From a pot of dirt

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  1. The dusty trail
    is the woman's heart.
    Though her skin is caked
    from the clods
    and weeds of her
    hearth and seed
    she comes from good
    Her roots are wide
    and deep.
    She gets by
    shaking, from time to time,
    the dirt loose from the choking
    vines that creep
    to her bed at night.
    But she will wither
    of parchment before
    she'll be strangled.
  2. So i post a poem and yall got nothin to say? Yallre a buncha philostines...metaphorically
  3. The Art section doesn't get as much views as the other parts of the forum, and most will look, but leave no comments.

    I like your poem by the way, not sure I understand it entirely, but cool.

    just remember, in this area, usually views are good indicators of respect, moreso than comments.
  4. I suppose alls well if its read. still an ocassional kudos makes anyone warmnfuzzy