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  1. One moment.

    Really, that was all it took. You blink your eyes, or even keep them wide open, for that one moment... And the whole world can go to complete and utter hell around you. It doesn't matter how aware you are, how much training you've gone through, or even how strong or smart you are - no, the world doesn't give a damn about that crap. It'll do whatever the heck it wants, with the help of a group of people with intentions and will. Even if they were bad ones.

    Winter Schnee had learned this the hard way.

    Nothing had been the same since Vale was attacked. Nothing. Ozpin was still missing, the beast frozen atop Beacon Tower remained, Grimm kept coming nonstop no matter how many they killed or drove off... And even Qrow, himself- the one who had stood up to take Ozpin's place until he was back -, was nowhere to be found. All of it was enough to have everyone more than a little panicked, and even Winter suffered concern and anxiety over the matter. She had insisted on helping in Qrow and Ozpin's place, doing extra work, and even just being permitted to go out and search for both of the missing males - but each time, her requests were denied, leaving her increasingly aggravated and frustrated.

    So, there she was - stuck tending to maintaining safety and a common patrol in Vale to assure that any Grimm that managed to get in were quickly dispelled. Often, meetings were called in secret as they had been before, namely consisting of Glynda, Ironwood, and herself. Now, the main matter of discussion was where to search for the two missing males, how to prepare for whatever was being planned by the dastards that had attacked Vale in the first place. And, finally, how to split up their resources.

    There was always a sense of underlying gloom and darkness in the air of such meetings, now. Not that there hadn't been, before - but it was much more prominent, now. Like they all knew it was almost impossible for things to get any worse. Even the schooling of students had been forced to come to a stop, leaving them with no new Huntsman or Huntresses being trained. Truly, Vale had never been this low.

    These were all things that came to the mind of Winter as she stood with Ironwood and Glynda behind closed doors, with the two of them discussing where to extend their search to next. It was almost frustrating to hear, at this point - if they would just send her out, she'd be able to find the two in a heartbeat, she was sure.

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  2. Even behind closed doors, the two still managed to be distinct. Ironwood's rough voice, carrying the air of authority as only a seasoned general could. Glynda's softer but no less stern voice, used to lecturing and disciplining rowdy students. Both of them at a loss, things set into motion. Bad things. Oz missing, the threat they collectively faced still hanging over their heads like an unseen shadow. Still, they had their advantages. An ace in the hole.

    He stopped just short of the door, taking a swig of his flask before speaking through the door. "I hear Haven's nice this time of year!"
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  3. To say that the words ringing from just outside the door weren't enough to bring all conversation in the room to a halt would be a blatant lie. It was like everything had simply frozen for a few seconds - save for Winter going rigid and a few stunned looks being exchanged. But mere moments later, things sprung back to life, starting with the female standing at attention near the door turning to abruptly yank said door open, her sharp eyes ready to scrutinize the man standing there. And oh, was she mad to see him there.

    "Just where on Earth have y--"

    There was no chance for her to finish. Glynda had wasted no time in cutting in on what likely would have been Winter chewing out the Huntsman, though Ironwood himself stayed silent. "Qrow. It's about time.. Are you alright?" Surely he was alright - he was drinking just fine. Regardless, it looked like the woman was going for an easy approach before she would be pressing him for anything.​
  4. [​IMG]

    "Good to see ya too, ice queen." He deadpanned, sauntering right in around her and closing the door with his shoe, eyes flitting to Glynda. "Alright? Tch. Are any of us alright? Really, truly alright? Nah. I'm no different. Not yet anyway."
  5. Qrow's response was taken with great annoyance by the heiress, and she didn't hesitate to shoot the male a look as he made his way by, but she knew better than to start anything. Besides, in complete truth, she didn't want to or intend to. All she wanted was answers. Wasn't that what all of them wanted, really? Answers and peace.

    A small sigh came from Glynda, who frowned faintly and shook her head in response. But in no way was she short of questions or words. "I suppose you have a point. And just where have you been? Things haven't exactly been a walk in the park with both you and Ozpin missing." ​
  6. "You don't need to remind me. Saw enough proof of that atop the tower or what was left of it. I confirmed Pyrrha Nikos is gone. After that, I brought both my nieces home to Patch. Both had fallen unconscious, one with a major wound. Hell, they're both just kids, ya know. Easy to forget that sometimes when they're so adept in the field, but that's what they are. It's not their place just yet, but they tried. Taking on more than just the Grimm, full of youthful optimism. Even now, after everything...not even three minutes after waking up, away from that mess, Ruby looks at me with those wide, silver eyes and asks how she could help." Qrow smirked, chuckling. "Like we needed further proof that she's special. I told her to rest, gave her just enough of a hint to give her direction when the time comes. And Yang..." He sighed. "Well, they both just need time. That's where I was."


    "So. What's the plan?"

  7. Well, anyone who tried to say that this wasn't a fair response or a good reason to vanish likely lacked even an ounce of sympathy. Even Winter- the ice queen, herself -respected this. Perhaps this was merely due to the fact that her own sister had also insisted upon staying and doing everything she could to help, even if she'd had the chance swept away from under her by their father. "Well, it's certainly good to hear they'll be alright," came a response from Goodwitch, though she seemed solemn. "As heartwarming as it is, though, we aren't without other concerns. Ozpin is still missing, we aren't aware of the status of the thief that took Amber's powers, and it isn't exactly as though we can continue training new Huntsmen and Huntresses in this state," she droned on.


    "As for a plan, well... I'd hope you would have one, Mr. Branwen."
  8. "I was afraid you'd say that. What else can we do, aside from continuing as we always have? Fighting the good fight. We lost Beacon, sure. But schools are easily replaced. The other three academies will just have to be enough. And Oz...well. Just picking up where he left off. Torchwick bit the big one, though a lot remains uncertain among them. What I do know is that what remains of the enemy's trail led to Haven."
  9. There was a small pause before the Huntress gave a small nod showing her approval. "If that's what you propose we do. I'll contact the other headmasters and see what can be done." Taking a moment to straighten her glasses, the staff member continued. "While Remnant might be safe from Torchwick, I fear it's safe to say we've got bigger things to worry about. If Haven's where those things lie plotting, well, time can't be wasted in preparing for what's to come."


    "Repairs are being done on the ships and.. soldiers, that were able to be salvaged," Ironwood added in, his hands clasped neatly behind his back. "I'll keep my men here until things are running smoothly again." This earned something of a look from Glynda, but no objection was made by the woman.​
  10. "Mhm." His eyes rested on the elder Schnee. "And you? Being pretty quiet there, for a Schnee."
  11. The immediate response to this was an annoyed glare. "As much as I appreciate your dry attempt at what I assume is supposed to be humor... I don't," the heiress replied, head held high. "But, for a basic... Starting, point, I suppose I have no qualms with what's been said. However, I hold belief that I would be better suited out searching for--"

    "Schnee, we have discussed this."

    "...Yes, sir."
  12. He just tilted his head slightly right, gaze shooting between the two military individuals. "Little late to play hush hush now, don't ya think General?" Qrow questioned with a knowing smile, swishing his flask. "Wanna fill me in? Not gonna stop asking, easier to just come right out and say it. I won't bite."
  13. [​IMG]

    Even if it was good to have Qrow back in the long-run, it didn't mean that he was any less of a pain in the butt. Especially for the general. "Simple. It's quite clear we should keep our major resources here. An occasional search party performed by experienced personnel is one thing, but don't we all know what the result of making a habit of doing such would be."

    In other words, Winter thought, you don't think I'm experienced enough to try to find him myself.
  14. "Is it? Is it really that clear? Look what we had. We had you, General. All your men and ships and mechs. The staff of Beacon Academy, Oz, Glynda, Barty, Peter. I was here, practically an army of huntsman and huntresses in training were here too, for the tournament. All that and the end result? We lost Oz, Pyrrha, Penny, Amber...hell, Beacon itself. Ozpin's more than just a major resource, Jimmy. The game has changed. Things have been set in motion, things outside of our control. We failed. Everyone in this room, the other two headmasters. But there's still hope. My niece, bless her. I've set her on a path. I don't know how it'll turn out, but I have faith." Qrow sighed, sorry that the time had come. Ruby's still so young. A child. He knew it was a role she wouldn't have forever but it still felt far too soon. With the real threat almost no one knew about.

    "I'll be keeping my eye on her. And what's more...I ain't one of your soldiers. No orders for me, plus I've already done scout work. No reason not to continue with it." He shot a glance over to Winter. "How bout you, ice queen? Up to it?"
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  15. It was probably safe to say that Qrow had just given James Ironwood quite the metaphorical bitch slap right there. Winter, though, once again seemed to have no problem with correcting Qrow when he so casually addressed the man. "General."

    Out of all of the things said, it was impossible to determine just what got to the man the most. Be it the mention of their failure, his armies doing little, or even the mention of Penny. Regardless, he made his best attempt to stay composed. "You think I don't understand that? That's exactly why it isn't wise to throw everything we've got left right to the enemy doorstep."

    Pinching the bridge of her nose was Glynda, who seemed fairly annoyed. "Might I suggest the dropping of your quarrels? This is not kindergarten, and we haven't the time for unfounded tension."

    On the other hand, Winter was a bit genuinely surprised with how highly and fondly Qrow was speaking of her sister's former team leader. Being as she'd never really experienced the praise, or witnessed the praising of her sister, from their family, it just seemed odd. But that was hardly the point. No, for now, Qrow had nailed the point quite well. And, in the process? Maybe even given Winter herself a hand. So, naturally, her answer was readied long before he even had the chance to ask. "Of course I am," she confirmed with confidence, returning Qrow's gaze with sharp blue eyes. "As if there's anything you're capable of that I am not." Except for drinking a bunch and flirting probably
  16. "Whatever."
    "Where was all this arguing for restraint before, hmm? You brought your army here, with your little ships and your robot soldiers, including one you made look like a little girl for whatever reason. Where was the restraint then?"
    "You're right on that. The people trying to make our world worse off, they're not taking breaks. So how can we?"
    "Oh I can think of a few things."

  17. Winter's annoyance with his dismissal was clear, but she knew better than to keep arguing it. It'd be like trying to teach a newborn manners.

    Clearly, the Huntsman had struck a nerve with the general, at this point. His hands that were neatly clasped behind his back tightened, his forehead creasing and eyes hardening with annoyance. "Listen, I--"


    Such was the all-too-familiar sound of a certain blonde's riding crop, slamming against the wood of a desk. "That's enough. Both of you. Mistakes were made in the past, yes, but the most we can do to mend those mistakes is prepare for the future." The fact he'd been chewed out seemed humiliating to the general, who gave a reluctant nod and shut his mouth.


    "It's quite doubtful such thoughts are at all accurate."
  18. "Ya think so?" Qrow replied, a tad too sincere.​
  19. The question earned an eye roll, as though the question might as well have come from a mindless child. "If I didn't believe it, do you truly think I'd have said it?" she deadpanned, though his sincerity had her a tad wary. ​
  20. "A Schnee ice queen? Yeah." He retorted with only the slightest of hesitation.​
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