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  1. From The Other Side

    Lust will fill man’s heart with desire,
    Sloth will cause his eternal slumber to transpire.

    Envy will cause man to greatly despise,
    Greed will be his final demise.

    Gluttony will give man ruinous satisfaction,
    Wrath will lead inspire his self-destruction.

    Pride will bring it all to an end.

    Roleplay Information

    Hello, fellow Iwakuvians. Just a heads up that this thread is only a brief overview. More information will be revealed as interest is shown and I begin work on an OOC thread.

    I’d like to take this space to let everyone know the ramifications of this roleplay. For one, character death is possible and likely (if you aren’t careful). That being said, you’re more than welcome to play more than one character when the time comes. Likewise, this being in the Libertine section, there WILL be instances of sexual content, some of which may involve rape. If that’s not your cup of tea, this isn’t for you.

    In addition, this isn’t another yaoi fuckfest – the focus is more on the plot and unravelling the mysteries behind Parallel. If you think you can include romance somehow, feel free, but don’t let it hinder plot progression.

    I’m not going to include anything in the way of rules here (that’s what OOC threads are for). I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the things mentioned below. They’ll likely be added to a FAQ section in the OOC.


    Parallel is, as the name suggests, a world parallel to our own. It possesses all that our own does – the same continents, the same oceans, and even the same buildings. Parallel is linked to our world in more than just appearances, though. Damage dealt to Parallel is also dealt to Earth, and vice versa. Despite this similarity, there are two major differences. One, the sky of Parallel is always a sunset red. Secondly, Parallel has a much smaller population. Those who do exist in Parallel refer to themselves simply as the Inhabitants.


    All of the Inhabitants have been on Parallel for as long as they can remember. Some things to note about them is their never-changing appearance, as well as their immortality. Inhabitants don’t know much about Parallel themselves, other than it’s linked to Earth, and that damage dealt to one is reflected on the other. When one enters Parallel, they do so completely naked, and with no memory of who or what they were before. Inhabitants vary greatly in appearance, but one thing remains the same – it never changes. The way one looks upon entering Parallel is the way they’ll look for the entirety of their existence. Another interesting fact about Inhabitants is their ability to use Holy Weapons and to harness the Elements.

    Holy Weapons

    Holy Weapons are what the Inhabitants coined the special weapons they come into Parallel being able to summon at will. Each Inhabitant has a unique Holy Weapon. Some are destructive, while others aren’t weapons so much as they are support devices. Not much is known about Holy Weapons, other than that they are the only thing capable of destroying an Aberration’s core.


    In Parallel, six elements exist: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Dark. They are collectively called the Elements. Each Inhabitant’s Holy Weapon has an elemental attribute which determines which elements it is strong and weak against. Inhabitants also have an affinity for whatever their Holy Weapon’s element is, and are capable of controlling them to varying degrees of effectiveness.


    Aberrations are beings that vary in appearance and regularly appear in Parallel. There are seven variations that have been defined thus far: Luxuria, Acedia, Invidia, Avaritia, Gula, Ira, and Superbia. Each variation has defining characteristics, but little else is known about them otherwise, such as where they originate from. What is known is that most all of them seem to be drawn to causing mindless destruction – as though their intent is to destroy Parallel. Inhabitants use their Holy Weapons to combat them and preserve the balance between our world and their own. So far, it’s been discovered that an Aberration can only be erased if the core is destroyed, which only a Holy Weapon can accomplish.


    Nejire is a mysterious organization that’s been demonstrating itself lately. Their goal is unknown, but their actions are clear. They’ve been known to intentionally cause destruction. Some even seem to manipulate Aberrations to make them work for them. The other Inhabitants of Parallel have come to a general consensus that Nejire should be stopped – if only they weren’t too busy fighting off Aberrations.
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    I'll get around to making the OOC within the next few days, hopefully. In the meantime, I wanna take any questions you all might have.
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  11. I'll get to an OOC eventually. Probably on or before the weekend, if we get lucky.
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