Frostbite [ M x F ]

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  1. F R O S T B I T E

    She only saw him in winter. The fierce wolf that she saw in her dreams, the wolf that seemed to give off a smell similar to burnt wood. She only ever saw him in winter; she never knew why, and never pondered over the reason. It was a nonchalant thing for her. For all she knew, it was a pack that arrived for the promise of the arrival of small prey. The reason he only appeared in winter, however, was important. For she had seen him in summer, and fall, and spring as well.

    She just didn't recognize him when he was human.

    S Y N O P S I S

    A simple werewolf love story with a dark twist.

    As a wolf, your character is savage and beastly. He only cares about survival. As a human, he is caring and compassionate of others. He only transforms in the winter; the reason is never known or thought of. My character is a simple girl with a fascination for the animals that are known as "wolves." She dares to get close to one, almost to the point of calling it her wolf exclusively, and that particular wolf is the alternate identity of your character.

    This role-play takes place in a small, rural town in Colorado; a close-knit community where everyone knows each other (unless you're an introvert, of course). With an annual promise of a winter that threatens frostbite at the slightest touch, wolves are sure to appear.

    Essentially, your character is part of a group of students/civilians that are cursed to morph into wolves whenever winter bears its fangs. This group patrols around the local forest, and often comes into contact with many people that live around the area.

    Their meetings aren't the friendliest.

    E X P E C T A T I O N S
    • Proper grammar and such. I did mark "adept" as the posting expectation!
    • As per usual, follow all of Iwaku's guidelines.
    • I want at the least 2 paragraphs per post.
    • This role-play isn't planned to have "explicit scenes." At the most, maybe cuddling/kisses, or something of the sort.
    • Please, make this as realistic and descriptive as possible!
    So, if you're interested, just PM me or reply to this thread!
    This role-play is heavily based off of the novel Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.
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