Frozen body

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IF the technology existed, would you want to have your body frozen then defrosted 100 years from now?
What about a thousand?

I'm not talking about dying then having it frozen and brought back to life, I am talking about freezing it right now -while you're still alive - then defrosted at a later date. Some people would LOVE to be able to see the future, others would not want to be alone in a world, their friends and family having died years ago.

I would only agree to be frozen if I had someone to do it with so I wasn't alone. At least one person, maybe two.
I don't think I would do it. Not because I wouldn't want to be alone but because I don't think I would be able to handle the culture shock and adapt to the new culture/society if it was vastly different from our own.
Chances are, we're not going to be around for 100 more years, so no.

Plus, that would be 100 years of video games, anime, comics, books, etc., that I'd have to catch up on, if video games even exist 100 years from now.
fuck no. failing some terminal illness with a cure around the corner, i'd have to say i like my own time.

If Idiocracy is accurate, I can and will the the world president because I'll be the smartest person alive.
But would you be forgotten about? would you ever be unfrozen? No, now is where my life is, and no matter how many times I've though I would before. If society became more advance, I'd be studied. Its a no win.
Interesting, anyone else>?
I've always liked the idea, since I've always wanted to "travel" to the future and this would be a realistic way of doing so... but like TK, I might want to have others to do it with, and it's also possibly a dangerous proposition because you don't really know what you're getting into - society might drastically change and they might unfreeze you and decide to use you as a human guinea pig for scientific experiments or something.
We're seeing the future unfold every second. What is there tomorrow that is going to replace living in the moment now? Once you're in the way away future, how do you survive? Do you become the pet of some university professor that's fasinated with the pass? Are you seen as a fool that can't use simple technology? I would be much happier to walk into the future on my own power thank you.