From the Shadows, He came

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  1. Brief plot for reference:

    A distant family member (the sympathetic assasin) comes to check out his cousin with multiple personality disorder from the mental hospital. The cousins are quite distant, family by marriage, and a few generations apart. Once back at his manor, the family member begins his cruel experiments. He turns out to be an incubus that desires to experiment on the cousin to see if he can use his abilities to give her a dominant personality.
  2. The man that walks into the hospital is quite attractive. Muscular, about 6'1 The women swoon over him and give him no trouble persuading them to release his distant cousin. He takes her home in a straightjacket and smiles sitting her down in front of him"Do you know who i am girl?" He asks the young woman....She really is a girl to him. Even though he looks to be in his late twenties he Is in reality MUCH older.
  3. The girl in the straight jacket had a body of a 19 year old. Her body was thin, but slightly muscular with marks all over her skin from needles, cuts, and scars--all things she had accumulated over the years. Despite her marked body, the girl had a face untouched by the marks; the girl was somehow strangely beautiful.

    The girl was young physically, but the look in her eyes said otherwise. Her face scowled in fury as long wisps of her brunette hair fell in her face. The girl looked at him in absolute anger and spat at him:

    "Вы извращенец! Пусть меня из этой вещью. Позвольте мне, и оставьте меня в покое! У меня было достаточно!"

    The girl struggled in her straight-jacket, spitting curses in Russian. Dominka didn't understand why she was in a mental hospital, she had been there longer than she'd remembered. Dominka did remember that there was once a time where she'd converse in rapid Russian with a sickly, depressed woman. The woman was a mother who was always delighted to speak with her. She always said to her: "Белла, дорогая, ты должна говорить со мной чаще в нашем родном языке. Это напоминает мне о доме." The sickly woman had always mistook her for her daughter Annabelle and Dominka didn't care to ever correct her.

    Dominka shook the memory away and scowled even more at the man. She was tired of being charted off to unknown places. Dominka was 26 years old and had left her home country for opportunity, but instead they had carted her away to mental hospitals and kept her caged. The more and more she was locked behind the barred doors, the angrier she got. Dominka had of late, slept most of her days away in hopes that they'd free her for being quiet.

    Dominka shook the hair out of her eyes and looked at the man with hatred in her eyes. "Я не сошел с ума, паразиты. Я только хочу быть свободным.Правильно, что так долго было отказано со мной!"


    [Translation: You are a pervert! Let me out of this thing. Let me out and leave me alone! I have had enough!]
    [Translation: Bella, dear, you should speak to me more often in our native tongue. It reminds me of home.]
    [Translation: I am not insane, Vermin. I only wish to be free. A right that has so long been denied to me!]
  4. The incubus does not speak all languages however thanks to a certain ability he can ensure she will understand him speak."Dear i know your not insane...Thats why im getting you out of here. I plan on freeing you of these shackles binding you however keep fighting and i will just leave you understood?" He says in a low voice into the womans ear. He admires all of her beauty... Even the scars. The demon world is a harsh place and only a sex fiend would survive without them. He however respects her greatley for her ability to survive. Not to say he wont complete his experiment, however he will do it slightly differently.
  5. Dominka looked at him with wide eyes and nodded in response to his words. She then looked down and thought about the situation. She still didn't trust the man. He was attractive and the people at the mental institution had told her that he was family--distant family. She knew her family and they were not nice people so why in the world would she trust this man of all people. Americans had the tendency to deny her freedom even though she was allowed to be a citizen, she had taken the test. They looked at her with confused looks when she applied to take the test. She'd passed naturally, but she understood long ago why they looked at her like that. The Americans wanted to lock her away because she came from Russia and her people were considered untrustworthy.

    She looked at the attractive man wearily and asked him: "Что вы собираетесь делать со мной господин .....?"

    Dominka longed to get out of the straight-jacket. It was by far uncomfortable and she had woken up in this horrid piece of clothing. She didn't understand what she did to deserve wearing this, but the mental hospital did strange and unfair things to her.

    [Translation: What do you intend to do with me mister.....?]
  6. He puts her in his car and starts driving."I would get you out of that straightjacket but im unsure as to what your wearing underneath... The law tends to frown upon nudity behind the wheel. Here." He says giving her his own jacket. Inside is a long knife. She can cut herself free after he unbuckles her arms."Just put the coat on. Ill explain when er are back at my manor." He says driving far out of town into the hills.
  7. "Нож? Вы уверены, что это разумно? Американцы боятся меня, если я когда-либо получить на руки нож ... Я думаю, что именно поэтому они заперли меня в ужасных местах, которые делают ваши кошмары, похоже мечты."

    Dominka set to work with the knife, it took her a moment to figure out how to hold the knife through the sleeves, but eventually she managed. Dominka cut herself out, button the jacket up, and pulled the jacket out from underneath. She was very careful to make sure none of her body had been seen by the strange man and then proceeded to rip the straight-jacket to shreds; there was no way she was getting back into that wretched thing.

    Dominka stared at the knife and what to do with it. She decided to extend a moment of trust to the man driving the car. She wearily placed the knife in the cup-holder of the car and said "Не заставляйте меня сожалеть доверять вам Незнакомец."

    [Translation: A knife? Are you sure that is wise? Americans would fear me if I ever get my hands on a knife...I think that is why they locked me up in horrid places that make your nightmares seem like dreams.]
    [Translation: Do not make me regret trusting you stranger.]
  8. He tilts his head."I dont particulary care what idiotic americans think. They are far too close minded." He says as he drives along."As for the trust thing? im not sure....You may regret trusting me when this is over or you may thank me....I can say i will not harm you physicly."
  9. Dominka instantly grabbed the knife and held it in her hand. The threat of harm even mentally or emotionally raised goosebumps on her skin. She would not stand more abuse. The man married to the sweet, sickly woman had come after her countless times. She hated him; he had betrayed their nationality and trust. Dominka had enough of not being able to control her life and those who sought to hurt her. She had regretted trusting him immediately.

    Dominka was tired though and she knew the man didn't intend to hurt her physically so she slept in the car. She slept lightly, grasping the knife in her right hand, far away from the man driving.
  10. The incubus regrets his choice of words however he doesent intend to sugarcoat anything. They soon arrive at his manor. A massive house situated at the base of a mountain.He shakes her awake simply stateing.. "We have arrived. Welcome home. Anything you need you will have."
  11. He woke up instantly and said, "Hands off old man!"

    It took him a moment, but Ben looked around and noticed that he was no longer at the hospital. They were at an old manor that dripped of money. He hated those damn aristocrats; they did nothing for the people, but everything for themselves.

    He noticed that he was gripping a knife in his hand and smiled. Ben could do some serious damage with this knife, he was suddenly excited, but he was out of the mental institution--and it wasn't by his choice. The poor nurses were probably sighing in relief since they never let him go like he demanded to. People who went against his wishes or even, hell was authority, pissed him the fuck off. He liked to make life troublesome and difficult for them if they didn't comply. In Ben's world, he was the authority.

    Ben got out the car and began to walk around with a swagger almost like a punk kid on the street does. On the girl's frame, the walk did not suit her very well, but it explained the muscular undertone to her body. Ben walked back to the car when he saw that immediate escape might not be plausible nor particularly smart at the moment. Glaring at the incubus, he said: "Where the fuck are we fucking hippie?"
  12. The incubus, noticing the personality change, notices the arrogence and quickness to anger this one has, he decides that this will NOT be the dominant personality if indeed his experiments suceed. The only way to deal with these types is force. He quickly disarms the girl...Managing to not even leave a mark as the knife. Formarly in the girls hands was now at her throat."I have a name....You should use it." He says with a dangerous stare."I would apreciate a certain amount of respect in my own home. I took you from the hospital because they cannot help you...I can."
  13. "Fuck you asshole," Ben spat at him. "I have a fucking name too and it ain't that girl name that anyone tries to call me." Ben pushed the Incubus off of him and continued: "How do you expect me to even call you something other than 'asshole' or 'old man' if I don't even know. You're. Goddamn. Name?"

    Ben immediately turned and grabbed the stuff that the mental institution had given the Incubus out of the car. Ben glared at the incubus as he stated: "The name is Ben and I only give respect to assholes who earn it. "Freeing" me from the institution has only made me bored and the nurses happy... I was never supposed to be there in the first place."

    Ben stalked off with his swagger towards the manor with his stuff in tow.
  14. The incubus glares at Ben."The name is Raziel, remember it." Even as he seeths in anger at the disrespect he is being shown he catalouges the personality traits of this one...He is after all a scholar."Your bedroom is upstairs first door on the right."
  15. Ben stalked to the door and started up the stairs. "Later Raz." He found his bedroom and tossed his crap on his floor. The nurses often insisted that all of it was his stuff, but it wasn't. He did enjoy the pictures though. Ben set out and began to explore the manor, but he was careful not to run into anyone. He didn't care to deal with questions. Ben walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple which he bit into. Ben made his way out to the gardens. They were as usual, well manicured. The Garden was downright gorgeous and so he took a stroll through them, looking for any good hideout for stashes--for when he needed to stash things. Ben found a few and mentally marked them as he moved along.
  16. Raziel has someone watching Ben at all times. They are ordered to stay away from him but to inform him when his personality shifts again.
  17. Ben looked back and noticed the person who had been following him and yelled at them: "When's dinner? I'm fucking hungry!"

    He received no reply so he stalked off to the kitchen he had discovered earlier. There he made himself a meal and proceeded to scraf it down under the watchful eyes of Raziel's men. He often slung profanities at the man, trying to bring out any sort of reaction out of him. When Ben, failed to do so, he stalked off to his room with the dirty dishes and still half eaten food on the counter. Ben rumbled through his stuff out of boredom and settled on a book. After reading the book for a little while, Ben drifted off to sleep.

    In his dreams, Ben wasn't himself. He was Samantha and she was walking through a library terrified. Samantha couldn't help but cry softly to herself as she rounded the corners in absolute fear.
  18. The incubus has several abilities, one is to dream seek a potential prey...He invades the gils dreams and enters her mind. Finding the girl terrified he holds out his hand."Come child, tell me what is wrong."
  19. The girl looked at him with big eyes. The man....he was new. The dream had always been the same; it was filled with the same terrors that got increasingly complex the longer the dream went on. There was never an escape from the monsters., but what had changed?

    Sam couldn't decide if he one of the good ones or one of the monsters; things were never quite what they seemed in the dream. Everything was choatic and nonsensical quite like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. After a moment-or at least what a moment was in dreams, Sam decided to trust the man. He was very beautiful and he had kind eyes.

    Sam ignored his hand and hugged him, burying her face into his chest. "I try to run and they catch me; I try to fight, they beat me. The monsters, normal people who push me into oblivion. I don't understand, mister.I don't know what I did wrong."
  20. The incubus opens his arms to hug her."Come child, you did nothing wrong, i will protect you." He says. Inside her mind is like nothing he has ever seen before.....ITs.....Dark and twisted. His eyes are far seeing and he sees her terrors that he is keeping at bey for her, She truley needs to banish these monstors on her own. But to do that. She has to believe in her soul that they are not there.