From a Planet in the Stars

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  1. So, right now the idea is extremely basic. The year is 3030 and a team of human scientists and military personel travel through the galaxy to find a new planet that is populated with the Torians:

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    and the enemy of the Torians, The Kruol:

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    At first I was thinking this to be a onexone but now that I see it, I'd like it to be a group. Of course I am a Torian.

    I'd like there to be some romance, perhaps Human/Alien or a Torian/Kruol thing, something that's "forbidden"...

    Interested? PM me or Comment here!
  2. Yay!! What would you like to be?
  3. Kruol all the way baby >_0
  4. Well originally the Kroul are mainly male but there could be a few females if wanted.
  5. oh no thats alright, I don't care i could be a torian (Thats female right?)

  6. Yes'm. All Torins are female, all Kroul are males. They're enemies cuz it's kind of a battle of the sexes thing.
  7. Battle of the sexes, sexy :P Torian deffinatly
  8. hahaha looks like im one of the boys hahaha
  9. Haven't joined a sci-fi roleplay yet. Thought it was about time to join the celebrations. Mind if I join as a Torin? Or even a human if you find need for any.
  10. Well we have a couple Torians and a Kroul, so you could be a human if you won't mind to much. Shall we start and add people as we go along, then? ^^
  11. I sure don't mind being a human. I think I'll play the role well. Plenty of practice :P. You can start now and I'll be sure to post early tomorrow.
  12. so looks like im still the only guy T.T
  13. I can be a guy human XD