Frosttide: The Coming Winter

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    The Coming Winter
    The King Of Old led many a brave warrior. His legend was true to the truth, and chilling to the bone. It had been said that he led an army of one thousand houses, consisting of every family in the Northern lands of Ebernore. The king conquered the entire Province of Troth, consisting of the for corners: Ebernore to the North, Harwick to the East, Eawuld to the South, and Aibaald to the west. What finally killed the old man was a life time of war and fighting, leading and legenarily enough, slaying the monsters and demons of the land. Legend has told that his army had stood at the gates of hell and pounded away. When the king died, the families were sent free to fend for themselves. Some fought against each other, but others attempted to build up and regain the peace of the land. Among these houses was the house of Wintersun, who was of the most trusted families in the King Of Old's armies. Great knights and shield maidens they were. The family was a family of warriors, and this is their story.

    Family Tree (open)
    Lord Keilla Wintersun-me
    Lady Wintersun-Open

    The Story So Far (open)
    This is where the story of the Wintersun's struggle against war, winter and family issues. This will be updated as we go along

    Chapters (open)
    Prologue-The Ice Man
    Chapter One-Seeds of a king

    The flag of the Wintersuns hangs high along the castle of the Old King, being the next in line to take the throne. Lord Keilla Wintersun decided against acting as the king to avoid becoming mad in power, instead he passed it off to his brother, Kellie Wintersun to take the crown. Word has spread that Kellie intends to take the use of the throne and rebuild the Old King's army, reuniting the people once again. Though, word has also spread that he intends on taking over the four corners once again. This story Chronicles the taking over of Ebernore and the families rise, and possible fall. There will be war, there will be death and betrayal, and, oh yes, there will be blood. For this tale isn't a child friendly, happy ending story. This is the story of how a family once loyal and close to each other can tear itself a part in it's own greed and madness. Can the family redeem itself and save it's way of life? Can the family handle the power and accept the consequences of their own actions? Will you be the one to tear this family apart, or rebuild it? Now is the time to take up your sword, now is the time to raise your shield, now is the moment to fight for what you truly believe in. You will enter a land of magic and monsters, noble warriors and sorry thieves. You will have the options to go on grand adventures and epic quests. This story spans through several years in the Wintersun's history, so there will be an ever growing cast of characters. Just, be warned. You will be plotted against. You will be betrayed. You will be backstabbed. You must be prepared for even the worst to happen to you. The winter's dawn is appearing, and a cloud is crowding the land.

    Any takers?​
  2. So not stalking....

    But yes a thousand times :)
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  3. I-I'm sorry but I think I drooled on myself.. This sounds so freaking awesome!
  4. Haven't been on all weekend, and I'm so happy to see that interest has been taken into this roleplay! Looks like I need to work on my sign up thread!
  5. So question, how old are the Lord(you) and Lady?
    As in, would they possibly have children available to play, or is it just other relatives and such?~
  6. Well, the lord is in his late twenties, being thrown into the war at a young age. The lady is a few years younger, so it's very possible.
  7. Question! Are we going to be having arranged marriages or anything? I'm a bit confused on the romantic and or marriage side of things.. Which may sound silly.

    Also with the family what kind of member's such as brother's , sister's, children , aunt's , Etc?

    Also I added gender to the CS , I hope that is alright!
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  8. Is it alright if I play as the little brother of the Lord?
  9. 1. With marriages, if you take to the other player about having a love interest or marriage with said character, then you're good to go. Other characters will be brought in later, and they can be used as love interests too.

    2.yes, you may play the little brother.
  10. I love winter themes.. U made me remember that. I should add that to my profile.
  11. Gonna finish my character today!

    Amazing character! Hopefully Kedrick won't disappoint you when I'm done with him.
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  12. As you can probably see, I've started on my first of hopefully two characters (though I won't make the second until Wintersun slots are full). I was wondering what you in had in mind for the family situation so I can find somewhere to fit him in.
  13. Working on my character and was also curious to know how we are doing positions for the family.
  14. Well, lady winter sun and lord wintersun are taken, but the actual king and his wife will be brought in later. They can be playable characters. Really, it's all up to you. You can play a cousin, a brother, an aunt, even a grandfather is you want. You have 99.9% creativity here.
  15. I think I'm going to aim for Cousin
  16. Alright! All characters live under the same roof, due to the fact that the Wintersuns live in a giant castle, surrounded by a city and walls around it. Not sure if O specified it enough, but the entire family was moved into this huge castle.
  17. Should make for some interesting times being all together.
  18. Hello, are there still positions open for this RP? If so, I am interest. Thank you.
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