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  1. Vaan was spending his morning walking around the a small town in the kingdom of Arendelle which was right next to the castle. He had arrived in Arendelle just a few days ago on some business. Vaan was basically a treasure hunter going around various kingdoms searching caves and other rural places for valuables which basically ended up being rubies or diamonds. After obtaining a nice Sapphire in the kingdom of Corona he decided to sell it. However the merchant had already left so he decided to travel somewhere else to sell it. Arendelle seemed nice from what he heard from some of the townsfolk in Corona so he decided to head there. Well that and one other reason. He heard about a rumor, that the queen here had ice like powers. You see Vaan also had powers, the fire powers. He also wanted to come here to see for himself but he still needed to find a way to do so. Yeah, the castle was now open to visitors and the townsfolks, but it's not like he could just walk in there and ask. First thing first, he had to sell his sapphire.
  2. Elsa was walking around the buzzing hallways of the Castle. More staff had been hired back, and the windows were always open. It was spring time, so the sun was finally beginning to peek around the dark clouds of winter. Olaf followed behind her, his personal snow cloud over his head. He was going on and on about how happy he was that Spring was here, because next was summer and his favorite season was summer. People from all over would be arriving soon for the Spring Festival. She, of course, was expected to meet them. And before she could actually think about meeting everyone, Anna slid into the hall in her socks, Christoph not following far behind. They were married six months after the fiasco on the mountain. And not far behind them, Sven, wearing a pair of socks slid into the hallways on his stomach. Elsa rolled her eyes, laughing at them. "Anna please. I need you to be ready for the ball tonight." Elsa said turning to cross her arms, mocking stern. "I will be Elsa! I promise!" Anna exclaimed. They didn't stay long after that, slipping down the hallway. Olaf left to join them, running in his waddley way after them. She turned and continued down the hall, to the entry way of the Castle. It was about time to start welcoming everyone.
  3. Vaan was still having no luck selling his sapphire as there were no merchants in the main part of town. He was told by one of the towns folks that the merchants set up shop by the castle so he quickly headed towards there. Indeed the person was right as few merchants were setting up their shops and getting ready for the day ahead. "Perfect, I should be able to sell it here." Vaan spoke to himself. One thing he also noticed was that there were people putting up decorations, mostly around the entrance to the castle. " there something going on I don't know?" He asked no one in particular.

    "They're getting ready for the spring festival. Queen Elsa should be arriving pretty soon." One of the townspeople replied with as they overheard what Vaan asked. Vaan definitely wanted to meet the Queen, mainly because he wanted to find out if she really had powers like him.
  4. Elsa took a deep breath, straightening her gown, as Olaf returned to her side. "C'mon Elsa! I can't wait to meet everybody!" Olaf exclaimed, a smile spreading over his snowy features. She laughed, she wasn't so sure they;d be excited to meet the snowman, but Olaf was with her all the time. Ske kept him cold and alive, and so he liked to be next to her. She nodded to the doormen, as the opened up the front doors of the castle, and she stepped into the sun, it warmed her skin almost immediately. She smiled graciously, and began curtseying and shaking hands, giving hugs. She was glad her people had accepted her, that they weren't scared of her powers. Olaf was getting hugged by children, and Elsa was speaking to a group of people. Everyone was buzzing for the ball tonight. Anna joined Elsa's side for a quick moment before she went buzzing through the crowd, how she still had that much energy, Elsa would never know.
  5. Vaan managed to find a merchant wanting to buy his giant sapphire from him. The negotiated for while and though he didn't get what he had hoped for, he still got a good amount of gold that would last him for a while. It was after that deal that the queen finally came out to greet her people along with, a walking talking snowman?! "How in the heck is that......thing walking and talking?" Vaan quietly asked himself as he watch Olaf playing with the kids. No doubt the Queen had powers, Olaf was proof of that. Well now that he had sole his sapphire the next thing was to talk with the Elsa, show her that she wasn't the only person in the world with these powers. Vaan saw her talking to some of her people and walked over there.
  6. Elsa smiled softly listening to the jabber of her people. Subjects bounced between trade and the ball and the festivities. It was easy to say she was uninterested in what they were talking about. Sure, she was the Queen, but she didn't really care about what dress they wanted to wear to the ball. She sighed deeply, looking for another conversation to join. Unfortunately everyone else was wrapped up in the booths and decorations and food. She sighed again, rolling a ball of ice between her palms.
  7. Now that Elsa was pretty by herself, and bored this was the perfect time for Vaan to talk to her mainly because well, she was alone. "Hi there." He said as he was walking up to her. "I was wondering if I could ask you something." Vaan continued as he pointed to Olaf. "That snowman. How is he talking and walking? In all the places I've been to I've never seen nothing like that. I know the cloud over his head is keeping him from turning into a puddle." He finished. Vaan had an idea of how it was moving and speaking. He mainly wanted to see if she would actually tell him the truth, being that he is an outsider.
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