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  1. (Well we already know what we're doing with the plot. I'm just making this so that we can discuss anything else with the plot such as future scenarios and such.)

    Name: Axel

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Here.

    Personality: Axel is a pretty friendly and nice guy, also very curious since he's was always stuck in the castle. Unlike Elsa he doesn't hold in his emotions, well not all of them. It's only when he gets angry he gets dangerous and that's when he begins to lose control of his powers. However Axel has learn to stay cool and calm during those stressful situations when it could cause him to get mad, though it doesn't work all the time. He's also pretty smart, has a sense of humor and likes to joke around from time to time.

    Bio: Axel was born in the Southern Isles. They say the the kingdom in the Southern Isles had thirteen princes, but you would be wrong. There are actually fourth teen with Axel being one of them. The main reason why Axel is never mention is because they keep him hidden within the castle. Like the Queen of Arendelle Axel was born with powers of his own, the ability to control and shoot fire. Fearing of what the people of the Southern Isles might think or might do to Axel the king and queen kept him hidden, locked up in the castle for his own safety. Though there were times where he would be able to go out into the public in disguise as a commoner, he was warned never to use his powers in front of people. As he grew older Axel wondered if there was someone like him out there. It wasn't until after his brother Hans returned from Arendelle on trial that he had heard that that Queen Elsa had ice powers. With the help of his personal bodyguard and close friend Auron Axel managed to sneak out of the castle and onto a boat heading for Arendelle where he would meet the Queen and see for himself.
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    Queen Elsa of Arendelle

    Age :: 21
    Personality :: The old Elsa was cold, scared, and afraid to show any emotion what-so-ever. This new and improved Elsa that was released after the events of the summer is a much friendlier, relaxed person. Elsa is a very elegant person. Just as every queen should be, Elsa has always been poised, elegant and graceful in everything she does. That was one of the things that never changed in her. Although the snow queen appears to be all seriousness and no fun that is not it at all. Elsa, although a very reserved person, she is also quite playful... a trait that she shares with her sister. Since the events over the summer, Elsa has grown a feeling of loathing toward the southern isles, but she is a very intelligent young woman and, being so protective, she would never do anything to put her kingdom in further danger.
    History :: While pretty much everyone knows the events that happened at the beginning of the summer, but before that things where kept rather private. Of course as a little girl Elsa was almost carefree and played with her little sister, Anna, and her magic daily, but after a tragic accident that nearly took Anna's life for the first time, a young Elsa was instructed never to use her powers again. Instead of 'I love you' or 'sleep tight', the most common thing she was told was 'conceal it, don't feel it, don't let it show'. Elsa lived like that, confined to the castle, mainly her room, always wearing gloves, hiding herself from the entire world, and her family... her entire world.
  3. we could always use the other characters as need too :3 ... just to keep the story going and all.
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