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  1. There was a broken telephone game going on all around her and she wasn't being let in on it. What could possibly have all her classmates so riled up? The last time there was a hum like this one of the professors was pregnant by a very handsome man who very scandalously wasn't her husband. Slowly lowering herself into a chair in the massive library she looked around. Perhaps a familiar face would spot here and come over and talk and let her in on the secret that was being so obviously paraded all around her. Until then she would slip into a book and curl herself around the warm ideas inside.

    Charlize Fredricks was by all standards an average girl among her peers. She had her friends that made classes more fun and lunch less lonely, as well as her books that kept her entranced in her free time. She was funny but not too loud, clever but not a complete study bug. She wasn't one to worry too much about her appearance and rarely could be found tutting or fussing over her reflection in the washroom mirrors, though she did take great pride in her hair. A wavy mop of deep, dark brown that sat just at her shoulders was what she put her effort into. Her straight across bangs were always kept trimmed and were never too long or short. She shampooed and conditioned and treated her hair as if it was her baby, her dark brown, wavy baby. Most other girls were not impressed with her hair as it wasn't overly special, very well maintained perhaps but not something to write home about. If her peers would have anything to say it would be about Charlize's physique. With a slender upper body that extended into a mean curve at the hips there were two opinions of the pear shape Charlize carried around. Some girls loved the fuller bottom and legs that rode along underneath the small waist and petite breasts, others found it too bulky and disproportionate. As for Charlize herself, well she quite fancied her full round bum.

    Deep in her book Charlize barely heard someone calling to her.
    "Hey Charlie!" There was a small hand waving in front of her face now. Charlie was her affectionately given nickname from her small cluster of friends. She loved it. Her long pale hand shot up and swatted at her friend's hand.
    "Hey Magda, get your filthy hand out of my face." She smiled as she said the words, lowering her book to her lap.
    "Filthy!?" There was a small inspection, blue eyes grazing over soft, peachy, perfectly clean skin. "Oh you shush! Did you hear?" Magda's voice was shrill and squeaky, her blonde hair trembling and bouncing over her shoulders in soft curls as she spoke.
    "Hear what?" Charlie asked, knowing full well she was about to learn the massive secret going around the school. It excited her.
    "We're getting a new girl!" There was a hop and a squeal from Magda but it went unnoticed for the most part as Charlie had fallen into her own mind.
  2. Tyla Aiyana's meek steps carried her the length of the meandering stone corridor which dead ened at the office of the Arch Mage. Trembling fingertips grazed the door handle, and she inhaled a deep breath as to help her muster enough courage so she could see what world was beyond the dense, cherry wood which seemed to invoke a vibe of tears and defeat. After a moment of stalling, she cautiously pushed it open, not asking for entrance first in either a rapping nor words. The woman was facing the large, stained window which scintillated with sparkling jewel tones in the sunlight.

    Before she could announce her intentions, she was met with the throaty voice of the individual. "Miss Philomena, I am very contented that you've found your way here without folly. If you'd present your papers, we shall see where your gifts will be most applicable in this institution." She eagerly followed instruction, removing from her person a rolled piece of parchment, the wax seal upon it having been broken. "Yes. Everything looks in order. You are a member of the Nighshade Affliliates. If you'd follow me, I will show you to your quarters." The instructor spake in a firm voice as she moved stiffly in lead. "I will send for your proper attire, your books and a spell pouch." The instructor resembled an old crone which matched the description of most fairy tale witches, but her appearance wasn't threatening to Tyla in the least.

    "If you are to graduate, you shall receive the insignia ring which unlocks the element of your choice, and you shall venture into the world able to harness a power unparallel to those the world has ever seen." They had reached the desired destination at last. "Lastly, you shall be under the tutelege of one named Charlize."(Charlize?) The monicker echoed in her mind, she she took a moment to peer around the elder at the library bustling with life. "Charlize!" The female would be culled from the rest of the lot, so that the instructor may be dismissed as to busy herself with more pressing responsibilities.
  3. The boom of her birth name being called shook Charlie straight out of her daydreams and straight up from her seat. Magda jumped back and slipped off silently, smiling like a nymph at Charlie who stared at the woman who had zapped her from her own secret world. "Yes Ma'am?" Her voice was strained as her eyes caught a glimpse of a new face. Her breath caught in her throat and her fingers clenched her Dark Histories book close. The new girl and the instructor were there. Why? Why had she been called out of everyone? The new girl. Her eyes wandered but her mind wouldn't follow and she felt herself come back to reality. Releasing the air held captive in her lungs she place her book on her chair and walked towards the new girl and the instructor careful not to trip or drag her feet. The new girl, Charlie's soft brown eyes did another quick graze of her before turning her eyes fully to the instructor. It felt like her mind and her pulse were having a race but she did her best to focus and smile politely. "Is there something you needed me for?" She stopped right in front of them, feet pointing towards the new girl but body facing the instructor.

    It was no secret to Charlie that she was interested in women, though she did keep it a secret to everyone else. She was good at keeping cool and was never obvious if she fancied another girl in her classes, though she hadn't in a long while. Eventually after day in and day out with the same girls her fantasies wore thin and she realized that the girls surrounding her would never be the perfect lovers and companions she had dreamt up in her head. She stole too many looks at them and they lost their charm. Their flaws had too much time to emerge blurring and smudging the ideal into an abstract work, a friend rather than a lover. This realization partnered with her friends' reactions to any talk of same sex relationships has stifled any feelings for her peers romantic or otherwise. That was why Charlie was so unhinged by a new girl. So many possibilities, so much unknown. She had seen her friends and other classmates change so many times she could recognize Magda's back dimples from Anges' any day, but this new girl had a wondrously new body and mind and voice and everything. The new girl was like a gift to Charlie from Charlie's own mind. Even if nothing ever came of her she would at least be a treat for a while.

    overall look: tumblr_me6px1I9wp1qanr3eo1_400.png)
  4. Tyla watched as the one coined -Charlize- had made her way toward them, and she hadn't felt a particular way about her.Neither a thread of like or dislike. She seemed to exude in a magickal knowledge of which the newcomer was naive, as her roaming gaze had included that of Charlie nose deep in a book prior to being summoned so abruptly. Tyla ushered a tiny giggle from her ample pout as she witnessed the humorous antics of this girl, not intending for her laughter to sound mocking or cruel in the least. Her question seemed to linger in mid air, as it wasn't countered with the response of the educator.

    Tyla's pale gray gaze shifting about as she turned her head both directions, and she was saw that she was alone, cast out to the others, if they should be so welcoming and accept her. She felt a warmth stirring upon her cheeks as she beheld the visage of Charlie, dark waves of hair cascading down her shoulders, framing a pleasant face.

    Tyla was slightly disheartened at the lack of presence of the male persuasion, but the college was inhabited predominantly by women. Her shoulders would bob in a slight shrug, as for an undetermined amount of time she would have to make do with the challenges she was presented. Her lips were soft, like the silky petals of a blushing rose. Her countenance thinking of porcelain, was pigmented with just enough color to create a healthy canvas, with just a light spattering of freckles across her nose.
  5. Charlie made eye contact with Tyla and smiled just a touch, her lips barely turning up. Her thoughts filtered slowly and she managed to find some words to say. "Hi, I'm Charlize." A slender pale hand shot out stiffly for a handshake. Charlie slapped herself mentally, a handshake? Really? She was meeting this wondrous new girl and here she was sticking her hand out and strongly resembling a poorly posed statue. She only ever saw people handshake when they were much older and much more formal in their meeting. She didn't lower her hand despite her fear that it was cold and clammy and would make Tyla uncomfortable, instead she stuck to her decision to shake hands and forced her smile up a bit more. Maybe it would look refined and smart? "My friends usually call me Charlie." She added now, trying to ease the tension between her shoulders but pushing them down and back as she spoke. Her chest puffed forward a bit and now she was glowing with a soft peachy blush. "What's your name?" Her staggered sentences were causing her a great deal of anxiety and she hoped the new girl didn't think she was slow or dumb, she was just a bit lost in her own wild mind.

    If she hadn't been focusing so hard Charlie probably would have lost it at the close up sight of Tyla's soft blushing lips. If her mind had been wandering any more she might just lose herself completely and have to excuse herself. The girl had needs and her sprouting ideas of Tyla were fuelling her desires to fulfill them. Despite her ability to keep calm outwardly, never showing her peers her feelings towards them she constantly found herself trembling inwardly when faced with any feelings of desire or lust towards one of the girls. Tyla was no different, she was stirring Charlie's insides. Acting a bit nervous was one thing, but nobody would ever assume it was the act of a woman taken by a lusty mind and powerful imagination.

    Every nerve seemed to be in her hand as she waited for the other girl to take it. Her fingertips tingled slightly with anticipation.
  6. Tyla nonchalantly eased a hand her way. "The name I own is Tyla. Tyla Aiyana Philomena." She spoke coolly, as opposed to Charlie's awkward demeanor."So, I suppose I am in your charge, then.What should I know about this place?" Her pale gaze darkened some, as if to express the anxiety she was feeling about being a new member of the college, and the coven called the Nightshades. "What are the Nightshades anyway? It wasn't mentioned in the scroll I received."

    She felt rather uneasy about the whole situation, but the information she read had enticed her to join. "Which book had come upon your perusal?" She uttered, suddenly relieving her hand of the girl's grasp. She knew she had signed her very soul into the possession of the great edifice of which seemed no escape. Perhaps she had jotted her signature in a hasty manner, but the promises of power and adventure were a temptation she couldn't find within her a restraint against. She thought back to the words of the Crone, that she would soon receive the proper raiment and other lent belongings, that perhaps she could blend in better in this strange society.
  7. Charlie gave her hand a soft squeeze and let go, marvelling a bit at how soft and warm the other girl's skin felt against her own. "It's nice to meet you, miss Tyla." She said giving a small head nod before readjusting her focus from the curve of Tyla's lower lip to the question of her book. "Oh, I was just burrowing deep into some Dark Histories." She glanced back at her book and her smile grew. "I'm assuming I'm to show you around and teach you what there is to know about the school and the covens and such?" She shifted her weight from one foot slowly to the other and held her hands together in front of her to stop them from touching her hair. "I'm sure it would be useful to start with what we're currently learning, hmm?" She turned on her heels looking calm now. Having collected her thoughts Charlie was now able to function. Show Tyla around, take her under a wing and help her understand the greatness she had just signed up for. Taking long but steady steps back to her chair she grabbed the book and spun to face Tyla waving it a bit. "Dark Histories are perhaps the most interesting of all histories." She stated factually. "I think you'll really enjoy learning about them."

    The rest of the girls in the library had been chattering and reading and exchanging hushed secrets, but Charlie paid them no attention, she was too focused on looking normal and friendly. How could she possibly even befriend a new peer if she was trembling and pausing for minutes between each word she spoke?

    Charlie's mind switched directions and she looked down at the book in her hands. "If you want to take a look at the living arrangements and get settled I think that might actually be the best first step." She smiled softly at her own blunder. Jumping right into books was something only she could be found doing, most other people would probably want to at least put whatever belongings the had on them into their dorm. "Do you know your dorm room?"
  8. Suddenly, Tyla felt as if she were falling into the never ending spirals of a dark dream. She felt her body become weightless, the airy strokes of the shadowy atmosphere had cradled her close to its heart. The landscape had begun to take shape, saplings sprouting and blades of grass swaying in the breeze. No presence of the radiant sun, however a full moon shone a silvery light upon her face. Her eyes fluttered open, the feeling of the moist earthen floor sticking to her arms, and the back of the green dress that docked above her knees. (What sort of deviltry is this) The dialect of long ago resounded in her head, but all she could utter was a soft groan.

    What happened as to transport her from the solid ground she had stood upon mere moments ago, from the college of old, to this new place? A ripple in time and space had opened a horrible portal which she was cast into, it seemed. Now she could hear the modern lingo of these girls, although she couldn't quite understand it. Perhaps she would learn to, perhaps not. Her top priority was to investigate what had happened to bring her here. In her mind's eye she saw herself apparenty fainted upon the grass, a light drizzle of rain upon her face. She was afraid because she also saw herself standing before Charlie, listening to her speak of dorm rooms.
  9. Charlie's smile slowly seeped from her lips and was replaced by a soft pout. Tyla didn't seem to be listening and it worried her. "Are you...okay?" She asked softly, placing her book down slowly and with great care. "I didn't mean to overwhelm you." She dropped her chin a bit and her posture stiffened so she was standing straight.

    Her mind clicked and started racing through everything she had said and done, had her clammy hands driven Tyla to silence? Had she been to awkward from the very start of their encounter? Charlie was riding a wave of terror inside her own mind and it was taking through everything she perceived to be unattractive about the way she had approached Tyla. Perhaps the girl could see through her, perhaps she could sense the fantastic imagined personality Charlie had already chosen fro her. Ah yes, imagined Tyla, quiet and soft and sensual and sweet. Her hair smelled of the petals of wild flowers and her lips felt like dew against the skin of Charlie's neck.

    Clicking back charlie blinked and tilted her head with concern. Had she already destroyed it all?