From the eyes of Umbrella

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  1. Helicopter blades chopping through the air without effort sounded in the distance. The black helicopter blending in with the night sky, devastation below of burning buildings, cars, and even people. This was the most recent outbreak of Umbrella's newest virus and it seemed to be working effectively. That was until he BSAA decided to jump in and make a small stronghold in the Northern side of Minaba City. They are currently forming a cure for this virus and from their recent reports, they are making a breakthrough and getting close to ending this virus.

    Mr. Death, Grim Reaper, or commonly known as H.U.N.K was sent on the mission of retrieving the cure and killing all of the Scientists. He was Umbrella's top Field Agent and was even awarded the name Mr. Death because no matter how suicidal the mission is, he always returns. Alpha Team was reformed after the Umbrella incident, and of course HUNK was chosen to lead this new squad once more into the thick of it all and retrieve the cure.

    //Mission Report

    //Alpha Team Leader -- Agent H.U.N.K

    //Updating. . .

    This mission requires the utmost care. You are FORBIDDEN from destroying the cure as our plans are to take the cure and reverse their technology and make the virus stronger. You are the only one to know about this plan Agent. Your team is to be kept in the dark about everything.

    Kill ALL Scientists. None may survive. Even if you destroy their notes, they will retain some knowledge about the cure and try and reform it in another lab. We only have ONE chance at this. Don't screw it up.

    "Alright team, our objective is to go in. Kill the scientists and retrieve the cure, simple as that. Listen to me and you will make it out of this." HUNK was clear on the instructions to his team, looking at them through the helmet that he wore. It was an old gas mask, and his uniform was unique. It was basically his signature look.

    His last squad decided to grow a conscious and do what was "right" rather than progressing through the world like Umbrella was formed to do. Umbrella was the future, the one that would make the Perfect World. The response from his team was grim silence as none of them spoke, or at the moment. One may speak up, if they feel brave. They all knew about HUNK's past. The only one to ever return from any mission, no matter how many originally came with him.

    And no one knows how HUNK survives.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.