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  1. Hello Iwaku, we meet again, it's been a long time since I walked your halls, wandering silently as a ninja on super fluffy pillows, appearing only in times of great need until such a time that the drama became to great for me to fight and I left. Swearing not to return until such a time as I get the hair up my butt to do so.

    Well what do you know, I've got a bad case of hair up the buttitis and here I am again. Don't expect me to be frequent or anything, I never was on old Iwaku and I have not become much more outgoing in the intervening time.

    Still, to all the old cats, hello again. To all the new cats who have no idea who I am or was, Hello for the first time.
  2. Fluffy Pillows! >w> Hello! I'm Satrina...and I'm a "noob" x.X
  3. All these reunions!! Makes me so sad...
    I want history. -sighs-
    Anywho! Welcome to Iwaku.. again =p
  4. Yeah, Much like Lycan Queen, I am from the land of old Iwaku, and the tyranny of it's proboards overlords. Good times for the most part I suppose.

    Thank you very much for the welcomes.
  5. *tacklepounce!* Hey there Sweetie! Even though I'm sitting next to you right now, I thought I'd pop in to say hi hi! *hugs*
  6. I may be sitting next to you too, but the internet needs to know how overbearingly sickeningly sweet were are right? *Huggle snuggle luffle)
  7. Hey Zeon, long time no see!
    I already sort of anticipated your return in LQ's thread. So, bwahaha.
    Good to have you back, though. :3
  8. I can't remember if I met you or not. ò___ò

    ....So hello! :D Greetings! Welcome back!
  9. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I hope you brought muffins....if not thats okay

    (Although i was hoping there would be some.)

    Still WELCOME =D

  10. @Kitti Where one goes the other likely follows.

    @Diana If you met Lycan you probably met me at some point. I was also the Mod of the Adult section on old Iwaku for a bit (Meaning I had the easiest job ever since no one really used that section) I rarely said much OOC.


    Thanks for the welcoming, I could probably get you muffins, getting them through the internet is the tricky part.
  11. Whatever, I'm doing it.

    There, I said I wanted to and now I did.
    Rest assured that you are awesome.
  12. Well, I reckon it's good to be back, bringing terror to all who witness me.
  13. Zeon.... Zeon....

    I remember the name, I know about you.... but I don't know if we ever talked...

    I was Trance Kitsune on the old site. I dated Arsenal/Ryker/person for a long time, maybe that might jog memories.
  14. Hi Zeon, welcome to new Iwaku. New Old Iwaku? I don't even know. I avoided proboards Iwaku like the plaaaague what am I doing here.

    I mean. Welcome and have fun getting to know the new and oldbies alike!
  15. We spoke a little I think TK, I don't think we were BFF's or anything, but I think we spoke a little. either way, hello.

    Thanks for the welcome posts.
  16. Of course, of course!
  17. *pops in to hug her Zeon* I'm trying to get him more active, but he's such a shy boy. So let's party! *throws a party*
  18. Sooooo does that make you Old Iwaku power couple?
  19. Maybe. Not sure if that's a title we should bestow upon ourselves, though, as we are but humble newbies now.