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Ok, so I've been on the look out for period pieces lately, specifically more to with Native America during America's infancy to around the time of the Louisiana Purchas. why that time period? Well aside from tthe vast uknowns the Native tribes man were aa bit more wide spred and free(er) than they would be later.

I'll admit i personally don't much about Natives even though I have a lot of tribes in me. I'm more of a war buff so I do know about their weaponry. It'd be great if someone knew about Sioux, Iroquois or Apache. But it wont be a requirement, we can jus look up what we need.

The story I have in mind is an explorer is traversing the mountain when a blizzard suddenly strikes. Becoming hypothermic he collapse. Unknown to him a Native tribe takes him in and through good fortune saves his life. the the two are distrustful due to preconcieved notions, they are put aside when the explorer saveves one of their own--the woman found and sought the help that saved him, In killing off the bear he is 'marked' by the bear clawing him before it dies and he is finally aceppted but not just as one of them, but as a warrior and the girls parents approve on them marrying.

There's more of course, but that was more or less a summerization. This is an era of flintlock and matchlock fire arms. Natives had been trading with colonists for well over 100 years as by the latest it would be 1803---57 years before the Confederate States seceded and the Civii War broke out for perspctive. So technology relied on steam and coal. The Natives continued to do what they had for years by this point, with exception of skirmishes and raids.

What I am looking for;

1.) Courtesty, respect and creativity. Show it and it shall be shown in kind.

2.) Descriptive writing. It's rather tedious when you feel like the only one giving effort.

3.) 3-paragraph minimum with at least intermedite grammerization.

4.) Be authentic! Do I expect you to be historian? Of course not but mak whatever it is fit the time period / scenario.

5.) Lastly, I am looking for a female player. You don't have to be the chiefs daughter--you can be typical village girl. But if it's easier to st up as the chiefs daughter.

6.)This may have sexual conduct--to be dicussed before finalizing.
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