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  1. I'm looking for a partner for a fantasy/modern-fantasy rp. You'll be playing a person who has recently bought a rather expensive egg, through some rather shady sources. Not just any egg though.


    A dragon egg.

    Rare, expensive, and very hard to get one's hands on. Yet you have one. One which you've been promised will be hatching in but a short time.

    Yet having such a thing, far less a actual dragon, while not illegal, will most likely not make you any friends, as there has been rumors of dragons attacking villages and small towns.

    So, yes. Its a rp where you essentially raise a dragon. Of course, seeing as they're rather long-lived, raising one won't be a quick thing, so a long-lived race would be recommended, unless you want to make a rp lasting generations, which would also be a good option! :)
  2. hmmmm interesting.
  3. I will steal it! MWAHAHAHA!
  4. Oh noes! A thief! D:
  5. yup. I'm totally stealing this rp. from everyone else!! MWAHAHA
  6. *steals back* Hey! I'm interested too!!
  7. Oh dear Elder Dragons! More thieves stealing from mah nest! ;_;

    Which is to say, I can probably do another one of these :3
  8. Yayyy! Yeah, more theives stealing from yo nest.

    So is this like Eragon?
  9. Well.... I haven't seen Eragon, so I don't really know :P

    But if you wretch it onto a Eragonic path, then I suppose so :3
  10. Haha, okay. It seems like Eragon.

    So.. pm and we shall start planning?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.