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  • Frostbourn
    Civilization under Ice​

    Over one thousand years ago, our world hopelessly tried to save itself from the inevitable. Over centuries of wasteful, thoughtless behavior, civilization had set itself on the course of a global ice age, and by the time anyone had the mind or technology to do anything about it, it was unavoidable. What had once been known as 'The United States' annexed neighboring countries called 'Canada' and 'Mexico' in attempt to pool as many resources as possible in preparation for the coming, endless Winter. This new super country came to be called, 'The United North' and it is the land we know today, in the year 3213, or 1013 After Frost (After Frost).

    Before the Frost, technology had reached a pinnacle, and man had perfected the use of a seemingly endless energy source known as Plasma Core. Plasma Core was a clean burning fusion technology that seemed to run cooler, and more efficiently than any other energy source known to man. An unforseen side effect of this "Plascore", as it came to be called, was an permanent disruption of radio waves and inferred. Just as the world began to freeze over, the world lost contact with itself. Continents vanished off the map and today, most think things such as the "New European Triumvirate" is as fiction as warm sandy beaches.

    Let's talk about now though, 1013 AF. We live in the subglacial supercity known as Victoriaz. A symbol of what mankind was once capable of, Victoriaz is a city suspended underneath a colossal shelf of ice over a hundred miles thick. It stays suspended above vast cavity. Illuminated by the neon glow of the plascore that runs through the metropolis like it's very own lifeblood. Children attend schools, as they did before the Frost, and after graduation are assigned to a field of work, depending on their talents. Things such as 'personal vehicles' are a thing of the past. Victoriaz is spread dozens of miles in each direction, connected by a sprawling steam and plascore powered train system. A few of the districts are as follows;

    • Living Sector - as the name implies, this is the living sector for peoples and families of the working folk that make up 85% of Victoriaz. Houses are all connected by an interconnected system of steel and insulation to conserve heat, with a train stop on every block.
    • The Marketplace, or the 'Squall' = The Marketplace is where the common man works. Stores, restaurants, bars and various forms of entertainment is found here for all ages. There are three levels to the Marketplace.

      Blue Light, being the top level, is the most densely populated. It is home to you general store, average restaurant, mall or entertainment venue for younger citizens.

      Red Light is underneath the blue. It is home to adult entertainment and industry. Bars, strip clubs, the Victoriaz Bank, metallurgist, and the depots for the various mining conglomerates can be found here.

      Beneath that, is the Dimmer. The dimmer is the lowest section in all of Victoriaz, and to the commonfolk, is uninhabited. It was abandoned by the city construction for [redacted] and is off limits for safety purposes.

    • The Regalia - Could you tell by the name? The Regalia is where... the uncommon folk reside. The wealthy, and those involved in the lawmaking and peacekeeping spend their time in the Regalia. This is also where crime is punished. The Regalia is home to Supreme Court of Victoriaz, and the Glacial Deep. The Glacial Deep is the massive prison of Victoriaz, which homes anyone who breaks the cardinal laws of the subglacial society.

  • We are the biggest minority of Victoriaz -- the Sweepers. We are those who suit up and venture above the glacial mountain we reside under and sweep the arctic land above known only as the 'Desolate'. Sweepers move in teams of five, and spend only a day or two above the ice. The short time is thanks to the external temperature falling to under negative thirty-six as soon as the elevator begins shuttling sweepers up. The wind in the Desolate is the biggest threat to Sweepers, any exposed skin will immediately deep freeze, and cause cell death.

    Any area greater than three inches that becomes exposed can lead to fatality. The Plascore Thermal Regulator suits (PTR's) are the key to survival, and thankfully, they are rather sturdy. Accidents happen, however. Due to the constantly revolving heat circulating through the PTR's, heat visibly radiates at all times. The two day time period is important because the suit can technically last four days but if there is the slightest miscalculation in the commute back to the elevator, the humidity that has swarmed around the heated suits will quickly gather making the suit double in weight, and use heat twice as fast. Once heat begins to waver, the same condensation will deep freeze. The doom of any Sweeper, as you will become attached to you environment, become immobile and be forced to watch from within your PTR as you become a block of ice until the plascore finally dies out, and you quickly follow.

    Why are Sweepers sent into this hellishly dangerous land? Technology. Harvesting pre-frost technology is the key to, not Victoriaz survival but it's prosperity. The Future, and expansion of it. Ravines must be traveled, delved into, and snow must be swept. Whatever might give us a chance to reclaim what the frost stole from humanity.

    With this said, being a 'Sweeper' isn't the same job across the board. There are five main jobs for Sweepers, and each team must consist of two different jobs. Any Sweeper can perform any job, however each PTR suit can only be equip for one job at a time. The jobs, are as follows;

    1. Wayfinder - A Wayfinder loadout gives the wearer a holographic heads-up display of previously traveled paths, and what paths have been deemed dangerous, fruitful or dead. This is an almost vital part of any team.
    2. Cartographer - The progress of a Wayfinder, depends on the Cartographer. They mark the shared HUD to indicate what the Wayfinders need. They do not, however, have access to the visual information, like the Wayfinders.
    3. Frostbreaker - The Desolate is almost impossible to traverse. This is where a Frostbreaker comes in. The Frostbreakers are equipped with a Plascore saw on the right hand, to cut into ice. This can be use for creating steps, tunnels, handholds or a deficit for the team to camp. Though seldom used, a Frostbreaker does have a single use explosion they can use in emergencies. Like the Wayfinder, Frostbreakers are a part of the most successful Sweeper teams.
    4. Warmthgiver - Another vital job. In the harsh elements, the body needs time to recover. The Warmthgiver is the rest of the teams best friend, as they are sent out with Plascore equip camping supplies. This includes a heated tent, where the team can removes their suits (THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED), and also eat. However, this gear is heavy, and the team often moves slower when they leave with a Warmthgiver.
    5. Windcutter - WIndcutters are the most optional part of any team, as they are purely fluff. Using the most recent Plascore-tech, they lead the team with the Wayfinder, and are equip with a much larger PTR and Plascore setup. The Windcutter constantly releases large amounts of heat, and causes more comfortable travel in short distances. This is the safest way to travel, but due to the constant energy use, it is the least efficient. Unlike the other jobs, it is best suited for single day journey's.

  • "Every song needs a rhythm, and every story needs a cadence."

    The plot will role in sequences!

    1. Social in Victoriaz - This will be the beginning of each phase. This is down time, and planning for the next expedition. Discussion of the last expedition, and what you need to do the next time the team head's out!
    2. Gearing up, and setting out! - You can probably deduce what this is. Pick which job you'll be taking up for this expedition and take the elevator up to the surface. This sequence will include leaving the elevator, charting a course if someone has chosen Wayfinder, and setting off!
    3. The Expedition, day 1. This is the nutritious sequence. This is where disaster can strike, treasures can be found and all the adventure will take place. Who knows what you might find out in the Desolate? Well, I do, but...
    4. Night One -- Baring disaster, this is the most dangerous part of any expedition. Find a hidey-hole to escape the winds, and camp for the night. Disaster can strike, and you must do what you can to eat, drink and stay warm. This is where the Warmthgiver job comes in handy!
    5. The Expedition, day 2 -- This phase makes or breaks most Sweeper expeditions. On this day, the team must decide how much more they want to advance, and how early they want to start heading back to the elevator. If you want a more fortuitous reward when you get home, it benefits you to do as much as you can, but getting back to the elevator at night is dangerous, with a very high chance of at least a single fatality.
    6. Social in Victoriaz -- We're back where we started! Collect your rewards, explore the subglacial settlement, and deepen friendships, relationships or intrigue! (Is there a political subplot? Guess you have to find something in the Desolate to find out!)

    This will be how the story flows, and how you preform, and what disasters might befall your team will be determined by dice rolls on my side of things. How you preform during these disasters will also be determined by dice rolls. However, it will not follow a dungeon and dragons style of stats. Each player will have based stats, and then bonus' determined by which job they pick before each Expedition.

    After each Expedition, the player will be rewarded for how much progress is made, Above game, they will also gain experience. When a player levels up, they can choose whether their character can increase their base stats, or their bonus from a certain job as they get more experience. The job level will grant higher boosts, and player level ups will provide smaller, all round progress that isn't dependent on your job. These stats will determine how you preform in the most dangerous disasters.

  • The mandatory part that we all must know, but must be constantly reinforced!

      I feel I cannot stress this enough.

    1. This story is meant to have drama, suspense and action. However, this should never spill into our interactions out of game. Just, be friendly, y'know?
    2. If there is physical conflict, there is no auto hitting or god modding. That said, if anyone picks a fight with say, the Icebreaker, the Breaker will have a natural advantage given their weapon based kit.
    3. Just be nice, man. Please.
    4. This list is subject to change.

  • This will be very basic because I don't know how to code. I am but a wee little babe'. I apologize.

    Age:[/b] Sweepers are graduates, so they are typically over 20. Some exceptions are made, but it must play into their background.
    [b]Appearance:[/b] You can just post a picture! It can be realistic, or not. Just not strictly anime, or like, a screen cap.
    [b]Hobbies:[/b]  List your character's hobbies during down time in VIctoriaz! This may seem trite, but it will help determine your level 1 stats!
    [b]Education:[/b] Fill this out with the information listed above in mind. Schooling in Victoriaz can be aimed between athletics, intelligence, environmental science, politics, and economy.
    [b]Background:[/b] Again, this will play into your behind the scene stats, and how your character preforms! So keep this in mind for a more tailored experience. How did you grow up in Victoriaz, under all the ice?

  • As characters are created, I will fill this area with them!

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