Frozen Heart (Doctor Who/Trigun crossover)

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  1. This will be a crossover RP between the anime version of Trigun and Doctor Who (Doctors 9 - 12, no spoilers for 12 please). Weird, I know, but I've been watching too much of both recently.

    This will take place after the Trigun anime with Vash trying to recoup with everything that has happened. While in the desert one day to clear his thoughts and spots something in the sky crash into the desert. Upon investigating, he finds the TARDIS and meets the Doctor (whichever one that is chosen) and their companion(s).

    Their over excitive natures and ability to sense that the other is not what they seem, Vash and the Doctor become quick friends. As the suns begin to set, Vash notices something is out of place but cannot place the feeling. It takes a while but Vash realizes that the desert feels colder as the night drags. Not sure how but he knows that something must be wrong with the planet itself. The Doctor, ever helper and adventurous, wants to help.

    Character selection, please wait to be approved:

    Spoilers from Trigun (open)

    A recovering Knives is a playable character and is stuck with Vash's team as he heals.
    Wolfwood will also be brought back later and is up for grabs once introduced.

    Due to twisting of timey wimey, there will be more than one Doctor if two people would like to play him. Just use his number as his name in that case.
    There will be more companion slots for the doctor depending on how many people want to be a companion.
    Meryl, Millie, Knives are vital plot characters and will be played by me until claimed.

    Fandom Characters:
    Vash - Taken: Me
    Meryl -
    Millie -
    Knives -

    9th Doctor -
    10th Doctor -
    11th Doctor -
    12th Doctor - Zerofighter
    Companion 1 (choice of Rose, Martha, Donna, Captain Jack, Clara or OC) -
    Companion 2 -
    Companion 3 -

    Villain characters -
    These slots will be more open later in RP.

    Character profile-

    Canon/OC character:

    No controlling of other people's characters.
    Don't be a jerk unless you're Knives, Meryl, or Donna.
    Jack has to be flirty like always.
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  2. could I be the 12th Doctor?
  3. I guess you could. I was hoping to avoid 12 because I don't want spoilers (only seen one of two episodes). But, if you promise no spoilers then we can probably make it work.
  4. ok sounds good, also why not make this a multi-Doctor Story
    Name: The Doctor
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Franchise/Series: Doctor Who
    Canon/OC character: Canon
    Personality: much more stern and serious then his previous incarnation, but still the caring, strong willed man. He has very witty remarks, and can be very sneaky. This Doctor also has a darker personality. He is still trying to figure out what kind of person he is
  5. Alright, looks great. Thanks for joining.
    Name: Vash the Stampede
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Franchise/Series: Trigun
    Canon/OC character: Canon
    Personality: Hyper and extremely kind. He cares a little too much about people and tends to get hurt for it. Despite being a naturally happy person, he's easily depressed and tries to hide under his mask of happiness.
  6. Well, in all honesty, I wasn't expecting a Doctor so quickly. But, since we do have one, we could probably start now. If anyone wants to join, there's plenty of ways for them to easily slip into the RP.
    So, Zero, if you're ready to RP, we can.
  7. We can start whenever you're ready
  8. I'd love to be a companion to one of the doctors- 9th doctor preferred because that's where I am in the series... >>;
  9. I think that I can work with that. I can take over control of the 9th Doctor for the time being so you can have someone to travel with.
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  10. Name: Gale Wright



    Franchise/Series: Doctor Who

    Canon/OC character: Original Character

    Personality: Gale is a highly intuitive woman. She thinks outside the box, is an ambivert, and quickly adapts to most situations. She has an even temper for the most part and it takes a lot to make her infuriated in general because of her upbringing and Mother's influence on her lifestyle. She has a dry sense of humor, being more literal than a jokester, although the two do tend to fluctuate depending on the situation. Gale dislikes sharing her innermost feelings with those outside of her family because of her self-consciousness. She's a bit haughty and opinionated, as well as clumsy, fatalistic, and soft-headed. Despite being a person who has almost no care in the world though, she is gradually learning her way around those mistakes.
  11. Sweet were gonna have the th and 12th Doctor here
  12. So, what exactly is going on in the roleplay as of now?
  13. well Vash,and the Doctor are investigating the town, that is being taken over by the Great Intelligence
  14. Alexa, I would start your post off in the TARDIS with the 9th. I shall have them end up on Gunsmoke and strange readings cause by there being two doctors shall set them on their way to where to Vash and 12 are. then we shall move on from there.
  15. You would or you will? .__.;
  16. I meant it as a suggestion for how it might be best for you to start your first post. ^^'
  17. I'm still not sure by what you mean... You're giving me a suggestion but does this mean you will start the first post or will you wait until I start the first post?
  18. Oh, thanks. Uh, one more question. Is this elementary level or intermediate level? I was confused when I saw two different posting expectations for the same roleplay since I only do intermediate level out of those two...
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