From the 5th 'Til the 1st

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  1. Driven by boredom, a girl decided to throw a 26-day-long party to celebrate the month of October, and what she calls "Halloween Season". In a rift in time and space, the party may seem like less time than 26 days, but you know how wacky those space-time rifts can be.

    This is technically a jump-in RP, although a brief description of your character's appearance will be required, see rules for more information.

    1: Follow Iwaku rules

    2: Have Fun

    3: Don't kill anyone without their permission

    4: Don't be a douche

    5: Please give a simple description or picture of your character's appearance, even if your character is a well known fictional character. Please do this in the character's introductory post.

    6: More than one character is welcome
  2. Created IC thread.