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  1. Hello people viewing this thread. My name is IceQueen, your local blue star staffie. I recently joined college so I had kicked back my rp schedule so much now I have nothing to write. And I need something to write. I usually write at a moderate pace, more in the afternoons since all my classes are in the afternoon.

    I like knowing my partners, what they like and don't like, so we aren't strictly partners. I always have romance in my rp's, and it tends to be dramatic. I have a few plots in my back pocket but things are starting to get old, so I will put out there a general idea of what kind of things I usually enjoy and we can go from there.

    My favorite type of rp's are modern fantasy, where there are werewolves in rivaling packs, or dealing with pack hierarchy, but at the same time sticking to a races weaknesses and strengths. Not every person writes a vampire as a bloodsucking demon from hell who doesn't have a heart beat. Some consume energy, others have a beating heart, it depends on what you like. Our plot should be a meeting of ideas, not just the pairing and a setting, it tends to get boring very quickly. Having something that drives the characters is very important to me.

    If any sort of fantasy is out of the question, mideval and just modern day are also things I can deal with. I can deal with scifi or action kinds of plots, as long as they have a romantic twist. A good plot I remember from a long time ago was about everyone having one sort of flaw in their love. Some obsessive, others hopless, some guarded, etc. Any ideas I would be willing to hear it.

    I play females primarily, and open to all sorts of pairings and genders, etc. the only thing is if the characters don't seem compatible something might have to change. They need to feel like they would complement each other to be together.

    I write a paragraph minimum. I do not enjoy oneliners, and you don't have to match my length but I write what the situation calls for. Sometimes it will be shorter, others longer.

    That's it from me, hope you enjoyed reading that.
  2. Id be willing to rp with you if you wanna collab some ideas ^^?
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  3. Sure go ahead and pm me
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