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"From Riches to Ranches" REBOOT

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Alice Of Hearts, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. This is not my original idea this is Quoted from a thread posted by mr_pibbs and i did get permission xD

    Sooooo the idea of this is actually to have the roles reveresd so instead of a rich girl it would be a rich boy and instead of a farm boy it would be a farm girl so im looking for someone to play a rich boy to fall in love with my farm girl!

    "8.5 Billion Dollars to her family's name; lost in the span of a few hours. Her uncle ran off to Europe with nearly their entire fortune, leaving his family broke. As it turns out, he had been running a money laundering scheme with several major businesses, earning a gross value of apparoximately 20 billion worldwide.

    Nice little profit for a thief.

    While the government tried to track down her uncle, YC, heiress to the Worthington family fortune, and her family have their possessions reclaimed to make up for the tax payments that her uncle evaded. But realizing that her family had nothing to do with the theft, the government leaves the young woman and her family the small town of Weatherbrook. That small farming town had been in ther family for hundreds of years, so it only seemed fitting that they'd allow the family to live there until they can get back on their feet.

    When they arrive at the town, the family is met with a rather warm welcome. The people of Weatherbrook are more then glad to house the former rich people and even built a small townhouse for them to live in prior to the day they came to town. The Worthington's, shocked by the sudden kindness of people they barely know (or even care for), thank the townspeople for their generosity.

    As part of the welcoming celebration, the Worthington's are invited to the town's annual Chilli Cook-Off Festival and Carnival. At the festivities, YC comes across a local farmer's son, MC. While socializing at the party, they have a fun time and become good friends. But as time wears on, things begin to get more complicated. She's gone out with so many assholes, but the first 'nice guy' she meets turns out to be in a completely different 'social class'.

    But... Would it really be so bad if she wanted to date a farm boy?

    Alright so at the core, this is a Rich Girl x Farm Boy RP. We can figure more stuff out later on, but that's the basic plot idea.

    Anyways, I'll be playing the role of the Farmboy and I'm looking for somebody to play the role of the rich girl.

    This idea is pretty much based off the TV show 'Schitts Creek', so we could make this into a fandom RP if you so desire.

    Anyways, post below or shoot me a PM if you're interested and we can talk more about this!"
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  2. Still looking very interested and this plot is super flexible
  3. Still interested ^.^
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