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From One To The Next *Strange Dimensions/After Life*

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by InindoHero, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. This role play centrals around sexual activity but Plot is just as important. It's 50/50.

    All of your characters are those who have met untimely deaths. They begin to arrive to this dimension very slowly.

    My character stumbles onto the supernatural. He is murdered in an abandoned insane asylum very brutally, and wakes up in another dimension. He can't go to Heaven because he is descended from demigods, but he has stumbled on this weird new dimension where he discovers supernatural powers.
    He finds someone who has been alone in this weird dimension for many years. He comes from another world, and immediately takes a liking to Jake, my character. After informing him that he's in this afterlife, and is descended from unknown gods, and some important information, they get to know each other personally. Eventually, your character starts flirting with my character very strongly, and even though my character doesn't want to get involved with yours, their alone all the time with nothing to do.

    Eventually the two guys actually fuck each other hardcore. This is when a third arrival, this time female, comes to the new world and sees the naked men going at it again. She's shocked and surprised to see it happen. Eventually what happens is that she explains that she's supposed to help expand the two guys'es dimensions. It occurs whenever sexual intimacy between people happens.

    Sex between people in this dimension unseals imprisoned and tormented souls from their prisons, thus, more of it will grow the dimension and allow them to finally enjoy their afterlife.

    The first arrivals coming after the first woman will be, along with the first other two characters, effectively mythological deities of this strange new dimension. Eventually they will discover the cause of their mysterious and brutal deaths, and combat the strange evil that threatens to invade their strange new world.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.