From The Other Side: Parallel World RP

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red NOTE: Looking for people who are confident with their writing skills and may be willing to play multiple characters (which isn't required, but highly recommended)

Hello, all. I'm looking for people that would be interested in participating in a roleplay that takes place in a world parallel to Earth. On this world, monsters are a common appearance, and damage done to this world also damages Earth (I.e. destroy the Empire State Building on Parallel [the world's name], and the Empire State Building on Earth will collapse).

The people of Earth don't know about Parallel, but the people of Parallel (of which the population is much lower) do know about Earth and their world's connection to it. The inhabitants of Parallel, who look just like humans, have special abilities that enable them to combat and defeat these aberrations (monsters). Some may choose to defend both worlds, and some may choose to work to destroy them. The choice is up to you.

The OOC thread is linked below. I'd like to ask anyone who may be interested to ask any questions they may have in the OOC thread so others with interest can see them.
Not open for further replies.