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    Opening a page in the book of history, one would learn about the King of Old, and his armies whom conquered the Province of Troth. The king was able to unite the houses of his land. The four corners of the country are as follows: Ebernore to the North, Harwick to the East, Eawuld to the South, and Aibaald to the west. But, the king is dead. Meaning the land is free reign again. Frosttide tells the story of the Wintersun family, and how they intend to reunite the land.
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    {td}The flag of the Wintersuns hangs high along the castle of the Old King, being the next in line to take the throne. Lord Keilla Wintersun decided against acting as the king to avoid becoming mad in power, instead he passed it off to his brother, Kellie Wintersun to take the crown. Word has spread that Kellie intends to take the use of the throne and rebuild the Old King's army, reuniting the people once again. Though, word has also spread that he intends on taking over the four corners once again. This story Chronicles the taking over of Ebernore and the families rise, and possible fall. There will be war, there will be death and betrayal, and, oh yes, there will be blood. For this tale isn't a child friendly, happy ending story. This is the story of how a family once loyal and close to each other can tear itself a part in it's own greed and madness. Can the family redeem itself and save it's way of life? Can the family handle the power and accept the consequences of their own actions? Will you be the one to tear this family apart, or rebuild it? Now is the time to take up your sword, now is the time to raise your shield, now is the moment to fight for what you truly believe in. You will enter a land of magic and monsters, noble warriors and sorry thieves. You will have the options to go on grand adventures and epic quests. This story spans through several years in the Wintersun's history, so there will be an ever growing cast of characters. Just, be warned. You will be plotted against. You will be betrayed. You will be backstabbed. You must be prepared for even the worst to happen to you. The winter's dawn is appearing, and a cloud is crowding the land.{/td}
    What goes on in this story is solely up to the writers. There will be plenty of character deaths, drama, and the possibility of romance. Like the tragedy we learned of in English class, the story if driven by the actions of the characters. The main blood of the Wintersun family is meant to be courageous and brave fighters, noble and loyal, so main blooded characters should be loyal and respectable. Though, any characters who are married ino the family are encouraged to have different traits, as well as children related to people who have been married in. As we progress on, there will be opportunities to play as members from other families, including the Kings and leaders of said families. If you are playing as a Wintersun and another family, I encourage you to use your first paragraph(s) to reply to the Wintersun character's interactions, and then play out your other character(s). As there will be other houses, new players who come in late can take up as members from other families, making it easier for the other families to run. I am very much influenced by George R.R. Martin, but this is not one of those ASOIAF ripl offs. This is meant to be something completely different from what he has created. Though there are plenty of similarities, this isn't meant to copy what he had created already.


    Frosttide: Lionheart is a rehash of Frosttide: The Coming Winter which died before it began. A lot of questions I had back when I first started this is "Who can I be? What can my character do? How many characters can I play? Do I have to be related to the family?" To answer these fantastic questions, when we start the roleplay, we are all Wintersun members. I will play as Keilla Wintersun, so the only character that needs a player for sure is the king, Kellie Wintersun (his name can be changed). We can branch out from there. I'd say after both characters have wives, and they have a couple of cousins and children (optional), then we can branch into characters married or adopted into the family. The main family is a family of noble warriors and fighters, so it wouldn't make sense if your character was a blacksmith, but if you were to be married in, adopted, or a child of a Wintersun woman and a blacksmith man, it is Wintersun custom to follow after your father. If characters who are children of the family want to be of age and want kids of their own or to start their own adventure, it would be nice if they were married with or together with another character, but that can be off scream if needed (having two characters related in some way is a good way to keep everyone involved). Now, in terms of characters, so long as you can keep track of them and play them, I don't have a character cap limit. One of the big inspirations for this is A Song of Ice and Fire, which constantly has character deaths. There will be plenty of characters who will be killed off, as this spans years in the history of the Wintersun family history. One thing I feel should be known is that you don't have to be confined to the castle walls. Message me and I'll let you know what kind of opportunities await characters throughout Troth. You can set out to go to school as a scholar, or seek one of many magic schools to become a wizard, or maybe you're on a political mission to bring the houses to peace once again. The thing you will find throughout this roleplay is that there will be stories and plot lines within plo tlines, and the main plot will change as we work through it. If you want to think of it this way, our goal is to be bigger and better than Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. We should be able to copy and paste our content and fill several volumes of books.
    I have done a bit of world building, but there will still be some world building to be done. I'm trying to figure out a good place to go so that I can make a map, but if anyone here makes maps and is willing to help me out then please let me know. There are the standard fantasy races such as Elves and Orcs and Dwarves, but we will try and make up our own. I'd love to incorporate Ents, but I don't want to rip off Tolkien too much. For the most part we don't need to write the history of the land, but I'm doing so to add layers and will be writing what I can into the story via storytellers. We are to be making history. Each character's actions influences history, each and every thing our characters do will impact the plot in one way or another. The more your character cares about their ancestry the more they will Lear about the past Frosttide's. If we are one hundred pages into this and there are more than our original characters and they want to know about the past of the Frosttides, then we will tell the stories of what our characters went through and the trials they faced. The family motto of the Wintersuns goes as follows: I'm a warrior Lord, I'm a Lionheart, I will raise my sword 'till the day I die, for the kingdom's stone we will fight as one, I'm a Lionheart. With characters, you will be allowed to make more than just Wintersun family members. But it will start off as just the main family, and as we progress into the roleplay and meet more houses and families, and have opportunity to meet new characters, you will be allowed to make more characters than just the main bloodline.

    The technology of the land relies highly on wizards and the uses of magic. Transportation consists of horses and carriages, as well as balloon-lifted boats that are flown using wind manipulation magic. Wizards however aren't meant to be fighters. They are meant specifically to find knowledge, and keep peace. Consider them the monks of Troth. They are wise, and smart. The older the get, the more wisdom they can gather. It is considered a shame on the Wintersun family name to take up a life of peace and knowledge, when the family is centered around fighting and staying courageous. As a Wintersun, you are to be raising your sword against anything and everything that threatens you in any field of battle. The monsters and demons of the land will be explored as the roleplay continues on, the wondrous creatures and races of Troth are waiting to be discovered. Some creatures will be used to ride, some will just attack you. We will encounter multiple different types of people; such as primitive tribes and people who can teach us a thing or two about being a warrior, or about riding beasts and such. This is meant to be fairly sandbox, so feel free to work out some locations and places throughout the world with myself.

    There will be tribes and such, who will be playable. Most characters and families and tribes we meet will be important to the story in one way or another, so don't be afraid to take the reigns as one of those characters. REMEMBER: This story takes place in the ashes of the new world, it is about a world being re-created after an era of war and dominance. This story will only work if the writers can work together to create tension, love, peace, war, and hate. I would like if we can get at least one post a day from each writer, at least with a paragraph. It will be appropriate to write novel posts often, especially with multiple characters. The winter that is war is upon the family, will you b the one to unite the land and bring a once known peace, or will you be the one to destroy it using the most powerful weapon in Troth; the throne.

    Character Sheet
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Middle Name(s):
    Maiden Name (When/if applies):

    Appearance (picture or description):
    Brief personality:
    Weapon of choice:
    Role in the family (Brother, sister, daughter, son, cousin, wife):

    *More will be added to this, such as information on gods and the religion of the Wintersuns*
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