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  • Character death is a highly likely possibility.
  • It’s recommended that you play as multiple characters, or have backup characters in case your main dies.
  • This will be a long term roleplay. Please consider that when joining.

[glow=red]From The Other Side[/glow]

”Just as everything has a beginning, so does everything have an end.” -Alice

The Parallel

n a space separate from ours, there exists another world just like ours. It is a place none from our own world have ever ventured to, nor even know of it’s existence. A place where the sky is always a deep orangish-red, much like that seen during a sunset. As to be expected of a world parallel to our own, it contains all that our own does. A North America, a South America, an Asia, a Europe… Even the animals and plants that we love so dearly are present here. There are, however, various differences that exist in this parallel world. The governments, the large world population, and the people who reside there themselves… There is no United States of America for them. Only a template of what the United States of America is. Alongside that, there are much fewer inhabitants of this world than there are in our own world. Perhaps the biggest difference lies in the people themselves. Oh, these people are something quite special,

The Inhabitants

he people of this parallel world have no idea where they came from. All they know is that they existed since the birth of the Earth itself. Even before the Earth’s first humans, who this parallel’s inhabitants resemble exactly, they were there. How an inhabitant comes into existence is still a mystery. From what has been seen, one simply appears there, with enough knowledge to function and operate. Just like humans, they needed food, water, air, and shelter - and just like humans, they could die. Unlike Earth’s residents, however, the parallel’s inhabitants became aware of their world’s existence as the Earth’s alternate. This knowledge was gained using exactly what a makes these beings so unique and special - their abilities.

Those that reside in this parallel world wield a variety of different abilities. Some can control fire, some can increase the growth rate of vegetation - some can even bend time and space itself. Much like the inhabitants themselves, where these abilities came from is a mystery. It was thanks to an ability to travel between the worlds that Earth was discovered. It was this same ability that revealed one certain shocking truth about the two worlds…

The Earthly Reflection

ver the years, some of the inhabitants began doing “evil” things. Destroying various buildings and greenery, they developed an addiction to destruction. Those who believed these actions to be wrong were quick to put a stop to the actions of the “wicked”. However, while the one currently with the ability to travel between worlds was on a visit to Earth, he noticed that the same buildings destroyed in their world were also destroyed on Earth. Testing their theory on old abandoned buildings in their world, they came to discover that damage done to this world was reflected on Earth; their worlds were connected to one another as more than just “twins”.

Upon making this discovery, many chose to use their abilities to defend their world as well as they could. They knew that should their world or the Earth perish, the other would perish as well. Unfortunately, there were also those who would wish to see both completely destroyed. What bred such evil desires was as much a mystery as anything else. Much like they did before, those who believed in what was held to be “right” dealt with those who didn’t. Those who wished to do “evil” weren’t the only threat to the balance between the two worlds.


hroughout this parallel world, there exist aberrations. One might call them monsters, or demons. They don’t resemble anything seen on Earth anyway. They only appeared within the past couple hundred thousand years. Like everything else, no one seems to know where these “monsters” came from, or why they’re so intent on destroying the parallel world.

These aberrations range in both size and intelligence. Some of them are huge, while others are miniscule in size. Some are very low in intellect, and some of them surpass the intelligence of even humans. Regardless of this, none of the monsters seem to know of Earth or their effect on it, and even the ones with enough intellect have little knowledge to offer. All the same, it is the self-appointed duty of the inhabitants to take care of these monsters when they appear. Since their first appearance, many variations and new types have shown themselves. As of yet, all the ones they’ve encountered have known ways of being dealt with. What enemies will show up in the future, and whether or not they’ll be able to handle them, is yet to be seen.


s of recent, an organization of inhabitants calling themselves “Nejire” has surfaced. While their leader is unknown, it is known that anything the organization is up to is no good. They often ignore aberration attacks and offer no assistance to those who don’t. Some of them even cause trouble for those fighting the monsters, or they even start attacking the environment themselves. While not a major threat as of the present, the lack of information regarding their motif is something that is a cause for worry, and many of the inhabitants have their eyes on possible members.

Your Part

our part in this is as one of the inhabitants. Whether you’re a veteran or an incomer (term used to those who’ve recently entered the Parallel) is up to you. Likewise, the choice to fight for world preservation, or to fight against it, is up to you. You could even be a member of Nejire if you so choose. What you do is up to you.

The early part of this roleplay will focus on the day to day activity of the inhabitants, facing aberrations or causing trouble for those who do. As mentioned earlier, character death is very likely. If the only character you have is killed, you are free to create a new one. Likewise, you can simply create multiple characters from the start.

After some time, the plot will start to unravel itself. A sort of arc system is in place, with the first one having its focus on the Nejire organization. There are many truths about the Parallel to be discovered and revealed. Hopefully you can come to uncover them before both worlds are laid to ruin.


1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
2. No godmodding, plot bunnies, etc.
3. Keep IC drama IC drama, if you know what I mean.
4. Please ask me before doing anything that would have a world changing impact. There is a planned main plot, and I’d like to not deviate from it too much.
5. Please be active. You probably won’t be asked for more than a post a week on offtimes, but please try to be extra active if a fight is taking place and you’re in it. I’m understanding if things come up though, just let me know so we can work around it.
6. READ. You can easily be killed if you miss an important detail in this roleplay. Please be sure to read everything that anyone posts so you know what’s happening. If you’re unsure, ask that person to clarify what’s happening for you.
7. Please write to the best of your ability here. This roleplay will require a good amount of attention to detail. People reading your posts should be able to know exactly what’s going on, especially during a fight.
8. Get along and have fun! The most important goal of this roleplay is for everyone to have fun creating an epic story! Thank you!

General Information and Character Sheets

Once your character application is approved, you can jump into the IC as soon as I have it posted. Remember that multiple characters are permitted and encouraged!

Character Sheet
Title (nickname):
Time on Parallel (in years):
Location (at RP start):
Position (guard, ruler, etc.):
Appearance (anime picture or two paragraph description):
History (two paragraph minimum):
Personality (one paragraph minimum):
Feelings about Parallel (one paragraph):
Abilities (in Ability - Description format):
Current Characters

Name: Gray

Title (nickname): Null

Time on Parallel (in years): 29

Location (at RP start): California, United States

Position (guard, ruler, etc.): Self-appointed traveling guard

Appearance (anime picture or two paragraph description): Gray can most often be seen wearing formal guard wear, which includes a sort of militaristic suit, black in color. He wears white gloves with this outfit, along with light, black boots. Unlike in the image above, his eyes are a dark gray, hence where he derives his name from. He carries a long sword on his person, with which he is quite skilled. Other than that, the only other item he carries with him all the time is a blank shred of paper.

History (two paragraph minimum): Gray first appeared in Parallel in what would be counted as 1985 on Earth, in Parallel‘s version of the Mojave Desert. He came into it alone, having no idea where he was. After wandering for quite some time, he encountered an aberration for the first time, a Scythi. Right as the creature was about to run him through with its dual scythe claws, a burst of flame blasted it, causing it to stagger back in recoil. The male who’d launched the attack was quick to follow through. After some fighting, the beast literally just vanished into thin air.

After making sure Gray was alright, the male introduced himself as Jack, aka Green Jacket (a title chosen based upon the green jacket he always donned). Grateful to his savior, Gray asked him how he could ever repay him. Soon after, Gray would be educated about the abilities he possessed. It was then that he and Jack became a team. Contrary to his expectations of someone so strong, Jack was a very cheerful, laidback person. Much more so than Gray would be once he learned of their situation.

He was accepting of his duty as a defender of not only Parallel, but also Earth, but he was still a bit taken aback by it all. It would be some time before he was able to handle enemies as swiftly as he is now. Over the years, his personality molded from someone who could barely act on his instincts to someone who’d jump right into the fray. Together, he and Jack faced many aberrations, some new, some old, and they even encountered a few inhabitants who would wish only for destruction. Currently, he and Jack are traveling the expanse of California, dealing with aberrations wherever they may appear.

Personality (one paragraph minimum): Gray is a very protective person. He’s still a bit naïve as a guard, but that’s to be expected of someone who’s only been in Parallel for such a relatively short time. One to do what he can, Gray has a soft side for new incomers and helps them out whenever possible. The male works best alongside Jack and isn’t quick to anger.

Feelings about Parallel (one paragraph): Gray was taken greatly aback when he first arrived, and even more so when he encountered an aberration for the first time. Upon being saved by Jack and meeting other inhabitants, he’s come to grow fond of Parallel, even if it isn’t as “peaceful” as Earth supposedly is. He holds pride in his position as a guard and is happy to do what he can. At the same time, he’s most curious about many of Parallel’s remaining mysteries, including his own existence.

Abilities (in Ability - Description format):

Ability Nullification - By pointing at a target with his index finger, ability usage (such as healing or controlling fire, etc.) is nullified. The effect stops if the target moves away from where Gray is pointing. This ability works on both aberrations and other inhabitants. Using this ability requires great focus. As such, Gray can’t fight effectively while using it.

Ability Detection - Using the shred of paper he carries (which he received from Jack), Gray can detect in which direction an ability is being used. The paper will bend towards the user.

Swordplay - This ability enhances Gray’s agility and the force of his strikes. It can be used several times for a “stacked” effect, but the more times it’s used in succession, the greater the fatigue felt once it wears off.

Lightning Magic - Gray can draw forth and control electricity. Weak bolts can be fired, and he is also able to infuse his sword with it.

Dancing Lightning - A combination skill using both Swordplay and Lightning Magic. Gray’s agility and force are greatly enhanced, and he attacks the target with a barrage of lightning shaped strikes in great succession.


Name: Jack

Title (nickname): Green Jacket

Time on Parallel (in years): 79

Location (at RP start): California, United States

Position (guard, ruler, etc.): Self-appointed traveling guard

Appearance (anime picture or two paragraph description): Jack can always be seen wearing a casual dark green jacket (hence the title), and loose black pants. Unlike in the image, his eyes are rather a deep blue color. Much like Gray, he always carries a long sword and a shred of paper on his person.

History (two paragraph minimum): Jack came into Parallel in France. He was quickly taken in by the other inhabitants and taught about his abilities. Not knowing anything for himself, he went along with what he was being taught. For the time being, they apparently proved to know more than he did. He slowly got used to things, but he was proving to be a slow learner.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to learn. World War II had recently started, and that meant a large increase in how many aberrations were appearing. Their numbers were thick in France, and he was sent out to fight, given only a long sword. First hand experience proved useful for the male. Through hard combat, he was able to become incredibly better with his abilities. Once the appearances finally died down, Jack had become a seasoned fighter.

Not wishing to stay in one place, Jack decided to leave France after many years of serving there as a guard. He traveled much of Europe and experienced many outbursts of aberrations. After helping where he could, he decided it was time to travel overseas. After preparing and booking a flight, Jack made his way over to America, where he’d stay until the present.

His existence was pretty routine after having arrived. He’d travel and take down aberrations, and he came to question his existence. This lead to him doing a lot of soul searching, wondering why he was here exactly and where he came from. Everyone he asked was just like him - they had no idea why or how they came into existence in this Parallel, or why Parallel itself even existed. Eventually, the male decided that if no one had concrete answers, he’d have to create his own answers. This was when he decided for himself that he’d exist cheerfully. Even though he lived in a world where no one physically aged and no one died unless killed, and even though most of their time was spent slaying aberrations, he knew that he’d only be happy if he acted like he was.

Continuing his travels, Jack eventually made his way to the Mojave Desert in Arizona, where he would save his would-be best friend’s life. Seeing Gray as a newcomer to this world, he decided to take him in and educate him at the local school. Gray was a faster learner than Jack, but he was much more naïve. Even still, Jack did not falter in his positive outlook.

Before long, Gray finally reached a level where Jack could truly view him as an equal partner. Not that he hadn’t before. They’d always been best friends, but it was relieving to know he could place his full trust, and his life, in Gray’s hands. He and Gray are currently traveling in California, fighting aberrations and helping incomers.

Personality (one paragraph minimum): Jack is a cheerful, laidback person. He likes to have fun, and believes inhabitants should enjoy themselves whenever they can. That said, he still knows there is a time and place for exercising the mind and body. He trains daily to keep himself fit and ready to combat anything. Jack is one to put others before himself, but he also knows some sacrifices are unavoidable. Underneath his positive exterior, a troubled being still thirsts for the questions he so deeply wants answered.

Feelings about Parallel (one paragraph): Jack has internally mixed feelings about Parallel. His outward act makes it seem as though he’s happy to be a part of it, and he is. But inwardly, there’s also a side that wonders “Why?” Why do the inhabitants of this Parallel have to fight these aberrations? What is the meaning in Parallel’s existence? These are questions he’s willing to do just about anything to find the answers to.

Abilities (in Ability - Description format):

Ability Detection - Using his piece of the shredded paper he shared with Gray, Jack can detect which direction abilities are being used. The paper bends towards the ability user.

Swordplay - This skill enhances Jack’s agility and force. It can be stacked for an even greater effect. Jack is able to maintain a much greater stacked effect than Gray is.

Fire Magic - Jack can draw forth and control fire. Often used to infuse his sword, he can also generate great blasts, as well as more controlled, complex motions.

Dancing Flame - A technique often used in cooperation with Gray’s Dancing Lightning. Swordplay and Fire Magic are used together to enhance agility and force. His attack focuses on slashing the target in great succession, each slash leaving the target with a blast of fire.

Telepathy - Jack has a simple grasp on telepathy. He is able to use it to speak to people, but he isn’t advanced enough to use it for mind battles.


Name: Alice

Title (nickname): The Apple Bearer

Time on Parallel (in years): Unknown

Location (at RP start): Unknown

Position (guard, ruler, etc.): Wanderer, Plot Device

Appearance (anime picture or two paragraph description): She can always be seen carrying a basket of apples.

History (two paragraph minimum): When and how Alice came into Parallel is unknown to everyone. No one saw her enter, and many wonder if she’s even an inhabitant. All that’s known about her is that she wanders a lot, never staying in one place too long. She was there when many of the Earth’s greatest wars took place, but she never aided in fighting against any monster outbursts.

As of recently, Alice has been seen visiting various inhabitants, particularly those who fight against the aberrations. Her mysterious nature leads to many suspicions, including rumors of her possibly being a spy for Nejire. Such rumors are empty though, as Alice is a neutral being. Her motive is a mystery, but she seems to be more active than usual…

Personality (one paragraph minimum): Alice is a quiet person who rarely speaks unless she has something to say or if someone piques her interest. If she sees someone injured and helpless, she does well to treat them, showing that she does possess a caring nature. She’s a mysterious being who never talks about herself. Not much else is known, as she never interacts with anyone for too long. She does seem to have a peculiar relationship with John Doe though…

Feelings about Parallel (one paragraph): Unknown

Abilities (in Ability - Description format):

World Traveling - Alice is the current wielder of the ability to travel between Earth and Parallel, but no one knows she has it nor has anyone ever seen her use it, aside from John Doe.

Telepathy - Alice has skill in telepathy, but just how much is unknown.

Other Abilities Unknown


Name: John Doe

Title (nickname): The Wanderer

Time on Parallel (in years): Unknown

Location (at RP start): Unknown

Position (guard, ruler, etc.): Wanderer, Plot Device

Appearance (anime picture or two paragraph description): The wings are not apparent unless Flight is active. He also carries a long sword, but this is hidden until called forth.

History (two paragraph minimum): John Doe is as mysterious in his origins as Alice is. His interactions with others makes him seem very active. He hangs out with those who fight aberrations and even engages aberrations alongside them when he’s interested. He seems to choose favorite people sometimes and will often follow them for quite some time before randomly deciding to leave.

John Doe holds himself in Europe and rarely leaves elsewhere. He’s known by many inhabitants and is quite friendly with everyone. Still, the way he behaves and progresses while not in the company of others would make it seem like the male is searching for something. Perhaps he is…

Personality (one paragraph minimum): John Doe is a calm yet playful person who knows how to have fun. He enjoys his fair share of alcohol but never loses his ability to play the nice guy no matter how drunk he gets. He’s generally a nice person to be around, and he’s always infusing others with a go-getter type attitude. Friendly as he is on the outside, no one knows what motive may be hiding behind that exterior.

Feelings about Parallel (one paragraph): He seems to enjoy being part of it. He likes most of the people, particularly the fighters. He seems to know more about Parallel than most anyone else leads on, but even he seems to have a certain curiosity about it…

Abilities (in Ability - Description format):

Flight - John Doe can call forth wings from his back, which allow him to fly at incredibly fast speeds.

Blade Summoning - John Doe can summon forth a long sword which materializes in his hand by will.

Magic - John seems to possess control over various types of magic. So far, he’s been seen using water and fire.

Telepathy, John possesses the ability of telepathy. To what extent is unknown.

Other Abilities Unknown


Name: Fefe

Title (nickname): Hopper

Time on Parallel (in years): 512,687

Location (at RP start): Shibuya in Japan

Position (guard, ruler, etc.): Leader of Nejire, Plot Device

Appearance (anime picture or two paragraph description): Fefe most often wears a black overcoat with a pink outline and a hood. She’s rather short, being only 4’10”. Under the overcoat is a short sleeve, open, pink jacket. Criss-crossed black and white straps cover her upper chest and her stomach is exposed when the overcoat is not being worn. She also wears a black and white skirt to match the straps over her chest. She can summon forth a scythe with a pink-outlined edge.

History (two paragraph minimum): Fefe came into existence much before modern humans did. This being said, she also came into existence before aberrations started appearing. As there was no need to really teach the other inhabitants how to better hone there abilities, schooling wasn’t as enforced. Fefe was one of those who decided not to attend, and instead decided to train her abilities on her own.

She was an awkward girl for the first few hundred thousand years of her existence, and didn’t make many friends. She preferred to be alone, instead choosing to interact with little creations that she made with stuff she found lying around. She was later able to bring these creations to move as she willed using one of her abilities.

Eventually, aberrations would start appearing. Unlike most other inhabitants, she opted out of fighting them. She chose instead to merely observe their actions, the way they moved and behaved. She took a great interest in these beings, and brought herself to capturing some of them. Fefe went into hiding with her captives and began to examine and study them even further.

When the revelation came that damage done to this world also occurred on Earth, Fefe was ecstatic. She began devising a plan to allow inhabitants to travel freely back and forth between Parallel and Earth. Knowing that such a desire was unpopular, she went about recruiting people in secret. Once she had enough followers, she created the Nejire organization. It was an underground organization whose goal was a mystery. Even to this day, no one but its leader and its members know their motive.

Fefe would remain hidden, not allowing anyone to discover her position as the leader of Nejire. She issued her followers to cause trouble for the other inhabitants. While they went to work stirring things up, she spent more time capturing aberrations, observing them, as well as creating more handmade creations. As of present, Fefe is keeping low while her followers continue their work, waiting for just the right moment to launch her greatest strike against Parallel.

Personality (one paragraph minimum): Fefe is a psychotic being, but she still manages to maintain her rationale. She’s come to enjoy being by her lonesome with her creations, and detests unnecessary interactions with others. She’s quick to grow bored when she isn’t doing anything, and will lash out if it overcomes her. She likes toying with people and has a bit of a superiority complex.

Feelings about Parallel (one paragraph): In her earlier years, Fefe was one to detest being part of Parallel. She blamed her inability to socialize properly with others on its nature, even though it was merely her own social ineptness. Later on, once the appearance of aberrations began, she grew more hateful of how she had to live carefully, even though her abilities were more than enough to aptly defend herself. After learning of the connection between Parallel and Earth, she began contemplating ways to make it possible for her to travel to Earth.

Abilities (in Ability - Description format):

Time-Space Manipulation - Fefe is able to control and distort time and space by pointing at a particular thing or in a general direction with her index finger. As powerful as her ability is, the connection between Earth and Parallel is not weak enough for her to open a portal to Earth.

Scythe Summoning - Fefe is able to summon her scythe at will. She is able to control it from a distance using Time-Space Manipulation.

Telepathy - Fefe has extraordinary telepathic abilities. She can confidently engage a Tsecua in a battle of minds and overpower it. She can also communicate with others on a large scale.

Dancing Rabbit: Fefe’s agility and force receive an immense boost. She faces no exhaustion penalty.

Dance of Death: Combination between Dancing Rabbit and normal scythe attacks. Her speed increases to a point as though she’s teleporting. She attacks in great succession with her scythe. This ability does not stop until the target(s) is/are killed, she wills to stop, or if she is forced to. She faces a great exhaustion penalty, particularly if she is interrupted.

Creationism - Fefe is able to give life to her handmade creations. They have no thoughts or will of their own, and act only on Fefe's will.

Credits to @neuroticapeiron

Aberrations: Void
Void Aberrations
Aberrations listed in general strength order. Aberrations in this category are highly variable though, due to the corrupted energy that flows through them intensely. See Mutations.


The Saer’nai are the smallest of their variety. However, they are never found alone, either travelling in the wake of a larger beast, or forming huge hosts. They resemble a cross between a rat and some sort of insect, but with several inch long blades of living metal replacing front hands. Their carapace is a deep violet.
Saer’nai attack by leaping toward an enemy and lashing out with blades, typically all of them at the same time. The wounds may not be too deep but the blood loss from a horde of Saer’nai will quickly cause bleeding death, and then a swift consumption by the horde as the Saer’nai attempt to gain as much flesh material as possible.
Using traditional weapons against the Saer’nai is very difficult due to their size and agility. Anything with an area effect, such as a shotgun, flamethrower, or something like a shockwave ability will be effective at knocking multiple out but the one who wishes to kill Saer’nai will always need to account for the few that persist.
Alternative terms for the Saer’nai depending on the amount of mutation it has undergone include Saer’qoi and Saer’cyeth. Higher forms of Saer’nai will function as hivemind controllers, but are often impossible to distinguish from the rest of the horde.

[appearance reference: image of Kha’Zix]

The Scythi are the powerful hunters of the void-realm. Travelling alone or with a small host of Saer’Nai, their insectoid forms make them quite fast and agile, while their multiple foot-long blades are enough to cleave through a human. The Scythi also have a hardened purple carapace, with highly toxic blood.
The Scythi prefer stealth and to leap out and decapitate or otherwise instantly kill an approaching enemy. An attack with both blades at once is sure to cause serious damage. They usually act independently but the rare Scythi horde is something akin to the Saer’nai horde from hell.
Killing a Scythi will require either flame, or an excellent knowledge of the weak points in its carapace. They are numerous but difficult to get to, and Scythi agility may cause even bullets to hit a harder spot of carapace rather than a weak point. However, with adequate weapons technology, a Scythi is about equally matched to a single human hunter.


The Kanthorn take an alternate appearance to the majority of voidbeasts: with a hard brown leathery skin rather than a purple or black carapace. The general form of a Kanthorn is somewhat similar to the insectoid form of the Scythi, but with a larger yet variable number of front limbs that terminate in spikes. The spinal ridge of the Kanthorn is often also covered in spikes. Another unique aspect of the Kanthorn is that the spikes are bone rather than the typical void-steel.
Kanthorn are somewhat uncommon, usually created specifically by a higher being to bring support to a large horde of beasts. The easiest way for one to attack is with the spikes/claws on their limbs, but it is also possible for for a Kanthorn to suddenly extend their bodily spikes, impaling anyone who gets too close. The bone spikes absorb blood and organic matter by pseudo-osmosis, making touching them in any way a deadly proposition but also allowing the Kanthorn to regenerate and mutate further with every kill.
Killing a Kanthorn should be done with a large amount of burst-fire to quickly get past their hardened skin and bypass their swift regeneration. Getting within three meters of a Kanthorn is not recommended. Also, keep in mind that while fire will absolutely destroy a lesser beast, the Kanthorn is near immune to heat and cold, even magically produced. Combat shields are also an option, provided they are strong enough to stop bone spikes. Only the most seasoned of fighters will be able to take down a Kanthorn solo, although a well-coordinated large group should have no problem.

Tsecua are not typically seen as “monsters” per se; rather, they are a sort of empty spirit. Visually, the tsecua appears to be a cross-legged human silhouette encased within a sphere of lightly coloured crystal. The tsecua have telepathic abilities to the extreme, managing at times a range of up to 150 metres and able to kill the mentally unguarded from up to 15 metres. They are rather uncommon, but will often appear at the core of a medium-sized horde. Because of their telepathy they are never forced to act alone. Tsecua are highly intelligent and strategic.
Tsecua will typically attack through their thralls -- with energy, a tsecua can create a rift which will bear forth monsters. However, if forced to, the Tsecua can take control of, kill, or simply drive someone mad. Direct telepathy onto human entities is consuming of the Tsecua’s energy, however.
Tsecua are nigh indestructible using purely physical weapons. The reason is that the Tsecua does not exist fully in any plane of existence, but rather creates its own plane as it moves throughout the plane its image exists in. Therefore, to kill a tsecua one must meet telepathy with telepathy, and force the Tsecua to destroy itself. It is of course possible to kill one with conventional weaponry, but most who have tried quit their attempt after a few bombs.

[appearance reference: image of Ultralisk]
Ulkai are massive creatures, with immense crescent-shaped blade-tusks and appendages. Their weight is enough to cause small earthquakes, and the blades will cleave through nearly anything, including buildings, barricades, and pretty much anything else that isn’t a mountain. They appear slow (and do have a low acceleration) but with can reach very high speeds, making them very dangerous in many aspects. The carapace of the Ulkai is dark purple, black, or brown, and can be over a metre thick in some places. It is almost a consistent covering, with spaces at joints (the stronger ones re-form their carapace as they move to keep a consistent covering) and randomly distributed weak points where the carapace may be only about 10 centimetres, but typically about 25.
The Ulkai attacks with the blades, with its tremendous weight, or both. they can be used as rams or instruments of slaughter. Luckily, given their size, it is easy for them to miss a small human target -- but all but the fastest vehicles will be crushed or cut in half.
Killing an Ulkai relies on finding the weak points in its carapace: a near impossible endeavour without some sort of 3d imaging (which sometimes may even be clouded by a nearby Tsecua). Thus, fighting the Ulkai typically relies on brute force -- wearing down the beast one shell at a time until it crashes to the ground, causing a minor earthquake. This takes a massive resource expenditure, but luckily the appearance of Ulkai is quite rare. The trick is to aim for the head or the mouth, at least for those that have not mutated additional armouring.
Psanto (esoteric knowledge)
The Psanto is, excepting some miracle of mutation, by far the most powerful of void aberrations. The Psanto is the collapse of space manifest. Similar to Tsecua in appearance, it appears more shrouded and distant, and often gives onlookers the feeling of wrongness.
On the basic level, the Psanto’s abilities are basically that of a Tsecua amplified. The Psanto exists in the physical world however. It can thus exert its huge dimensional influence over the space around it. A direct physical attack might consist of scrambling all the atoms in an attacker’s body, or creating into existence a new object in the same place as the attacker, entirely destroying the coherence of their body structure and creating an obstruction for any following attackers. Causing more catastrophic events is not outside the power of a Psanto. It will however require energy for the Psanto to do such things. The Psanto is not contained within its own energy system like the Tsecua, so it must draw energy from external sources. Spending a year or so drawing energy from a star could do the trick, as could drawing energy from more mystical sources such as the life-force of plants and other living organisms or from the convergence of ley lines and magical ambience. The Psanto is limited only by its energy reserves, and it can draw large amounts just from the life-force contained in the space around it: a Psanto performing a particularly intensive ability may cause mass death in a kilometer radius, or merely the corruption of all nearby life into aberrations, serving thenceforth the will of the Psanto. The Psanto clearly possess immense intelligence and potency, so there is no way to express all the possibilities of the Psanto’s power. However, a short list must suffice.

Scrambling: The Psanto scrambles the particles in an area causing a loss of cohesion. This is equivalent to applying a noise filter to the quantum information of the area.
Creation/Destruction: The Psanto brings an object into or out of existence. Cannot be done to living things as they are too heavily anchored to existence.

Nullifying: The Psanto draws energy from an area, dampening the potential for other forms of energy to exist in that area. Dampens magic as well.

Spacebending: The Psanto folds space between two zones, causing an overlap where two spaces exist as one. This has utility both for destruction and transportation.

Telepathy: The Psanto has the telepathic abilities of the Tsecua immensely amplified.

Aberration: Assuming a source of energy the Psanto can create and thenceforth control Aberrations.

Catastrophe: The Psanto creates a major disruption in energy, causing natural disaster.

Reflection: The Psanto creates a reflection of itself which it can act through. Attempting to trace the energy signal of the original Psanto’s exploits will lead to the reflection. Without destroying the reflection it is impossible to discern the identity of the original Psanto.

Corruption: The Psanto twists and perverts the energy of a being, mutating it into an aberrant being serving the Psanto. The higher the form of life, the harder this action is to perform.

Planeshifting: The Psanto can create its own temporary plane of existence. Keep in mind that the Psanto cannot exist between planes like the Tsecua and that these planes are entropic in nature, meaning the Psanto can not get more energy out of a plane than it has put in. Psanto-planes will thus be of finite magnitude.
This deserves its own section because some forms of mutations are more common than others. Some of the most common or easiest to form will be listed here, as well as what sort of beings they could apply to. Keep in mind that with these sorts of aberrant beings anything is possible, even beings entirely out of the listed categories. This is more of a set of idea-seeds for mutated beings rather than a set list of possible mutations to be applied directly. “No recorded instance” is not a forbiddance but merely additional information as to what is common. Tsecua and Psanto do not mutate per se but their minds can develop and evolve, which is akin to mutation.

Telepathy. Applies to all (telepathic beings can improve or extend telepathy)
Telepathy with similar beings is easier, as well as with less complex beings. Void aberrations naturally form hierarchical relationships.
Saer telepathic hierarchy is typically just Saer’nai/Saer’cyeth but in technical speech the intermediates Saer’ktah, Saer’sen, and Saer’qoi are sometimes (infrequently) used, making the full sequence Saer’ktah < Saer’nai < Saer’sen < Saer’qoi < Saer’cyeth. (technical/uncommon knowledge)
Large numbers of similarly powerful telepathic beings without a definite hierarchy have the potential to rarely form a sort of super neural net. This is a force to be reckoned with, but can actually be destroyed by introducing a more powerful telepathic aberration.
Shapeshifting. Applies to Scythi, Kanthorn, Ulkai generally; Saer* rarely
Without a huge amount of intelligence and focus, this will generally be more instinctual shapeshifting, such as regeneration, combat optimization of the body, or the rearrangement of protective carapace as a more heavily armoured being (typically Ulkai) moves.
No recorded instances of the mimicry of earth life. It is perhaps beyond aberration understanding/capacity.
Some Scythi and Kanthorn will absorb materials and add them to their body, eventually becoming very far removed from the original designation of Scythi or Kanthorn and becoming something else entirely.
Flight. Applies to Saer*, Scythi, Kanthorn generally, (Ulkai very rarely: esoteric knowledge)
Being will typically grow wings but for those connected to a magical channel, the ability may be a sort of instinctual levitation.
Appearance is bug-like for Saer* and Scythi, bat-like for Kanthorn, and variable shape for Ulkai.
Flying Ulkai are so large in size that lifting off the ground would take them into what is technically space in a short period of time. Thus the ability is extremely uncommon.
Tsecua/Psanto can already hover, increasing their height at will albeit at an energy cost.
Intelligence. Applies to all (intelligent beings can improve their intelligence generally or in certain areas)
Telepathy and intelligence are a powerful combination. Intelligence also gives a being hierarchical priority.
No recorded instance of a Saer*/Scythi/Kanthorn/Ulkai surpassing the intelligence of a Tsecua, or of a Tsecua surpassing a Psanto. Of course this would be near impossible to detect.
More intelligent beings often take control over their own mutation and thus end up with more efficiency overall.
Magick. Applies to all (magical beings can improve their magical connection or extend their power)
Nonmagical entities typically use more unorthodox forms of magic such as enhancing the force of their muscles.
The possession of a magical channel opens up many mutation possibilities.
A good combination with intelligence.
Tsecua/Psanto often act through magically mutated underlings in order to shroud their identity.
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