Frozen Heart (Doctor Who/Trigun crossover)

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    The planet is calm beneath the twin suns but something feels amiss and unsettling to a solitary gunman on the desert planet as he roams the dunes. The world itself seems out of balance but nothing he can put his finger on. Though, there is indeed a strangeness on the wind. His mind can only be drawn for the plight of the planet to turn his focus to the abnormality in the sky. A spark of blue in a dreary desert sky.


    The TARDIS does her job and pulls the Doctor to where he must go. Though this time, through this jump in time and space, she is unsure as to what is calling her to this barren planet that reeks of death and loneliness.
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  2. A tired sigh escaped a tall gunman in a long red coat. The hot dreary world was coated in hues of yellow as he gazed out through his sunglasses. He blinked slowly and stretched his long arms to the sky. He was trying to ease the uncomfortable muscles in his back and right arm as he noticed the strange shaped speck in the sky. He dipped his nose a bit to look over the golden lenses of his glasses to try and get a better look. The abnormality of something actually being in the sky peaked his interest and urged him forward across the heated dunes. He felt the need within him to investigate, always longing to discover something or someone new.
  3. The Doctor walked through the TARDIS and read a history book. "Hmmm...interesting." He said and went to console but before he could do anything something began pulling the TARDIS someplace. "What's going on now?!" He said to himself. He tried to control the console but it took him to some planet. "Great where am I now?" He saw the place and rose eyebrow. This was the time he was reading about. "Why would you bring me here?" He asked the TARDIS. No response as usual. The Doctor went the doors and opened it. He looked the world he in was hot but it didn't bother him much. "Where am I?"
  4. Vash gaped in amazement at the sight of the strange blue box. It was so unusual to see something to brightly colored in the desert. He stalked close to it and stroked his gloved fingers over it. The box felt like it held the texture of the material of wood but did not sound like it when he tapped on the structure. He was not allowed to dwell on his thoughts as he heard the strange sound of a door opening. Confusion leading his brain, he kept his fingers brushing along the blue side as he walked around to where he heard the sound. He gasped and his eyes widened at the sight of someone standing there. He playfully hopped out to the side of the man, hand up in greeting and a stupid grin on his face.

    "Hello there!"
  5. The Doctor looked around wondering what planet he was on. The Doctor didnt jump or was surprised when a man came out of nowhere. He knew he was there. He looked at the tall man with glasses, a red trench coat, and a stupid grin on his face. The smile reminded him of his previous self. Then he touched the TARDIS. "Hello, Im the Doctor." He walked around and snapped his fingers, the doors closed automatically. The Doctor took out some random looking machine to see where he was. "Now where am I?" The machine went ding "No I dont want to read that issue yet." The Doctor said to himself still ignoring Vash, but he knew he was still there.
  6. Vash blinked at the less than chipper greeting but smiled anyways and followed the Doctor around like a puppy. He leaned forward and poked at the machine in interest. He was unused to this level of technology anymore and it fascinated him. Hearing the man's plight, he smiled brighter.

    "Nice to meet you, Doc. My name's Vash. You're on the planet Gunsmoke if you didn't know." He slunk around the Doctor and peaked over his shoulder, trying to get a better look at the machine, "What's that?"
  7. "Gunsmoke...havent been here yet I think" The Doctor said "This? Well it used to help me detect Zygons. I modified it so it helps me figure out what planet Im on. It also downloads comics from the future." The Doctor took out the Sonic Screwdriver and did a quickscan of Vash. "Interesting." The Doctor said to himself. "Why would the TARDIS bring me here.." He walked into the TARDIS to figure out what why. When he tried to leave this place the TARDIS wouldnt let him do it. "Ok, the old girl wants me here....why?"
  8. Vash frowned softly as the Doctor ignored him and left to slip back inside the strange blue box. The gunman blinked in confusion, wondering what the Doctor's buzzing light meant. Curious, he slipped into the blue box right behind the Doctor and gasped in wonder at the amazing sight.

    "Wow! This place is amazing!" Vash smiled brightly, raising a hand up to try and feel what kind of power source the machine used. He was a bit confused when it did not use plant power. He blinked slowly, pressing his hands against a wall and then his ear; feeling as if the machine was talking to him.
  9. The TARDIS acted strengly now, and the Doctor could sense it. The Doctor snaped his fingers closing the doors, and he wanted answers. "Tell what are you.." he asked seriously. The TARDIS noticed familiar alien life here but the Doctor couldnt fogure out which one it was. "Has there been anything strange happening lately?" He asked the man, The Doctor was growing to like this guy a little. He reminds him of his previous self
  10. Vash straightened up and frowned at the other man. He was not a fan of telling people what he was, too much rejection, but it did not seem he was getting out of this one. He put on a soft smile and raised his hands in surrender. He slowly walked down the path towards the control console.

    "Hehe, you got me... I'm a plant. Kind of like the ones used to power everything for the humans but more mobile..." He swallowed thickly and scratched his head as he watched the other man, "As for strange things. I guess everything's a little strange. But, if you want to be a little specific, it's gotten a little cold recently..." The statement strange, the heat outside was hot enough to be extremely uncomfortable to humans that were not used to it.
  11. The Doctor didnt know if this man was joking or telling the truth. "Well for some reason my TARDIS has taken a liking to you. I dont know why..." He said trying to think. The Doctor rose a eyebrow. The weather could get hotter then this? But who would make the weather cold and why. There is something missing here. He should now but he cant sem to remember what. Darn. The Doctor said "How hot is it usualy?" The Doctor took out a book and began reading through it "Has anyone been talking to themselves recently?"
  12. Vash blinked slowly and thought for a moment, he scratched his gloved fingers through his spiky hair. He absentmindedly informed the other man of the usual heat range in their area of the planet. He sighed softly as he thought about the people he had seen recently since he got back to town.

    "Uhm.... Now that I think about it... I think I have seen a few people talking to themselves." The plant turned his attention to the other man and pulled close to him, "Why? is that something important?"
  13. The Doctor nods and had an idea of who might be behind all this. A being he met several times. A being that he thought died. "The Intelligence..." He whispered The Doctor then had to ask "Where are these people? I need to know. This planet could be indanger." The Doctor has dealt with the Great Intelligence a few times. He remembered when it tried to drain his intelligence and experience, and when it tried to goto into his timestream. The Doctor said "Has anyone talking about a web or something like it?
  14. Vash looked confused at the strange things this man was talking about. He turned around and walked to the door, stroking the TARDIS slightly in greeting.

    "There are a few of them in the town where my friends and I are staying." He looked back at the Doctor, "I can take you to them if you like?" He put his hand on the door handle and smiled when the ship gladly opened its door for him. He smiled sweetly and happily thanked the TARDIS.
  15. The Doctor rose a eyebrow, and looked at the console "Why do you like him so much?" He asked bnefore following the man. The Doctor brought the device that went ding. It should be able to detect the Intelligence now. He used the Sonic Screwdriver on it The Doctor also brought some jelly babies with him. He held the bag open for Vash. "Care for a jelly baby?" The Doctor asked eating the orange one his favorite one
  16. Vash's eyes widened and lit up at the sight of a snack. He always loved eating and new food was like finding new treasure. He happily took one with a stupid smile on his face.

    "Oh, thank you!" He put the candy in his mouth and happily chewed in, "Wow, this is amazing!" He grinned and started back towards the town. He waved for the other man to follow him.

    "Right this way, sir! We're not far from the town."
  17. "They are. I loved them a lot when I hadn a long scarf. Wrapped around my neck twice, and still touched my legs.' The Doctor said "But Im past that." He followed Vash as theyre were closer to the town. He looked around and noticed the dinging. It either downloaded a another comic form the future or it found the web.
  18. As they walked back into the town, the few people wandering around glared at Vash in fear and whispered to each other. Vash tried desperately to hide the hurt from entering his eyes as he continued down the street. He perked up slightly at the sight of an extremely tall young woman running over to them in greeting.

    "Hello, Mr. Vash. I'm so glad you're back, Meryl's finished lunch and was wondering when you'd get back. Here, I cleaned your gun for you while you were gone. " The cheery young man handed Vash a large silver revolver wrapped in a towel. She noticed the Doctor standing beside the gunman and smiled brightly, "Hello, I'm Millie Thompson, what's your name!? Are you a friend of Mr. Vash's?"
  19. The Doctor could see the pain hidden under a happy expression. The Doctor did this in several incarnations. He felt himself begin to connect with Vash. He followed Vash and thought *Somethings not right here...* THe Machine went ding again. The Doctor checked to see if it found the web, but then saw a tall woman hand Vash a gun. "Oh Im the Doctor. I guess you could say that." He said in his thick scottish accent "Tell me has anyone been talking to myself, or have you heard anything about a web."
  20. She smiled at him sweetly as Vash holstered his gun. Millie hummed innocently as she thought, tapping her chin with a finger. She scrunched up her features in concentration as she thought.

    "No, not that I can think of." She looked upset for a second before smiling again, "Maybe Meryl will know. She spends more time out and about as a waitress. You can talk to her if you'd like to have lunch with us." Vash scratched the back of his head and smiled apologetically at the Doctor.

    "You best come along. The big girl here doesn't like to take no for an answer." The gunman tried to hide his subtle flinch as a rock hit him painfully hard in the thigh as he tried to ignore the child that had just assaulted his from hiding. The child was quickly pulled inside by its mother, scolded in fearful tones. Vash swallowed dryly as he tried to divert the Doctor's focus back to lunch, "It's pretty hot out here, why don't we head inside and get a drink?"
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