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  1. Hello there, I must present myself before anything else, wouldn't I?

    I am Reveuse, and am a female of the twenty-something persuasion. I like plenty of things, horror, fantasy and historical or alternate historical types being my stronger suits. Being of no romantic inclinations myself, I can't really judge my skills in the Romance genre but think I am alright at that point, at any rate. As for Sci-Fi, hit me up and we'll see! :)

    Now, let's get on the fandoms I know and original thoughts going through my head, shall we?

    Fandoms (open)

    Basilisk (OC only)
    Inu Yasha (OC only)
    Naruto (OC only)
    Pandora Hearts
    Skip Beat! (OC only)

    Dragon Age (OC only)
    Persona 3 & 4
    Radiata Stories
    Tales of Symphonia
    Elder Scrolls
    Vampire: The Masquerade / Requiem

    Harry Potter
    His Dark Materials (OC only)
    Sherlock Holmes
    Tales of the Otori (OC only)

    Original Plots (open)

    • Will be added later, until then, shoot me your ideas!
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  2. When roleplaying, what gender do you prefer?
  3. Any at all are good with me.
  4. I have a few original plots if you are interested. ^^
  5. Of course!
    Would you mind sending them to me in a PM, please? :)
  6. of course not. ^^
  7. Alright, so I lost track of everything these last few days in a mix of Holidays scatterbrainness and computer problem, so if anyone want to continue one of out rps or start a new one, don't hesitate to contact me!
  8. I would like to continue ours.
  9. If you're still looking I wouldn't mind possibly discussing some plot ideas. I greatly enjoy fantasy settings or even modern day with supernatural elements/twists
  10. I just updated the Fandom section and am always up for an original idea, as long as it interests me :)!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.