Frontier Bounties

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  1. Falserra VI-2, Desert Moon of Falserra VI
    Alexandria Torrents, Bounty Hunter

    The hoverbike sped across the desert, throwing up clouds of dust and sand behind it and it's goggle-clad rider. The twin suns of the Callaris system were high in the sky, their combined heat beating down on the surface. Alex grit her teeth and spat out the sand flying up into her face. She'd been out for 3 hours now, much longer and the heat would really start taking a toll on her. Her hat helped a bit, and despite her shield's temperature regulation she felt like too long and it'd be useless in the shootout that would surely come.

    With a twist of her wrist, Alex twisted the handle of the bike and shot forward at even higher speeds. Her journey only lasted a few more minutes. Over a dune and the lone outpost was visible. Alex squeezed the handle and the bike slowed until it was just sliding over the ground. She killed the engine and the bike dropped into the sand and lay still. Alex dismounted the bike and took her rifle from its holder on the side of the bike, slinging it over her shoulder as she started towards the outpost.
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  2. Watching from afar with binoculars, he first noticed the person when a trail of dust appeared. Curious, he watched to see what would happen. Resting his hand on his revolver, to be safe. She pulled out a rifle and aimed at an outpost. Finally
    some action.