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  1. Heya guys! Furasian AKA Cartwright here bringing out an old Metro 2033 inspired RP I worked on in a different site. With the words of another friend of mine I've decided to give it a shot here. So.. Welcome to From the Ashes

    From The Ashes...

    Washingon DC, VA​
    In 2013 after the missile crisis in the middle east, the major powers of the world waged world war three, the war that ended almost everything that was known to man. It wasn't exactly known who shot first, but regardless nobody won the war.
    It had been 15 years since the bombs were dropped and the world was engulfed in death. The population of man that used to be in the billions, now diminished to a few thousand people who would try and survive throughout the aftermath. Most of those were people who hid away in the tunnels of the metro stations all over the world, from Moscow to DC. They now in their different conditions face off against monsters, nightmares, and anomalies alike as well as themselves.
    As time went by, the freezing temperatures and the irradiated cloud seemed to have passed away. While some snow was present, and the dirt had not yet been discovered, it was the first step to recovery and the stage for a new beginning. Brave individuals over time started to leave the stations to find a home in the new barren world while the 'endless winter' over time seemed to be subsiding. In this world, one's actions could make the difference between a bright, and a dark future.
    There ya have it folks! Welcome to the post apocalyptic RP 'From the Ashes' with an anthro touch to it. This RP does have it where you can venture on the surface, but there is a heavy influence on the metro system. Before we can go on, here is a map! ((YOU AS THE RPer HAVE AN INFLUENCE HERE. Want a station to be a settlement? Just point out and hollar!))
    Metro Map
    ((Thanks to Wayne for relieving me of this complicated stuff XD))
    The Communists would probably be based at Stadium-Armory and control most of if not all the stations on the east side of the Anacostia River. There are minor skirmishes between the communists and the skinheads, but there is definitely a conflict between this group of people and the military organization.
    A KKK faction would probably be based at Rosslyn station. The Nazi skinheads would probably be disorganized and scattered all along the Red Line running from Farragut North to Shady Grove.
    -With hate parties around there was definitely gangs/groups of people with more organization than others. Some have even managed to create a prison to round up their captures so to execute them.. Most of these gangs are nick named 'kill squads' since they have no intention to rob but to simply kill those who are deemed impure according to their values.
    The population would likely be focused on Metro Center, Union Station, Mount Vernon Square, Gallery Place, L'Enfant Plaza, and the stations around them. The stations pretty much work under a city-state gig, but at times they barely aid/communicate with each other unless something serious happens.
    The Pentagon might be controlled by remnants of the pre-apocalypse military of the United States, or at least descended from the US military. Over time they've come to be nicknamed 'the patriot' for their ties to the old country and their way of politics. While accepting refugees and occasionally lending a helping hand, they are not able to aid everyone who comes for help. There is a link between them and rangers, but the military faction is not the previously stated rangers.
    King Street and Fort Totten would be the other big settlements, and they'd probably be independent as well. One of them might even the main population center for an anthro-exclusive faction. Every other station is fair game for making either big settlements, small settlements, raider camps, mutant nests, or just abandoned. ((Wanna make your own settlement? Take a spot my friend!))
    Keep in mind there is a more quiet faction lurking around known by many things; Rangers, marshalls, etc... To other factions they can be a kill on sight target or a source of aid... Depending on their values! There is no exact location that is known, but their presence is known.

    The Outsider's Faction (open)

    "It just stared at me with that unblinking, metallic face, then, as soon as it had appeared, it was gone...."
    There have been rumors floating around of strange figures seen at a distance, picking through the rubble as if in search of something on the surface. There hasn't been any confirmed reports of their presence nor any evidence they are interested in the others that are located in the metro system. Some speculate some new group of survivors infiltrating the area while others claim they are death drones sent from the US Government to punish a certain faction. Whoever they are or whatever they are, they seem to be well armed, very well equipped, and seem to vanish without a trace.
    A faction made by one of our roleplayers! Interested in being associated with it? Feel free to pm me or pm @SqL Constantia Harvey ! ((Unless I am told to stop sending people to Harvey then.. Sorry I will correct myself!))

    Now, ze rule stuff! Uugh.. Do I have to put up rules?
    Rules (open)

    CO:GM- Stryder
    1. No arguing, flaming, or any of that hate on this OOC. If there is an issue confront your local GM and or CoGM to resolve it!
    2. No God modding, and no gary/mary sues gibberish whatever. Your character has skills! But they are NOT the all knowing being sent to this earth.. That's where teamwork might come into play!
    3. The posts will be limited in most situations. Lets not make it a 1x1 rp, eh?
    4. There can and might be a fear factor in place for this RP. There are monsters and evil things out there! BE AFRAIIID~
    5. I as the GM shall claim the GM Spot and say I have the ability to alter/change/you know.. Enforce ze rules!
    6. Any Ideas will be taken! Just PM then or pop them up in the OOC ^.^
    7. Keep in mind of ze Iwaku rules!

    And finally: The Cs!
    CS (open)

    Faction Alignment (Optional to say Unaffiliated)):
    Skills and Talents: ((Looks like Artyom won't be the only one with the gift to resist ze dark ones))
    Equipment And Weapons:
    Location: ((Put 'with the flames' if you wish to be with a plot lead by the GM instead of a free roam.. Eventually everyone finds a spot, though ^.^))
    Other things! Yay!:

    Some suggestions/guidelines/tips/whatever (open)

    1. Its quite common for a survivor to bring a gas mask. While the environment has changed there are some areas that require a gas mask in order to survive.
    2. Medical kits are always handy!
    3. Flashlights. Most portable lights in the metro 2033 world have a hand cranked recharge.
    4. Know who you are, and know who might hate your appearance or identity.
    5. IT is still cold! You'll find that very few settlements are in a warm location inside the station. With that being said: wood and food for fire is scarce, so there is at times a conflict for such valuable resources, and there is a trade system out there consisting of surface dwellers and business associated traders.
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  2. First

    Name: Marcus Avery
    Age: 21
    Faction Alignment (Optional to say Unaffiliated)): Unaffiliated
    History: Brother to Cassius, Marcus Avery is most the soft spoken one out of the two, he and his brother share very different pasts. All he had know since his youth was the hellish embrace of the apocalypse surrounding him. At the age of 6 Marcus was made an orphan, his parents being executed in front of him, To their misfortune, these survivors were slave drivers, they took him and his brother, both were taken their separate ways. (I'd like to keep the rest TBR)
    Skills and Talents: Marcus is a skilled practitioner of Systema as well as Sambo and Krav Maga, making him a dangerous hand to hand opponent. As well as being gifted in the fighting arts, he is an adept practitioner of espionage and hunter.
    Equipment And Weapons: Silenced H&K USP MATCH with 12 rounds in the magazine, not counting the one in the chamber, as well as two spare mas only half full. M50 GAS MASK
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Location: ((Put 'with the flames' if you wish to be with a plot lead by the GM instead of a free roam.. Eventually everyone finds a spot, though ^.^))
    Other things! Yay!:
    Name: Cassius Avery
    Age: 23
    Faction Alignment (Optional to say Unaffiliated)): Unaffiliated
    History: Brother to Marcus, Cassius Avery is somewhat of a force to be reckoned with, he and his brother share very different pasts. However he and his sibling had gone through life within the only world they had known, an apocalypse. The ill-tempered brother had always been brutal and blunt when it came to most things, especially other survivors, showing his distrust to others with little care for their opinion. Cassius was orphaned at the age of 10, his parents being executed in front of him, his brother bearing witness as well. To their misfortune, these survivors were slave drivers, they took he and his brother, both were taken their separate ways. (I'd like to keep the rest TBR)
    Skills and Talents: Cassius is skilled in the military self defense art of Combatives as well as his own improvised fighting style.
    Equipment And Weapons: M50 GAS MASK
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Location: ((Put 'with the flames' if you wish to be with a plot lead by the GM instead of a free roam.. Eventually everyone finds a spot, though ^.^))
    Other things! Yay!:
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  3. Name: Wilson Fillmoore
    Age: 28
    Faction Alignment: Ranger
    History: Wilson was a young teen of a single mother ((His father leaving upon the realization that Wilson had the genes of his anthromorphic mom instead of his dad)) when the bombs dropped and destroyed the old world. Like many others he with his only mother stayed in the metro and survived throughout the aftermath like any other typical station inhabitant. That was all before the social conflicts and the wars started exploding and factions were formed. He lost his mother to a raid on his station two years into the apocalypse and that left him alone where he fled with a group of survivors. There, a man took him under his wing and introduced him to caravan guard. It was then, over time, the child became a man, and soon the opportunity came for him to be something more.
    When the surface started becoming more safe the anthromorph found himself venturing out in order to salvage and find things to better his life. At the time he was only armed with a .44 revolver, but when he came across a group of bandits overwhelming a group of traders like the ones he had spent most of his life standing guard for he stepped in and started to conduct an ambush that turned the shootout to the favor of himself and those he had stood up for. That moment a strange individual had joined him, one wearing armor and weilding an assault rifle. They fought till the end, and when the smoke settled those who survived went their way, leaving the fox and the stranger be. That was when the stranger gave him an offer: to leave the caravan life to step into the ranger life. The details of the fight were unknown, and the only one who knows the truth is Wilson himself.
    Skills and Talents: Firearms training and maintinence ((Moderate)), uncanny reaction time (Pretty much speed and agility), Sanity discipline You will see hear things, see things, and feel things, but remember who you are in the end. ((Slight resistance against unnatural influences if such an thing were to happen))
    Equipment And Weapons: .44 Revolver ((Fully loaded, 20 spare rounds)) Old Combat Knife, First Aid Kit, Lighter, Flashlight. Ak47 modeled rifle, nicknamed 'the Kalash' in the apocalypse. ((5.56 rifle, magazines are usually created by weapon manufacturers and traders.)) Gasmask, Kevlar vest ((For low caliber weapons)) ((Full mag, two empty mags, and three 5.56 bullets rolling around in his jacket pockets, Utility belt holding most of his items, satchel ((For whatever he finds))
    Appearance: Image for Reference As a mix of two anthromorphic breeds ((Like his mother)) The anthro had the body of a wolf, but the tail and ears of a fox. That also left a mixture of colors instead of one dominate color ((Like the image, showing a black upper and a gray lower muzzle)) HE wears a heavy jacket a long with a vest that is bullet resistant. On his neck are a pair of dogtags with a unique symbol, one that identifies him with the faction he is aligned with. The Symol on the dog tags ((Dont mind ze SoD on the bottom.. This is a game icon ;_;))
    Location: With the flames
    Other things! Yay!: As one of the rangers he is quick to be exposed when he is in a station. For some reason word gets around quick and then trouble comes to slap him in the face... Atleast trouble can be better than bullets, right?
  4. Name: Minami Scrios
    Age: 21
    Faction Alignment: Unaffiliated for now
    History: ( Can't think of anything TwT )
    Skills and Talents: Free-running, Scavenging, Medical skills, Self-defense, Cooking, Martial arts knowledge.
    Equipment And Weapons:
    -Improvised Spear
    -Knife (Hunting knife)
    -One thick rope, 5 thin, shorter rope, one fishing line
    -First-aid kit

    Amazing girl, black hair, red eyes.jpeg

    General attire:
    Awesome girl white hair.jpg

    She wears a bodysuit under her clothing:
    Blonde girl, black bodysuit.jpg

    Location: With the flames I guess
    Other things! Yay!: Minami is in fact a feline-hybrid, but hides her tail under her long coat and her ears under her hood or headwear. She isn't sure what kind of splice she is, though she has tried to find out. Her tail is very long and sleek and her ears are quite large.
    Cute black neko girl.jpg

    Name: Kasai Kinu

    Age: 21

    Personality: A bit cold, often harsh towards people she doesn't know, but can be very caring towards her friends and husband.

    white haired kitsune.jpg


    - Flask
    - Machete
    - Backpack
    - Tarp (to set up tents with and such)
    - 1 thick rope, 3 thinner ropes, 1 fishingline, 1 iron wire.
    - Map (old/beat down)
    - Knife
    - Two sets of brass knuckles, one spiked and one smooth.


    Kasai was born a fox hybrid from a human father and a hybrid mother. Kasai didn't notice it much at first, but her mother would often have bruises and cuts on her father. It wasn't long until Kasai got to witness her father's alcoholism first hand and soon after that he started beating her as well.

    Out of self-preservation and her mother's safety she went out on the streets and learned how go fight there, often getting beaten up. She also found old martial arts books at an old library and learned techniques from it.

    One day after going out she returned home only to find her mother on the verge of dying after one of her father's violent outbursts. She confronted her father and beat him into the hospital, where he died of bloodloss. His blood was unable to clot due to the amount of alcohol in his system, so Kasai didn't feel guilty about it.

    Soon after that her mother recovered and moved in with her sister, afraid to live alone. Kasai left her home and her mother, joining a gang she had come across earlier and roaming the streets as she continued to improve her fighting.

    One day as her gang encountered one of their rivals, Kasai met Agren and though he didn't catch her eye at first she quickly grew a liking to him.

    The thoughts about him were rather distracting for her while she stayed loyal to her gang, but she couldn't help it. One day Kasai saw the man, his eyes locked on hers. She didn't know how to respond at first, but her violent nature for the gang kicked in and she charged at him without saying a word. While he gave her a beating she gave him a nasty beating in return, but that didn't diminish her thoughts for him, and after that day she would start to get closer and closer to this man, despite the relationship they had in the eyes of other metro dwellers. Days passed into a year and the girl became attracted to the boy around the time he started becoming more brave, their hears finally sewn together. Everything lead up to the moment they built a new life, but destroyed their past in the process. The time their lips met Kasai could feel a sense of guilt in her, knowing she betrayed her gang. The bliss that followed the kiss was nothing compared to that violent group of young men and women. This was something that was more mutual with less violence and more emotion, something she hadn't really felt ever since she left her mom. Little did she know, it would come at a price.

    Word drifted through the station, some called it a massacre, others called it justice, but all that was on her mind was her close friend. Was he really the one responsible for this? It would all come to the light though when he confronted her and gave her the ultimatum, which she accepted after leaving her name behind in the station. When they left, she stayed by his side the whole time through their days with the Patriots to the present. Tied to him by marriage, she is willing to move with him into the mercenary life, ready for whatever the merciless wasteland has to throw at them.
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  5. I am so making a black character.
  6. Hello! Welcome to ze RP! Are you interested in participating?
    Make whatever kind of character you wish to make as long as it adheres to ze rules ^.^
  7. Name: Zee Captain (or The Captain)

    Age: 25

    Faction Alignment: Unaffiliated

    History: Though Zee Captain doesn't remember it due to an accident that happened during the dropping of the bombs (which was a chunk of ceiling hitting his/her head from the fallout shelter s/he was in), s/he was the child of a loving mother and father, but lost them in the accident when the bombs were dropped, and when the accident happened s/he lost all memory of them, and his/her past life, not knowing who you are can be a frightening thing, and can destroy someone, but thanks to Zee Captain's overactive imagination new memory's were made up and took place of the lost ones to save what little sanity that was left. Ever since then Zee Captain has been spending most of his/her time wandering the wasteland of Washington DC collecting bit's and bobs to entertain him/herself and rations to keep him/herself alive while luckily avoiding any serous trouble, overtime s/he came across everything that makes up his/her attire and inventory that s/he carries to this day.

    Skills and Talents: though s/he doesn't look it, Zee Captain has incredible aim with both weapons and his/her powerful throwing arm which s/he can use well in hand to hand combat, s/he is slightly adept at lock picking (well mostly just tinkering with locking mechanisms until they do something), has "some" crafting skills, an uncanny reaction time (mostly luck), and for better or worse, Zee Captain is more or less insane, at the very least, fanciful and absent minded, while believing s/he lives in a fantasy realm even though having some grasp on the situation at hand.

    Equipment And Weapons:
    Zee Captain's primary weapon, if it can be called that, is his/her Mug, seemingly filled with endless scalding to scorching hot coffee, tea or water. some suspect the mug to have some sort of built in heater which would explain how the contents on the mug are almost always "warm" with steam rising from it. Zee Captain is rarely seen without his/her mug in hand, ether left or right, mostly his/her left.

    Zee Captain's secondary weapon is a Luger (fully loaded, 8 rounds) this being his/her only real weapon, s/he carry's around roughly 10 to 15 magazines for it at a time

    And of course Zee Captain is never seen without his/her attire, this being a heavy dark grey trench coat, black leather boots and black leather gloves. A shroud, a black gasmask with dual filters and purple goggles obscures his/her face, a bright red scarf wrapped around his/her neck reaching to his/her elbows. A commander's hat rests upon his/her head with a red band around it and a single silver star ornament on the front side, a black satchel (basically everything seen in his/her appearance and other things I've mentioned), and of course everything underneath (black socks, black underwear, black shirt, black pants), including a bullet resistant vest. Zee Captain happens to carry around a small med kit, as well as wind up flashlight, hand grenade lighter, giant fake mustache, a straw to drink through his/her gasmask, an umbrella, binoculars, and finally a multi tool pocket knife.


    Location: With the... Flames?... (I'm not sure, eh-heh-heh.....)

    Other things: Zee Captain has a bit of an identity crises, ever since the accident, s/he can't tell if s/he's a boy or a girl, which is hard for others to tell since s/he rarely takes off his/her attire and his/her gasmask obscures his/her voice, not that s/he ever worries about it, but it can be confusing to others. (Just in case someone asks, Zee Captain is human)

    Zee Captain's Theme:

    If you want me to change anything I'll do so without hesitation :3
    .... well... maybe a little hesitation... and some pouting.... *smiles sheepishly*
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  8. 15-25 magazines? That's a lot ._. Other than that I guess everything checks out. Your character is one quirky but unique person ^.^
  9. I suppose it is a lot... perhaps 10-15 magazines instead? :3

    also, it's accepted? really?! Awesome! X3

    Zee Captain: "onward to adventure!" *points towards the horizon*
  10. Sure why not? If he manages to use up 10-15 magazines before finding more ammunition I'll be flabbergasted
  11. Zee Captain: "a wise someone once said, one can never have enough bullets~"

    it helps to be prepared X3

    also, I found a theme for Zee Captain, I think it suits him/her, I added it to the bottom of his/her CS :3
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  12. Right-o! Well I am going to establish Stryder as a co-gm since he was the one who convinced me to get this RP back up. Hopefully we'll see some more interest and get this show on the road before Winter break is over!
  13. Hey there doll :3

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  14. With that a character list will hopefully be up before the end of the week with the help of this co-gm. I will also try to develop a small spoiler for those who are on the GM path in the roleplay.
  15. yay! X3

    Zee Captain: "Marvelous!~"
  16. Well here's something I've thrown together as a possibility for the start off.

    That small spoiler (open)

    With the conflict between 'patriots' and 'communist' groups a massive group of people have fled from the capitol south station, their goal to reach the metro center where safety is more guaranteed. They aren't the only ones, and now the convoys have been put to a halt for a blockade was spotted on the way to the Smithsonian station. Over time, a group of men had been organized to approach whatever was ahead and after a brief gun battle none had returned. This situation had even drawn the attention of a ranger, but even he can't find the means to punch past this obstruction. Someone will have to round up some people for another go at what the first group had failed to do. The question was: who was crazy enough to plunge into certain death?
  17. Zee Captain: *looks at spoiler* "who's crazy enough to plunge into certain death you ask? why, this young man over here!~" *gestures to a human skeleton sitting in a nearly about to fall apart chair* "look at him!, he's so eager to go!~" *pats skeleton on the back and it falls apart* ".... unfortunately it appears that he's sick... " *looks down to pile of bones*
  18. Indeed. Well the IC of this RP will start off as soon as we get two more characters ((Aside from yours, mine, and Stryder's)) totaling 5 Rpers
  19. Zee Captain: "Splendid!"

    what Zee Captain said :3
  20. *Update* Went ahead and put in a banner seeing as this RP isn't in the spotlight yet. Hopefully people will become interested!
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