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  1. I'm posting from Data, because our internet sucks.

    Some of you probably have great internet, and you can torrent while getting your steam games with five YouTube tabs open and Netflix on. That's great, but some of us don't have that luxury.

    We use Frontier, which is a shit company. It's not like we have a choice to switch, because if we could, we definitely would. We get just enough to watch YouTube, or stream Netflix on one device. Two, if we're lucky. My dad and I often fight on who's night it is to install games on Steam. We can't even use Skype for anything. It sucks that bad.

    This is a huge problem, considering our neighbor is a web designer, and my dad is a professor with Online classes, and I play MMOs as well as take a class online.

    Now, the reason I'm on data is because we can't log into our wi-fi, is because of some Frontier pop-up that's being highly obscure. It's saying that our "Grace Period is over," and we can't use our router until we log into Frontier using our PIN. What the actual fuck? Like, seriously? The hell does that even mean? Give us our damn wi-fi! I have to take an online class in a few hours, and you won't be clear on some stuff!

    To make matters worse, we have to go to a website to log in, which makes no sense in any universe. Also, it just rained, and the wires that carry our internet are so old (the reason that we get so little wi-to) that you have a very slim chance of getting a good enough connection to do ANYTHING on the Internet during bad weather.

    We have asked time and time again for better internet, even insisting that we'd pay a lot more than we're already paying, but they won't budge because besides our neighbors, the only people in the area are hillbillies and Amish, so we don't have enough people to warrant Fiber Optic.

    Bottom Line: I don't care what you do, do not get Frontier internet!
  2. Seriously, though.

    If my Family could switch ISPs, we would, but no one offers service to the Middle of nowhere except Frontier.

    We could do Satellite, but we use WAY too much internet to do that with data limits.

    We're at an impasse...
  3. Comcast isn't the best either, tbh. We overpay by a lot and the router/modem combos they have you rent seriously suck. You have to be in the room next to the thing to even be able to use wifi and even then you lose connection a lot. Your only hope is to plug directly into it, which is what we've had to do for our computers. Their customer service is awful too. Pretty much every time we have a problem they say "its on your end, we cant do anything about it" even if we've called everybody we know that has Comcast and they're all also having problems. I mean its not slow internet so that's a plus, but its a pain in the ass. I don't know anybody that has it and doesn't have complaints, but like with your situation, they're the only service that will come this far out into nowhere. Its definitely not as bad as your internet though, I cringed all through reading that D: I hope it gets better, somehow. You're a lot more patient than I am to be able to deal with all of that, tbh.
  4. Yeah, most of my friends have Comcast, and they're like "Wi-Fi's great! Everything else sucks!" And I just have to be like "Cool."

    Yeah, never get Frontier.
  5. I've actually never heard of Frontier. I'm not sure we have that in this area?
  6. You probably don't have it. I live in Southern Illinois, so, yeah.
  7. Summary of today:

    I had to take my class at a Coffee shop, which annoyed everyone, I had to use Data to keep up with my RPs, I couldn't play any games because Steam had to update, my dad was forced to go to remain at his office at the University to teach his online course, and the Wi-Fi is still out, and probably will be tomorrow because it's raining.
  8. Well, we finally got internet back!
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  9. Is there any possible way for you to get the FiOS bundle? I googled Frontier, found a FiOS bundle offered there for $89.99, but of course no idea if that is available in your neck of the backwater. When I was in Alaska, I used GCI - that stunk. Got back down here to the lower 48, and tried ComCast - that was a nightmare. FINALLY, they got FiOS out here to the backwater where I live now and I've never been so happy with a cable/internet service in my life. My husband games when he's home, my kid streams NetFlix all the time, and I am in school, chatting with friends or on here an awful lot. I imagine if you could get it, it'd be something you already thought of - still, just an option I saw and maybe worth the mentioning.
  10. That's what we want, but due to there being barely any demand for it, they won't give it to us.
  11. My suggestion would be to threaten them with no more internet at all if they don't comply with your demands.

    I can think of two such extortion methods.

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  12. I'll try the first one, see how it goes.
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