of Maldelle. The kingdoms got along pretty well until the king of Terra passed on and his son took over. His son became a ruthless king spreading fear and despair around his kingdom. He didn't care about the people, all he wanted was power and thus he began his conquest of invading and taking over kingdoms. Most of the ones he took over were pretty small. His first big kingdom to take over was Maldelle which was south from Terra. Of course the king and his kingdom didn't go down without a fight and thus a great war between the two kingdoms. In the end the king of Terra ended up destroying Maldelle and the people that lived least that what he thought. Only the prince and the duke of Maldelle survived. However during the prince's hiding he overheard that Terra's next kingdom he was targeting was Arendelle. The prince and Duke of Maldelle made haste to arrive Arendelle to warn the Queen before it's too late.

    Name: Vaan Vincent

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Here.

    Personality: Vaan is a pretty friendly and nice guy. He usually stays calm and cool and knows how to hold in his emotions. However when he gets angry, he gets dangerous and that's when he begins to lose control of his powers. He's also pretty intelligent and likes to joke around from time to time.

    Backstory: Vaan was the prince of Maldelle that lived a pretty normal life....well almost. When he was a child he had discovered that he control fire. Most of his early childhood he was trained to control those powers by the help of Evan Walter who was the Duke of Maldelle and a close friend of the king and queen. With the help of Evan Vaan was able to keep his powers in control and live a normal life. The only time he would lose control is when he got angry so he also got special treatment so that he would become stressed or angry. During the war between Terra and Maldelle the king ordered to Duke to take the prince into hiding. The war lasted for about two years and it was finally over the prince returned to Maldelle in ruins. The prince didn't know what to do now. He was angry that his kingdom, his parents, it was all gone. He also felt guilty that he just fled instead of just fight by his parents side. During his hiding he did find out that Terra was preparing to target their next kingdom Arendelle. Vaan swore he wouldn't the same fate happen to Arendelle as it did his kingdom so along with Evan they set off to Arendelle hoping that the Queen would hear their warning.

    Name: Evan Walter

    Age: 60

    Appearance: Here. Without the hold metal plate of course.

    Personality: Evan is very loyal to the royal family, always making sure they were happy especially the prince. He can be pretty strict and straight forward. However when it's just him and Vaan he acts more relaxed cracking jokes along with Evan as well as hitting on women, still being a gentleman of course.

    Backstory: Evan has served the Royal family of Vincent for over 40 years starting with serving in the royal army. He and Vaan's father were very close friends and when Vaan's father became king he made Duke of Maldell as well as like a God father to Vaan. Evan helped take care of Vaan as well as teaching him to control his fire powers. During the days before the war began the king ordered Evan to take Vaan into hiding. "If we are to fall, at least our bloodline will still remain." The king told Evan to which he replied with. "I will do everything in my power to protect our prince, even if it cost me my life." Still loyal to the Vincent bloodline Evan is going along with Vaan to Arendelle. Who knows maybe hell find himself a pretty lady.

    Name: King Juno

    Age: 28

    Appearance: Regular attire. His armor when in battle. Just replace the claw with a shield.

    Personality: Juno is cruel and ruthless person, always thinking about himself before others. He shows no mercy to his enemies or victims no matter how old or young they are. Juno craves power, it's almost like a drug to him and he'll get it anyway he can which in some cases he can act reckless and crazy even going as far as killing his own men for looking at him weird.

    Backstory: Just like Elsa and Vaan Juno was also born with powers, being able to control lightning. However he didn't try to control his powers but try to enhance them. Juno would use his powers as a threat for when he didn't get the things he wanted, the main thing being power of course. When his father passed and he finally became king he still didn't have enough power so he began to concur small kingdoms that didn't stand a chance. He would kill off their small army as well as their King and/or Queen as well as the male citizens. Children and women were sold of as slaves. The only kingdom that gave him trouble was Maldelle of course but in the end he managed to get the upper hand. Now back in Terra his troops are preparing themselves to invade Arendelle and take the land and people for their own.​
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