Frosted Heart

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  1. You were a child of frost. Crying atop the snow as a blizzard whirled around your tiny body, it was a miracle that you were found by the gentle guardian of the forest. As you grew older, you learned of the magic the vast forest possessed, how it ranged beyond the wooded landscapes. You also learned of the dangers outside of this magical land. Humans were advancing, greedy for the pure, untainted magic that embraced your home. Not even the gentle mother you knew, who gave every creature a chance, told you never to trust such them. So you grew cold as the day you were born, uncaring for the humans, protecting the forest next to your mother's side as it was repeatedly attempted to be taken over.

    But what happens when you catch a human who doesn't carry armor, swords, nor eyes that are filled with greed? Do you dare trust him? He visits often, but his visits are short... After awhile you look forward to his visits, waiting at the edge of the forest each day you can. Eventually mother finds out of such antics. She alerts you of just who that boy is. The prince beyond these forests. Someone that should absolutely not be trusted. Ever. But you know you can trust him? Right?


    I have a lot of other future ideas for this roleplay depending on how you will play your character. I will be the prince, you the other guardian of the forest found in the snow. I'm looking for someone willing to switch back and forth from Dominant to submissive or be strictly dominant. You can choose how many different powers your character has (Frost, ice, water, etc.) It won't be a completely go lucky happy roleplay and there will be some horror involved. You can also feel free to shoot me your ideas as well over messages.
  2. If you still need a partner, I'm interested in this - it sounds really good and I would love to try it out :3
  3. I have someone who already contacted me about it, but I would love to play out this idea with you as well if you are okay with it.
  4. Heh, I wouldn't mind helping you start an affair - though lame joke aside: that would be fine with me :3
  5. Haha that's good ;) I just need a character sheet with name, age, height, and a appearance and I'll set it up
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.