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  1. Arendale has always been in trades and close relations with Asgard, Arendelle is much like Asgard in a way full of magic and wonders. When the former king and queen passed away Odin and Frigga made sure to pay their respects to them and their two daughters. Now their oldest daughter Elsa has come of age and taken over the role of Queen, she has always been a mystery to that realm and when Elsa's powers developed they went to Frigga for help with their daughter, Elsa learned some control but Frigga told them that it would take time and that was years ago. Now Elsa has control and is queen.

    A few months ago Odin and Frigga had to reveal to Loki about his origins when he and his brother travelled with his friends to Joutenheim, the youngest prince of Asgard was touched by one of the giants and instead of being burned by the frost his skin was changed to a blue colour. Demanding to know why this happened the younger son went to his parents who had to finally reveal where he came from, the shock was almost hard for the prince to handle but after a few long months of isolation and learning about his true heritage the prince came around well almost..

    Loki still felt like an outcast, felt like he didn't belong even though his family told him many times he did. Those words couldn't get through to him, so in order to feel some what normal Loki took out a book on ice magic and started to learn about what he could really do, though he is still learning.

    Today Thor and Loki were going to visit Arendale to see Queen Elsa as they missed her coronation and wanted to wish her well, "Queen Elsa. May I present to you Prince Thor and Prince Loki of Asgard," one of the guards spoke as the two walked in and bowed.

    "Queen Elsa it's nice to see you again, it's been a while." Thor spoke before rising, the four met before when they were kids but haven't seen each other in a while. "You remember my younger brother Loki."

    Loki slightly bowed before standing, "my queen it's good to see you." He smiled.
  2. Elsa felt like an outcast in her realm even if her sister assured her that everyone loved her. People looked at her differently because she was the only one in her family that gained powers. Her mother was accused of adultery when the people found out that her daughter had powers of ice, but then they realized that Elsa had her father's features as well. Accusations were thrown away, but they still looked at her different.

    It was hard for her when she was growing up. No one really played with her because she was so different, and so her sister was her only friend. Not that she minded, but it was still unpleasant when the children wanted to play with Anna and not her. Anna always said no to them and always pulled Elsa away from the group of kids so they could play together. At least they had each other.

    People from other realms never questioned her when they came to visit once she became queen, but they were also somewhat distant. Some suitors asked for her hand in marriage, but she quickly declined each of them. There was no way she was going to marry someone she just met, that was against her rules. She even told Anna that love at first sight was not a real thing, considering she fell in "love" with Prince Hans at first sight, but that didn't end in a good way. At least that was over.

    She was sitting in her throne, somewhat bored with dealing with diplomatic things with other kingdoms. As soon as the two Asgardians walked in, she sat up straight and gave them smiles. "Thor, Loki, it is good to see you both," she spoke as she stood, "You both look well. The last time we saw each other was when we were kids. Time does fly, doesn't?" The two of them grew into handsome men, that was certain. She took a liking to the both of them, specifically Loki. She knew that he was different in some way so she tended to stay with him more like they understood each other, even if the both of them would sit quietly next to each other.
  3. "That it does, look at you Queen of Arendale. That has a nice ring to it does it not?" Thor smiled, "your parents would be proud of you. Proud of everything you accomplished, I really mean that. I'm sorry that we could not attend your coronation we had our handsful that time," he explained. "But now that we are here why don't we catch up?"

    Loki always felt a connection with Elsa she understood what it was like to be an outcast among your family, to be treated differently. To be accused of being a product of adultery, though once Loki found out that he was adopted and so did the rest of Asgard things still remained as they were. "I always liked coming here when we were kids, it's a shame that we haven't seen each other in a while." Loki smiled at her, "I've heard that you've been able to control your ice magic. That's amazing, truly it is. You know how much I admire anyone who knows magic."
  4. Elsa looked at the both of them, really happy that they were there with her. Anna was a great sister and friend, but she needed more interaction. At least the two of them were there. She really needed it. Once Loki spoke, she had to hold back her blush. That was a nice compliment coming from him. "Perhaps we can share what we have both learned to each other?"

    She gave him a smile and walked to the two. "Are you both hungry? It is about time for lunch, we can talk more as we eat." She then started to lead them to the dining hall. "My sister isn't here, she went on a trip with Kristoff. They will be back in a couple of days."
  5. Loki smiled, "I'd love to show you what I can do and see what you've accomplished as well." He responded, "and we are hungry well you know that Thor is always hungry." Loki teased as they followed her, "so Ana has met someone else huh? And she's going to wait to marry him this time, we heard about the incident with Prince Hans and trying to take over your realm. He's always been like that, I'm glad he didn't succeed."

    "I've met him before, he thinks he's all high and mighty but in the end he is a coward." Thor explained as they walked, "I suppose it's because he's the youngest of twelve siblings, not that the youngest of the family always goes crazy." He chuckled looking at Loki.
  6. "Hans wasn't the greatest man, and I am glad that we got rid of him," Elsa commented and then laughed softly at Thor's joke. "Loki is better than him. He may be younger, but he isn't in a shadow." At least she hoped that he wasn't. She knew that Anna wasn't in her shadow because they were equals, which she was happy for. Now she led them into the dining hall and she went to sit in her chair. "Tell me, how has your mother been? I have seen Odin a couple of times because he does travel here once in awhile to handle trade matters with me. I am just suprised that I don't see the family as a whole."
  7. "Mother is doing well thank you for asking, she talks a lot about you. She is very impressed with you as well, you know that she taught me everything I needed to know about magic, she's a great teacher." Loki responded with a smile as he sat down, "father is also impressed with how well you are doing ruling the kingdom. And I'm sure mother will come and visit soon," he added. "Yes I'm not like Hans and never will be, though there are times where I feel like a shadow to Thor seeing how father favours him."
  8. "I am glad to know that she is doing well, I have alwayd admired Frigga for being so strong and fearful. She reminds me of my mom," Elsa said with a smile. The food was placed out in front of them by the servants and she gave them nods in thanks. She put fruits on her plate and different meats. "How long are you both staying? We are going to be hosting an event tomorrow. Archers are going to compete, and there will be jousting. It is usually a fun little event for our people."
  9. "Well I have to get back and tend to some other things but Loki here can stay if he wants, he needs to get away from home for a bit and get out. Lately he's been locking himself away which he can explain more," Thor responded as he looked towards his little brother.

    "Sure I'll stay if you'll have me," Loki responded as he looked towards Elisa. "As for what Thor is talking about I recently found out I am adopted and kind of took the news a little badly," Loki sighed. "I'm just slowly starting to come with the reality of it."
  10. Elsa looked to Thor and then to Loki, a little surprised at the news. "Well, being adopted isn't a bad thing. I mean, you have two loving parents and an older brother that cares for you. They might have kept it from you, but just know it is never easy to tell a child that you are not their real mother or father." She glanced to Loki, giving him a smile. "You are more than welcomed to stay, Loki. You can stay however long you would like." She started to eat more, just thinking about Loki. It made sense to why she felt that connection with him when they were younger. They had the same pain.
  11. "I know it's not a bad thing but it just hurt a little when I found out you know?" Loki responded with a small shrug, "but it made sense to me when I found out why I don't look like my parents at all. Why Thor and I don't look like brothers, but like you said it doesn't matter because I have parents that love me and a brother that will always be there for me." Loki smiled, he would wait to tell Elsa where he was from when it was just the two of them and not surrounded by servants.
  12. "Sometimes I feel like I was adopted, but I know that I am not. I was born my mother's child, and my father is my father," Elsa told him. She might as well be adopted, but she would never tell that to Anna. Anna would give her an ear full if she heard her say something like that. Sisterly love at its finest. "Now enough talk about that, after lunch we should talk more in the garden. It is beautiful outside this time of year. When do you plan on leaving, Thor? I hope not right after we have lunch."
  13. "Don't worry I don't plan on leaving right away," Thor responded with a chuckle. "I'll probably leave in a few hours."

    "I always liked spending time in the gardens back home that was always my spot to read or just get away from everything," Loki smiled as he started eating and when they were done he walked out with Elsa and Thor to the gardens. "You know I remember when we came here as kids one day for a celebration and it got too loud in the dining room so we came out to the gardens to get some peace, it was a lot of fun. Hell I still do that on occasion."
  14. Elsa laughed softly at the memory of them when they were kids. It was her, Anna, Loki and Thor, the four of them usually came to play in the garden when the adults were being loud and boring. That is when she didn't know she had powers, so they weren't so prominent then. "I remember, and I still do that as well when I get away for awhile. It is sometimes hard not to have a king at my side because I do everything alone. Well, Anna helps, but not as much as a king would," she told the two. "My people question when I am going to find a suitor, but so far no one has proven themselves to me."
  15. "I am sure when I become king they will want me to have a queen as well," Thor responded with a sigh. "But you have been doing very well so far without anyone by your side so just brush aside those comments."

    Loki nodded, "yeah exactly and who says that a queen can't rule on her own? You will marry when you are ready and find someone worthy enough to be with you, I'd hate to see you with some jerk who only cares about power."
  16. "Thank you both for your kind words, it does mean a lot to me when you say something like that. People do have faith in me, but they question if I can go any further without a king. I do stress way more often now," Elsa said with a sigh. She walked with them through the garden and then brought them to a small table that had three chairs around it. "Anna, Kristoff and I normally come here when we just need to relax. It helps."
  17. "I think people are always going to question you no matter what, it's just how it is for people in our stature. Sometimes people question our father, so don't feel bad." Loki smiled at her as he sat down, "there is something I do have to tell you about me. As you know I'm adopted and well, I'm a Frost Giant. Our father found me abandoned after the war, my father didn't want me because I was born small so he left me to die in the temple. Father found me and brought me home, raised me as his own."
  18. Elsa looked at Loki in slight shock. "A frost giant? You are small compared to the rest of them," she told him, a little surprised at that. "Well, frost giant or not, I am not going to look at you any differently. You are my friend, Loki. We both have a deep understanding for each other." She gave him a smile and then sat back in her seat, relaxing herself. "So, Thor, are you ready to become king?"
  19. "Yeah he's a Frost Runt," Thor teased ruffling Loki's hair. "I'm kidding Loki you know I just tease you because I love you," Thor smiled seeing the look on Loki's face he then turned to Elsa. "I'm not sure if I am or not, if you'd ask me a month ago I would have said that I am but after careful consideration and long talks with my father I think I still need a bit of time." He responded honestly.

    "Plus he almost started another war when we went to Joutenheim to confront the giants when they managed to enter Asgard without our gatekeeper noticing, Thor got all mad and we went there and well long story short that is how I found out I was adopted when one of them touched me. My arm went blue instead of freezing, though now when I really think of it everything makes sense. Why I don't feel the cold, why heat has always bothered me and why I'm a lot fairer skinned than everyone else on Asgard."
  20. "Starting a war is never a good thing. I have learned not to march into battles," Elsa said to them in response in the story. They had good reason, but it was still not enough to start a war. "It is a mystery to me as to how I got my powers when I am the only one in my family who has them. Maybe I have a distant relative that gave powers to me? I am not sure. I haven't met anyone else in my family."
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