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  1. Lilian Meredith O'Reilly
    Outside the Home Rink
    Lilian sat down at the park bench and sighed. It was summer, of course. Blackport summers weren't necessarily hot, but they were humid due to the port that gave the city it's name. And, of course, the rink just so happened to be closed on this particular day. Which, weirdly, was the day they were all supposed to show up for the first practice as a group. Every Frost Siren had done auditions and practice, but this was the first time any of them would be meeting each other. Lilian sighed again and rested her head on her arms to try and get a quick nap in while she waited. Of the three other girls supposed to show up today, Lilian had only heard of one: Luna Angelo. She even had a couple of Angelo's old CDs in her music collection, though Lilian herself was a huge metalhead. A7X, Trivium, Slipknot, anything she could find and get her hands on. Luna's stuff was poppy, and cute, but not really Lilian's style. She liked the growly voices and melodic tones of most metal bands. In fact, as she settled into her nap, she actually found herself humming the opening lyrics of "Hail to the King" . . . .​
    Martin Anthony Reed
    At the rental desk
    Martin sipped at his coffee and studied the four files in front of him. After the auditions, information about the four girls had been compiled and stuffed into files. The one on top? A dancer by the name of Tempest. Tempest Delatorre came closest to Martin's personality of general disinterest and indifference. Her remarks about skating being similar to ballet weren't too far off, though Tempest would likely find herself getting showed up by some of the others on the ice. Martin was curious to see how the dancer would handle that. He'd have to put her on the ice with Aria during the duo practices. Of the four, Aria showed the most promise for skating, which made sense considering she used to be a figure skater. If she could get past her emotional issues. Back on Tempest, the girl had a habit of overestimating herself, but she was, in the end, too quiet to be lead singer. That role would go to Luna, the haughty one. Such a thing would probably make Luna even haughtier, but according to the file, she only had the best interests of the team in mind. Martin would have to test that . . . .​

    The only one who showed potential but no prior skill in both singing and skating was Lilian. This girl's profile reeked of inadequacy issues. Short responses, very little enthusiasm, and during the interview, had seemed ready to bolt at the slightest mishap. Thankfully, she hadn't, but she was still jumpy. Martin would put her with Luna, see if Lilian's general "neutrality" could bring out Luna's supposed nicer side. He nodded and took another sip. Things were going well, so far, but he hadn't brought the Sirens in yet. Looking out, most of them hadn't even arrived yet. Lovely. Just lovely.​
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  2. Aria was on her way to the skate rink of Blackport. It was another warm day of summer, and Aria was walking along to the road just up from the rink. Well, walking would be taking it lightly. Her feet felt like lead. It had been such a long time since she had even considered going on this street. It was filled with memories. Her friend Koisumi was right on her heels though, every once and a while giving her a reassuring shove to the side. "Come on Acchan. It's been too long. You have to get on the ice. Or at the least go inside." She said, staring up at her bright haired friend. Koisumi's long black hair was braided neatly along one side of her head, bright emerald eyes shining in the light.

    "I don't know Koisumi. It's been so long. How on earth am I going to be able to pull this off?" She asked, looking at herself. She had thick bundles of coats wrapped around her arms, and even though it was blistering outside, was wearing a tight knit blue sweater. Her skates, which were still decorated with glistening blue swirls, hung from her hands. She hadn't worn them for a long time, but she already knew they fit. She put them on sometimes when she got super nostalgic.

    Finally reaching the front door, Aria paused as she saw someone sitting by the door. Looking back at Koisumi, Aria shuffled awkwardly. Chuckling, Koisumi shoved her again. "Go, meet your new friend. I'll head home. And remember, don't come back until your feet have touched the ice!" She yelled, grinning. "I'll pick you up after practice." Turning around, Aria swallowed, walking up to the girl. "Uh, hello." She said, somewhat timidly. "Are you here by any chance for the Frost Sirens practice?" She asked.
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  3. Lilian Meredith O'Reilly
    Woken up!
    Lilian bolted awake in surprise at the sound of someone asking for her attention. "Yeah, uhh, I mean, yes." She quickly composed herself and tried to rework her response. "Sorry," she said in that soft Irish lilt of hers. "Yes, I'm here for the Frost Sirens practice." She held out a hand politely. "My name's Lilian. Lilian O'Reilly. What's yours?" She'd been taught that it was polite to introduce yourself first when meeting someone new, but she'd also been taught not to fall asleep when expecting company! Lilian had a tendency to sing in her sleep, and before she'd woken up, she'd finished Hail to the King and had moved on to Silence In the Snow. Neither were very lyric-heavy, focusing more on the melodic guitar than the singing. For lyrics, Lilian had Zebrahead. She adored that band, Ben in particular. But that was off-topic. On-topic, she was wearing her usual uniform, but with the extra addition of a hoodie around her waist. It had been awhile since she'd been skating, so as a result, she had no idea the cold she was in for.​
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  4. *Luna Angelo*
    *Celebrity on the Scene*
    Luna sat behind the wheel of a nondescript sedan. The radio was on, playing an endless loop of cookie-cutter pop songs. Stupid meaningless stuff, with lyrics that made little sense when listened to closely. Very many promises were made of world-shattering sex skills, the club was clearly the only place to be and it was always the last night on earth for everybody, so people were commanded to dance until the break of dawn before death came to take them all. Meanwhile, anyone not attending the apocalypse party were at home crying about their perpetually broken hearts, simultaneously hating and begging their ex's to come back... perhaps that was the purgatory they were trapped in after the world ended at the club.

    Then the next song came on and it was one of her records. Shit. So maybe she was headed to hell with the rest of them. At least she wasn't using auto-tune!

    Luna turned the volume down because she began to cringe at the sound of her own seductive double-entendres; they were riding in on each verse in a wave of revulsion. It was also one of her older songs, which only made it more unbearable to hear her high-pitched teeny-bopper vocals promising people her heart and her "hot love". Good god, there had to be a bunch of laws breaking under the weight of her jailbaiting-ass-attitude on this song alone.

    The shame was so great, she was glad to have her windows rolled up so that no one else could hear it while she drove down the road. Her windows were tinted incredibly dark -- way darker than city regulations were technically supposed to allow, but nobody really bothered to enforce it, especially not on any celebrities, considering how much they needed the protection against paparazzi. Speaking of which... one of those photo-snapping stalkers just happened to be rolling up right as she was forced to idle at the longest red light she'd ever suffered. The guy had apparently memorized her license plates or something; as he pulled up in the lane beside her, he started shouting and hanging half-way out his open window with an iPhone in his hand, hoping to get a picture of her rage-face in traffic. Giving the man a sideways glance, she noticed he had a fucking Go-Pro strapped to his goddamn head too -- what, was he expecting to sprint after her down the street, catching the footage in a footchase like some serial killer-type chase sequence? She was so glad that her windows were practically black on the outside, but still it seemed almost like he could see inside. He was really straining.

    Between hearing him screaming her name and the shitty song playing low on the radio, she decided that the song was the lesser evil and turned it up on blast. The music began blaring through the stereo system, drowning out the man's blood-curdling cries of adoration right when the light turned green. Luna was gone before he could get his fat head back in the cabin of his own car to steer.

    She sighed heavily, seeing two other girls already outside of the ice rink as she passed by, made a U-turn, and searched for a place to park. As quickly as possible, she selected a spot that wasn't blatantly labeled with any warnings, pulled in and killed the engine. Her keyring's cute decorations jangled as she took it with her while exiting the vehicle. Now standing in the vicinity of the dinky ice rink, she cheered upon approach, "Hello, fellow Frost Sirens~!"
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