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Legends of the Phoenix have been broad and vague. Books tell about a red phoenix of fire, that was a beautful creature. It's life cycle was 1000 years before it would die, turn to ash and leave an egg that would take 100 years to hatch.

A poem told by bards: THE PHOENIX

He knows his time is out! and doth provide
New principles of life; herbs he brings dried
From the hot hills, and with rich spices frames
A Pile shall burn, and Hatch him with his flames.

On this the weakling sits; salutes the Sun
With pleasant noise, and prays and begs for some
Of his own fire, that quickly may restore
The youth and vigor, which he had before.
Whom soon as Phoebus * spies, stopping his rays

He makes a stand, and thus allays his pains......
He shakes his locks, and from his golden head,
Shoots on bright beam, which smites with vital fire

The willing bird; to burn is his desire.
That he may live again; he's proud in death,
And goes in haste to gain a better breath.
The spice heap fired with celestial rays
Doth burn the aged Phoenix, when straight stays
The Chariot of the amazed Moon; the pole
Resists the wheeling, swift Orbs, and the whole
Fabric of Nature at a stand remains.
Till the old bird anew, young begins again.

Another story said the Phoenix is a mythical bird thought to be the servant of the sun god. It lives in the East, close to a cool well. Each morning at dawn, it would bathe in the water and sing such a beautiful song that the sun god stopped his chariot to listen. Only one Phoenix exists at any one time which makes it a solitary bird. When the Phoenix feels its death approaching every 500 years, it would build a nest and set it on fire, and was consumed by flames. After it was burned, a new Phoenix sprang forth from the pyre. The new Phoenix then embalmed the ashes of its predecessor in an egg of myrrh and flew with it to the City of the Sun.

Another story even tells that the Phoenix may even turn into a person.

Rumor have risen recently about a bone of a phoenix being found. Usually rumors like this spread all the time and end up disipating in the wind because they are not true. However the rumor seems to have set the people of authority in unease. Yesterday in the middle of the square of Kerul, a mere peasent displayed a scene, running through screaming "I have found the bone of a phoenix, it has the scorch marks to prove it!"

The following day the peasent was found dead by his wife and the skull missing. More rumors are spreading that the king took it, another rumor is an evil mage. Over the next few days another rumor spread that messengers with guards have been sent out from the castle.

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