From the Warp - Investigate a dangerous cult and save Iwaku



There is a darkness in Iwaku city. Hushed whispers in dark corners, shadows moving through alleys in the dead on night as a mysterious cult spreads its influence like a kraken spreading its tentacles threatening to swallow the entire city whole, and if that were to pass all of Iwaku would be doomed. Teres is also a newcomer, a man who deals in faith and deception who has at his disposal as entire ship and many armed men.

This is a freeform Roleplay designed and run by Vay, and GMK. It will feature elements from the Warhammer 40000 universe but you don't need to know what that is to join as everything will be described in detail as it happens. This is also designed as an introductory RP into the Iwaku world univerce designed by members of the forum and until recently the subject of a mass RP. It takes place just after the elder invasion where the city is just recovering from the noob onslaught.

To Come:

Iwaku City
The aftermath of the Elders
The prophet
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[size=+2]IWAKU CITY[/size]

The great city of Iwaku, constructed in less than eighteen years is the pride of the great land. Around 50km from wall to wall, the city of Iwaku would take around 7 hours to walk across east to west, though the south to north route would take longer, because the Lake would have to be circled and then either Shade or Chaos bridge would have to be crossed.

The majority of the city has an aesthetic similar to a prosperous Medieval European city. Tiled roofs and paved streets (except for those which allow cars, which are now tarmac'd) though most of the larger buildings and many of the smaller deviate from this.

There are currently several breaches in the wall that have yet to be repaired and many city blocks are still little more than charred ruins chokes with fast-growing weeds. But most of the city is booming. Scores of construction sites dot the city including a great cathedral where parts of the mall once stood. The gutted twin towers of South Gate railway station/airship dock still stand as a reminder of the recent war and most of the ruins are centered around this blackened monolith.


Both city and citizens still bare deep scars from the near destruction of their city. If it were not for arrival of Diana in the Afta station there would have been nothing left and Iwaku city would have shared the same fate at Shapeshifter Town.

Despite the strong rebuilding effort it is nonetheless a city divided. As the Luna Ashe and the Crimson Cabal both overtly try to unite the people another presence silently gains influence over the ramshackle government that formed after the disappearance of King Rory at the end of the Eldar War.

[size=+2]The Prophet[/size]

A name seldom heard but gaining influence. Apparent leader and instigator of the stranglehold invisibly forming of the powercircles of the city, He has never been seen by anyone outside of the cult it is unclear if he really exists at all. Those that do know of him mostly dismiss it as paranoid rumor, those that have seen him never speak of him, yet obey his every whisper.

[size=+2]Character sheets[/size]

Normal Iwaku World character rules apply: Any character from any universe other than cannon characters. (I.E. No one from official material, make you own character.) Though bare in mind this is a somewhat grimdark RP where the fate of the world is in jepady.


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