From Stealing Icecream to Goldbars

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  1. So here's my burgalar :

    Jacob "Webb" Webster


    Webb is from New Zealand, but he only has a slight accent that he caught on mostly from his parents as he moved out of country when he was seven due to his parent's work. He met the twins after the move. His parents were, and still are, extremely rich so he grew up being one of thosse over-privelaged children with too much time on their hands and enough smarts to know they could cause trouble without having too many consequences.

    Webb has dark brown that's somewhat coffee-colored. His almond shaped eyes are even darker. He has full lips that often get chapped, and his near-constant licking of them never really helps that. His nose is a little flat, and the bridge of it is somewhat wide. He has some dark, black freckles on his cheeks and nose that came mostly from spending time in the sun. His black hair is extremely curly, and always kept shaved down to a buzzcut. He stands an average five foot nine (175 cm), and he has a leanly muscular figure. Not that anyone can really tell that half the time, as he usually wears somewhat baggy jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.

    Webb is slightly awkward, and occasionally neurotic. He's friendly enough, but he has a tendency to avoid talking when there's a lot of people around. His sense of humor is very strange and just a little off. It is to be said that he's an extremely loyal person once someone manages to earn it. His sexuality is confused thanks to his ex-girlfriend that started to identify as male towards the end of their relationship. Webb accepted that, rather easily actually as he thought he was in love with her (well, him). They did break up though, rather anticlimactically at that, and ever since Webb has been just a touch confused with himself and what he likes.

    The collector, and likely that security guard I mentioned will prolly be described through the RP.
  2. Chance Allen Smith


    With his caramel colored skin and his five feet, eleven inch tall frame, Chance could be considered a bit of an eye candy. Looking identical to his younger twin brother, he does have a few, very small, differences about himself. He has a very athletic build and keeps himself in shape, though he still is on the ‘skinny’ side, so to speak. Or at least that’s what most people tell him.
    He has a pretty strong jaw line about his face, though no facial hair. His ears are a little big that support earrings in both ears, and his nose is a a bit wide. With his dark, busy eyebrows that are the same color as his hair, he puts a design on one, sometimes both, of them. And with him being biracial, mixed with African American and Caucasian, he does have a lot of hair, giving himself a little bit of a mini afro, though it’s wavier than anything. But unlike his brother, a difference between them, he has a few blemishes upon his face, is the fact that he has a scar going across his cheek.

    Out of him and his brother Chance is the oldest, though probably the most childish of the two. Never as he completely grown out of the 'child like' phase, if you want to call it that, which can make him seem a bit irritating at times, though he does have a tendency to grow on someone if they can stand to be around him long enough. He talks, often, though in situations in which he has to talk his way out of things it comes in handy, though most of the time he tends to get himself into more trouble than keeping out of it. But either way he tries, sometimes, to contain himself from spouting crude comments when offered the chance to do so, especially when on a job.


    Chase Dillon Smith


    Since he is an identical twin, Chase looks just like his older brother, save for a very small, few differences. He has caramel colored skin that, if you actually look close enough, is a little bit lighter than Chance’s, and stands five feet, eleven inches from the ground, just like his brother. He also has an athletic build to his body, though he is less likely to show it off, not that he hasn’t before though.
    He also has a strong jaw line, though but unlike his brother he has no cuts on his face. Also, something that keeps him from smiling too much, or at least enough to show his teeth, is the fact that his teeth are crooked slightly. His nose is also a little wide and his ears are a little big, and he also wears two earrings, though he’s thinking about letting them close up. He has dark colored hair, and the hair on the top of his head is styled in a little afro as well, though it is a little bit bigger than Chance’s, but who’s looking that closely?

    Chase is the younger twin, though he does act to be the more mature one in most situations. Really he isn't that much mature than his brother; it's more of a fact that he worries a great deal about just about everything. Really it is a wonder why he would ever want to be a thief, what with all his nervous tendency's as well as the fact that he tries his best to make sure that neither his brother, especially, and Jacob get too hurt. Call him too caring, and you're probably right. But he does get the job done when told to do something, no matter what, despite the fact that he might be tempted to talk himself out of it, or the others.

    The both of them grew up in a not so well neighborhood, nor did they grow up with money or particularly caring parents. And with all that having been pushed into their lives brought about their kleptomaniac ways, believing that since there parents couldn't get things or them that they would get them their own selves, no matter the consequences.


    Read mOore
  3. Sweeet. Okay, let's get this thing started. So I guess, I"ll be started, but there's a few places we could do it from: when they're meeting with the private collector or on a heist the day before the collector even contacts them. Which would you prefer, as I can do both.
  4. Hmm... I'm not really sure. XD
    I can be pretty indecisive at times, unfortunately. But... How about maybe the day before they meet up with the collector? Maybe it can be, like, right before they receive the call from him.
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