From heaven to paradise

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    Lily had been walking through the city of new York. The place was bustling with people and she couldn't stand it. If she stayed any longer, she would burst. And that wasn't good. So she walked into the closest building and went all the way to the roof. The building was twenty stories high, and the air was refreshing. Looking down, she could see all the people she had been numbing into. They looked like ants. In her mind, she was imagining what it was like to be an angel. To watch over everyone like she was at that moment. How peaceful that would be.
  2. Quintin was thrown headlong at the ground. He flailed his wings trying to back pedal with his pure white wings, but was unable to use them for more than steering and gliding. He braced his wings steadying himself ready to land when he found somewhere quiet, but turrets of wind kicked up and buffeted him around the sky.
    Looking down all he saw was concert. "Please no." He groaned as the wind pushed him closer to the building, which he was soon running over the top of. "Okay!" He screamed. "I get it."
    "You, Quintin Seraphim, are banned from heaven for the rest of eternity. Never to love or live or have children with any humans. You are cursed to walk the earth until it dies." A booming voice said, a voilent wind came up and tore at his clothes and dyed his wings bloody red. He shook them out and looked down at himself. He was clothed, 'Thank God.' he thought humorlessly. He glanced around, he was on top of a very tall building. He looked around to see if anyone was close by before taking his shirt off and folding his wings away, tugging the shirt back on.
    He noticed movement at the corner of his eye and looked over to see a girl. He grinned as if his falling from the sky was normal and waved.
  3. Lily looked over at the Guy. He had appeared out of no where. And he was smiling and waving at her. Not necessarily frightened, but creeped out, she shot a warning shot of fire at his feet. Flames began enveloping along her arms while the concrete bellow her feet began to shift, ready to protect her. "I'm not afraid to hurt you. Back off creep." She said in an aggressive tone.
  4. Quintin looked at the fire between his feet. "Okay. I mean, I wasn't expecting hugs and kisses, but almost getting panted by fire...Yeah. They don't teach that in school." He said, brushing ash off his pant legs and shoes. "My names Quintin and I'm not a creeper." He said. "Not that real creepers dont say that...but I'm really not." He said, holding his hands out palm out. "Please. Don't hurt me. I just got here, and I can't die. That will be very hard to explain if i end up falling off this building."
    He hoped she wouldn't shoot the fire more accurately. "I swear I will not hurt you. You saw me fall. You know what I am." He tried again. "You know I can't hurt humans. Or fall in love with them." He put his hands in his pockets and shivered against the wind that blew by. "Yes. I know." He grumbled back at it. "I remember." He said louder, beating the wind away with his wings, which means that he took his shirt of and held it in his hands until the wind was gone. He mantled his wings and tugged the shirt back on. He ginned shyly at the girl. "Pesky wind."
  5. Lily stared at the guy as he talked. She didn't see him do anything. She had been watching the people down below. And the more he talked, the worse he made his case. Than he started talking to himself. "Whatever. Just leave me the hell alone wierdo." Then she sucked in a deep, quick breath as he revealed wings. Just a brief moment, shock was displayed across her face before returning to its normal demeanor. "Whatever the hell you are, leave me alone."

    Not wanting to stay any longer, she began running towards the weird guy. She didn't pay attention to his name. As soon as she was close, she motioned for the ground to move, manipulating it to how she felt it needed to. She didn't want a big chunk out of the roof, just enough to hit him. As she shot into the air, the small pillar was launched at the guy. She flew just over the building, falling towards the ground to the alley below. Using air, which she has not mastered, she was able to land softly. Then she disappeared into the sea of people walking the streets of New York. Eventually, she went home to her studio apartment where she would forget all about the days events.

    Filling her tub full of water, she slowly sank into the cold liquid, boiling it with fire. As the heat seeped into her bones, she felt more at ease. The day a distant memory. And she lied there, for hours. She worked a night shift, so she needn't worry about work till later. For the time being, she reveled in the silence.
  6. Quintin wrapped his wings around in front of him and knocked the granite rock away, watching as she ungracefully floated to the ground, he leaned on his hands. "I can teach you how to ride the wind!" He shouted after her and grinned. "Stupid human." He glanced around and suddenly felt tired. He looked for a safe place to stay but found none. So he took to the sky again, jumping off the nearest building after thudding up twelve or so flights of stairs. From there he threw himself off the building and shook out his wings on the way down, he touched the ground with his finger tips before launching straight up again. He flew up to where he looked like a hawk and did spins and flips and other such things that were frowned upon in Heaven.

    A couple hours after his flying rush had left him, he stumbled into a random building and collapsed on the couch there, fast asleep. Had any one cared to look, they could see his pulse in the back of his shirt, where his wings were tucked in and un-preened.
    As he slept he dreamed of the granite rock and the girl. Odd dreams where up was down and down was left. He jolted awake and ran out of the building. The sky was black. No stars showed through.
    "Oh dear god." He muttered, scenes flashing through his mind. The girl...she was the key. she knew what was happening.
    Quintin flew up into the air and settled on a building to watch for this girl.
  7. Lily's alarm went off at eleven. She was soaked and wrinkly. Quickly, she dried off, her body slowly plumping back to its smooth, flawless form. She quickly got dressed into her job's uniform. It was a small cafe/diner. Grabbing her keys, she left the apartment.

    New York was bad at night, but she wasn't worried. She knew how to defend herself. But there was always that idiot that could try and steal her purse. Luckily, tonight there was no such idiot. Eventually, she arrived at the diner. It wasn't crowded, but she already had a good amount of customers. Soon, she was busy taking and handing out orders. It was a busy job and the tips payed for her rent. So she never complained.
  8. Quintin watched the streets with great care. Around midnight he spotted the girl, he shook out his wings and flew above her. He followed her to her job and settled on yet another building to watch what was happening inside. After a while, his stomach growled. He quickly floated to the ground, hiding his wings under a newly acquired jacket and walked into the dinner. He sat down in the booth closest to the door.
    He ordered some food and payed for it with the money he found in his wallet. 'Hmm.' He thought. 'Didn't know that was there. Wonder what else I got.' He pulled stuff out of his pockets and piled it onto the table. A yo-yo, a belt, a smooth stone, a kite tail, a covered in chicken scratch piece of paper, a sharpie and lastly, a mean looking knife. He glanced over at the girl, wondering what the knife was for. It had the elemental symbols along the blade and on the handle. But there was also a set of wings for a hand guard. He grabbed the piece of paper and manipulated to to be clean and then rearranged the molecules in a straw to form a pencil. He jotted down a note, put everything from his pockets back and looked around for a girl to hit on.
    Spotting one he walked over, making small talk and sliding into the seat across from her. He put the knife on the table but made it so everyone just saw a phone. Every one except the girl from the roof. As Quintin talked, he spun the knife around, trying to catch the girls eye.
  9. Lily had been bustling tables for thirty minutes before she noticed the guy from earlier. Before he saw her, she ducked back into the kitchen. The guy was sitting with another girl. Possibly creeping on her. Lily looked over to the chef. He was a nice old man of about 56 with graying hair. "Tony, see that guy over there, flirting with the girl, wearing that black leather jacket?" He looked around to where she was pointing and nodded. "He was creeping on me earlier today. He really gives me goosebumps. Now I think he's following me. Think you could handle it?" She asked in a sweet innocent voice. He just nodded in return. Tony always looked out for his waitresses.

    Tony walked up to the guy and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey. I have a complaint from one of my girls. She say's you've been following her. I'd suggest you stop." Without waiting for a response, Tony left back to the kitchen to finish his orders. "If he doesn't leave you alone sweety, I'll get the cops. If they don't do anything, I'll handle him myself." Tony may be old. But he wasn't a push over. He had broad shoulders that showed he works out.

    Giving him a kiss on the cheek as a "thank you," she went back to waiting tables. But instead of her usual corner, she went on the further side, farthest from the creep.
  10. Quintin turned as he was tapped on the shoulder. He listened as the older man spoke to him and nodded before standing up and walking out of the dinner. He slipped the knife back into his pocket and walked to a park. He thought of what the older man has said.
    "I wasn't meaning to follow her." He frowned in at his reflection and realized, he looked like a crazy. He ran a hand though his mess of black curly hair, concrete dust fell out making him cough.
    He leaned his head over the railing, scrubbing at his head, watching as the dust floated around, looking a lot like dandruff. He grinned at his reflection. How do I get to know her now? She thinks I'm a crazy. He dropped his head onto the bridge rail. Shaking his head, he walked to the other side of the bridge and walked toward the pool.
    Shower house. Just what I need. He jumped over the fence that was locked and walked into the shower house. He quickly took a shower, scrubbing his scalp with his fingernails before jumping back out and shaking his wings dry before beating them to make a blow dryer out of the room. Once dry he tugged his clothes back on, hiding his wings under his shirt.
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    Lily was relieved that the guy had walked away. She didn't want any trouble from him and she didn't want to deal with him. She was good at defending herself, but confrontation wasn't her thing when it came to creeps. After her shift, she went home and took a shower before going to bed. That night, she dreamed a good dream. A safe dream in a nice garden.
  12. Quintin walked along the path that was surrounded by long flowing flowers, colors blending into the next and the one before it. He shuffled his feet, not used to walking in shoes yet.
    He looked around, his fingers brushing over the flowers as he walked along, thinking of how loud it was here. He hadn't found anywhere he was able to sleep so he walked around the city aimlessly until he came here. Well, til he broke in here anyways. He glanced back at the high pike topped fence and chuckled.
    'Humans.' He thought, rolling his eyes and shaking his shoulders, his wings spreading out behind him. He looked up at the sky, dark black with small specks of white and he felt like crying. 'Oh that was a stupid thing to do.' He muttered to himself.

    Later on, as the sun was rising, Quintin had found his way to the roof of an apartment building of mostly flats, and was sitting on the edge of the roof, staring at the sun and thinking of that girl he had creeped out. He wasn't aware that he was being creepy and he felt bad for it. He wanted to apologize but she wouldn't listen to him, even if he tried. With a sigh, he created some paper and a pencil from a stick and piece of news paper.
    He scribbled down a note. "Hey, My name is Quintin, And I'm sorry that I was sort of a creeper to begin with. I don't know who you are, or if this note will ever find you, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry. --Quintin. Oh, Ps, I couldn't help but draw you as you are so beautiful." He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, folded it into the note, kissed the note and dropped it, watching as it floated down the the ground. He sent up a little prayer that it would make it to her and she would understand.

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