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  1. A few select people were dragged from reality and left alone in different areas of another dimension. A dimension that is exactly like earth, but without humans nor human influence... Just a world of wilderness. Every person has their own talent when they appear here. Whether it be fight, creature control, speed, so on. Only one talent that cannot be replaced, choose wisely. Join in as you please, and create your path as you please. Create communities and fight against others. Find more survivors as they appear. My only particular rule is that there is NO possible way back to earth.The story begins.

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  2. Sylvia woke with a start, gasping for breath and forgetting the dream that was quickly fading away. Her long, soft hair was matted with the grass she had fell asleep on, and as she sat up she grabbed one of the chocolate-colored locks and threaded her fingers through it in an attempt to comb it. She sighed heavily, closing her bright yello eyes and focusing on her hair; she had all the time in the world to do whatever she wanted, as there were no other people here that she knew of.

    Her actions froze as her stomach growled, and she winced at the hunger pains as she stood up. Silvia grumbled as she walked, "Wouldn't you think that in the forest there would be plenty of food?" But then again, she had encountered more than one predator, who had thought she was their dinner. With her new-found powers of Illusion, she was able to get away easily enough, but if she was surrounded it would be bad.

    Suddenly, Sylvia stood stock-still, gazing at the ground. There was a bush... and on that bush were red berries. Kneeling near the bush, she inspected the fruit, and was surprised to see that they looked exactly like strawberries! Immediately putting one in her mouth, she closed her eyes dreamily as the fruit burst out of the skin, the sweetness of it making her mouth water. She continued to dine from the berries, satisfying her hunger.
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  3. Jakob wasn't one to leave his home, not even to go to a friend's house. So, when he woke up in the forest, he knew something was wrong. He stood and glanced around. The air rather strange in his mouth. Clean he thought, the air had no pollution. He thought quickly and began scrambling up a large ttree to his right. At the top he realized the cold truth... Only forest as far as the eye could see, at some point, the trees dropped down into what seemed to be a grassland. He groaned and started back down the tree. He wandered around in no general direction, wondering if there was anyone else who had been broght here. he cupped his hands around his mouth and began calling out for anyone to respond.
  4. Sylvia heard, faintly, someone yelling for someone, anyone, to respond to his calls. She winced and wondered, Why in the world is he shouting like that? Doesn't he know he'll attract attention... the bad kind? She gathered several of the strawberries into her jacket-pockets -- she slept in her clothing that fateful night -- and ran towards the one making all the commotion. Using her powers of Illusion, she "hid" the noise she was making, so that she was virtually silent, and she also made it so that she appeared slightly more human; after all, you wouldn't see rows of sharp teeth, spotted cat-like ears, and a spotted leopard-tail on a normal girl. Sylvia couldn't distract attention from her eyes, however, which were a bright yellow that glowed and had slits for pupils that could see in the dark.

    As she saw Jakob, she hid in the bushes, not totally trusting this adolescent with her presence. Following him, her eyes glowed from the darkness.
  5. Fools...Or perhaps...A newbie. Geoff was sitting on a large rock near a pond when he heard screams. He was sure others would hear and go towards it. It was pointless for him to even attempt it. "That poor soul...He'll be dead in less than an hour." He thruusted his spear into the water, spearing a fish. Beside him was a large pile of fish. "I wonder how that group is doing...They've grown I'm sure."
  6. Jake was worried that he was alone. He stood and pondered.
    "Maybe I should fly, it would help me find others better."
    He nodded to himself and unfurled his large purple wings (not his power...).
  7. He carried his fish in a net to his little shack. He ate fish most of the time, so this was routine. "Damn...Same thing everyday." After coming to this place, his way with animals grew, and now could tame mostly anything. This is how he caught so much. "Maybe I can finr some string for a bow."
  8. (( Wait... how could that not be his power?? You said yourself that one of the powers could be flight and that you could only have one, and it couldn't be replaced...??? ))

    Sylvia's eyes widen as his wings unfurled, and she kept hidden as he prepared to fly. She allowed her defenses to slide, letting her abnormal ears, tail, and teeth to be revealed. She didn't stand, however, for fear that the boy would see her, and she didn't want to be found just yet.
  9. (( My power is Illusion, which entails the ability to alter multiple peoples' perceptions of reality... Heeheehee!!!... ))

    Sylvia's eyes widen as his wings unfurled, and she kept hidden as he prepared to fly. She allowed her defenses to slide, letting her abnormal ears, tail, and teeth to be revealed. She didn't stand, however, for fear that the boy would see her, and she didn't want to be found just yet.
  10. (( Well, in your case I suppose it's not, and I understand that his wings are part of his physical form, just like my "traits" are part of my physical form. =^~^= But otherwise... yeah. Unless someone tells us that it's their power, it can be part of their physical form too.))

    Sylvia immediately threw up the walls again, and came to Jakob's side. In a voice that sounded like it hadn't been used in a long time, she slowly told him, seemingly trying to remember how to speak, Have...these, they'll...satisfy your hunger. She took the strawberries from her pockets, putting several of the fruit in front of his face, and she smiled a little as she imagined him taking them like a horse would.
  11. Geoff started going out to look for string. Or anything like it. He kept hie blowdarts handy. They were just porcupine needles with poison on the tips but the worked wonders. "I haven't seen anyone in days..."
  12. Carson had been here for the better part of two days, and he wasn't exactly liking it. Sure, with his strange power, he could find something to eat once in a while, but it was the boredom that was getting to him. Nothing to do but find more food and pace....all in all, it sucked. Whistling as he went along through another clearing, Carson saw....two figures, one kneeling over the other, and seemingly giving him something. "Crap.....who are they? I didn't know other people got sent here..." He whispered to himself, not entirely trusting the pair, if the strange wings unfurled from the taller one's back did anything to sway his thinking.

    Keeping his breath low, Carson gestured in his hand. Like always, a knife slid forth from his brown coat, slipping into his palm, a different one every time. This particular one was a boxcutter, some old utility knife caked with rust. Too bad these things disappeared the second they left his grasp, he had gotten good ones before.....

    (Infinite blades fine for a power?)
  13. A girl rushed from the woods, and held out her hand, filled with strawberries, saying something about hunger. For a moment, Jake felt like staying bent over and eating them from her palm, but he second thought it and stood slowly and cautiously took the fruit from her palm.
    After devouring them, he funally looked at the girl, she reminded him of a leopard, ready to pounce, full of pent up energy.
    "T-thank you." he stammered. The girl held a dangerous aura and it intimidated him a bit.
    Jake held out his hand,
    "I'm Jakob. Thank you for the berries Ms...?" He left the title hanging as a breeze bushed his slightly shaggy brown hair into his stormy grey eyes.
  14. Geoff came across a man watching two others. "This could be a lucky break..." He switched the darts to a paralysis dart, and shot 4, the extra one at the one with wings. "Hopefully this will work on large targets..." He waited to see what would happen.
  15. Sylvia, seeing his hidden fear, felt her ears pin to her head, baring her teeth in a smile. You can see past my Illusion Magic, huh? She circled him, eyeing him up and down, and suddenly tensed as she turned to see Carson. Letting her walls fall, she allowed the other person to see her true form. She stood straight and folded her arms across her chest, lifting her chin up as if challenging him to strike, and stayed silent.
  16. Carson flinched as the strange woman turned to see him, and again when a dart narrowly missed his head. Turning, he saw a man with a blowgun, staring at them all. "The hell? What are you? And WHAT are YOU doing?!" He yelled, keeping his blade close as he looked in between the two. A monster and some psycho with a blowgun......things weren't gonna go well.
  17. Being totally unprepared, even her cat-like reflexes weren't enough to dodge the poisoned dart. She yelped as it hit her, snarling as she pulled it out of her collarbone; the skin around the hit was already becoming red, and she felt that part become like fire, then freeze her in ice, then become numb. Her movements were sluggish, the poison moving fast, and she groaned as it reached her limbs. The poison on the end of the quill was paralysis, meaning that she wouldn't be able to move her body for a varied amount of time, depending on the potency of the poison. She glared daggers at Geoff before becoming limp on the ground, thoughts racing through her mind but no answers coming to fruition.
  18. "Dammit. Alright calm down. I just wanted to see if any of you had string. I doubt just asking would've sufficed so I paralyzed you..." He looked at the other man and said, "Lower your weapons...."
  19. "You first, you bastard! Asking would've sufficed, instead of shooting poison darts at me!" Carson shouted, keeping his boxcutter clenched as he took cover behind a tree, leaning out just a bit to see Geoff.
  20. After the girl turned to the intruding man, Two pinpricks of pain penetrated his body. He glanced down to see two needles jutting out of his chest. Withing moments, he bagan to feel woozy and collapsed to his knees.
    "Ayas, I summon you. Help get rid if them."
    A bright flash of light appeared, and from it stepped another teenager who looked almost exactly like Jake, exept for the eyes, instead of grey, they were a bright orange. The boy grinned maniacally and glanced at Jake.

    " God, your weak, two poison darts and your down, pathetic Jakob, just pathetic. " Ayas looked up and saw the other male quickly and sprinted toward the dart-blowing man.
    (In case you don't understand, Jake's power is the ability to summon an alternate version of himself. Ayas is everything Jake is not... Jake is gentle and nice, Ayas us rough and mean. Jake's favorite color is Blue, Aya's favorite color is orange. Jake is terrible at fighting, Ayas is magnificent at fighting. So on. Its a great power, but its lessened by the fact that thwy both kinda want to kill eachother... Unfortunately one can't live without the other.)
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