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  1. Areiz watched the scenery pass by, walking beside Dorian with a bright smile. She truthfully did feel better, but she also felt slightly weakened, like she wasn't as reflexive as she had been. She dismissed the feeling, continuing to walk. If it became bothersome, she'd say something, but for now she just hugged his arm, walking along joyfully.
  2. Dorian smiled at her warmly, as he keept a close look on her making sure she was alright the whole time.
  3. Areiz looked up at him and giggled a little before looking forwards again, staying close, smiling. "Thank you..for helping me in the first place." she said softly. "If you hadn't have helped save our fathers..." she broke off. "Thanks."
  4. "Heh If I hadent helped save our fathers they would have been happy. In their eyes we are trators you know.." He said slowly lowering his eyes.
  5. Areiz hugged his arm tighter. "But we wouldn't be together..I might not even be here." she said quietly, looking into his face and smiling softly.
  6. "Yeah... I guess you are right." He said softly
  7. Areiz smiled, kissing his cheek gently as they walked. "Of course I least, with this." she smiled, stopping and hugging him close, leaning gently on him. "Because..I..I really like you.." She said, looking up into his eyes. "I think I've fallen in love with you."
  8. Dorian stoped in his trackes and blinked at her:
    "Y-you... What now...?"
  9. She looked down and let go. "Nevermind.." she said quietly, thinking she said something wrong. She looked further down the path where the trees started to thin. Biting her lip, she turned away. "Nothing."
  10. "No no no. You are not going to pretend that you did not say what you just said." He said moving infront of her:
    "Excuse me for geting a bit overwhelmed, but come on give me some credit here. How would you react if the most amasing person in the world, funny, smart, kind and drop dead gorduse, came up to you and decleared 'I have fallen in love with you'? COuse I will tell you right now, you do need to duble check and make sure you aint dreaming, becouse yeah, I have had that dream before. So do excuse me."
  11. Areiz looked into his eyes, still biting her lip. It was easy to tell she was trying to figure out what to say. She looked down, thinking still. Finally, she looked up into his eyes. "Promise you won't leave?" she asked quietly, scared to take his hand, but wanting to. To pull him close and not let go..but she wasn't sure how he was reacting. "Because..I really do think I'm in love with you.." she said quietly, afraid of losing him.
  12. He softly placed his hands on her shoulders and offered her a nice warm smile:
    "Leave? Why would I leave? Did you catch anything I just said? Becouse if not you should serasly check your hearing."
    He smiled a bit more pulling her closer in a tight hug:
    "I just told you that I feel the same for you. You get that? I have fallen for you too."
  13. Areiz almost went limp in his arms, but held him tightly, smiling. She teared up a little, nuzzling her face against his chest. "That's good...really great.." she said softly, smiling brightly, though tears still tracked the corners of her eyes. She giggled.
  14. Dorian softly made her look him in the face and said softly:
    "Hey, getting mixed messages here. Why the tears...?" He softly dried her tears softly
  15. Areiz smiled. "Because I'm happy." she said gently, nuzzling her nose against his. "That's why." she gazed softly into his eyes, smiling.
  16. He smiled warmly at her:
  17. Areiz retraced, resting her head on his shoulder, smiling brightly, holding him close. She closed her eyes, letting his presence wash over her, calming her, giving her security and happiness.
  18. He placed a soft kiss on the top of her head and smiled:
    "I hate to brake up this love fest.. But we should move on..."
  19. Areiz smiled softly. "Okay.." she said quietly, hugging him tightly before letting go. The action caused one of the wounds to re-open, but it was only one of the scratches on her back, nothing fact, she didn't even notice it.
  20. He smiled at her and started walking again
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