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    Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?
  2. Heh... Considering how many friends I've lost, it would seem a 'no.' I can understand why, however, and it really does make sense. I have a few solid friends that are still around -- my Aussie friend being considered my "best" friend -- or that we still consider each other friends but we don't talk often (more often the case).

    My main issue is that I focus. I used to have quite a few friends that I actually considered them beyond just acquaintances until I met my first boyfriend (now my ex, thank goodness). Once that happened, I focused on him and did more things with him than with my friends. One thing led to another and boom, I'm left with only my then-boyfriend and maybe a few acquaintances that I wouldn't slot into the friend category.

    I'd want me as a friend if I liked eating out, however. I have a reputation for being generous -- a bit overly so -- and it's come to bite me in the ass more than once. It's a common sight to see me footing the bill without really thinking. Another 'issue' is that on the whole, I'm actually rather reclusive. I don't enjoy going out and doing typical thing like going to movies, bars, clubs, shows, etc. That alone restricts most interaction to food joints, online chats, and texts. While I am able to happily subsist on that, others require physical interaction.

    So yeah... With only maybe one or two exceptions, I'd have to say I wouldn't want me as a friend.

  3. I would not want me as a friend. I don't know how I have so many friends, though I suspect its because they're all online. They're not here to see me. its easier to overlook flaws when you can't actually see the person they belong to.

    I'm clingy. Pathetically so, and I normally cling to one or two people. If I don't see them for long lengths of time (2 days -_- ) I get very nervous and unhappy. Because I just miss them so much. I don't think I could handle that if it was directed at me. I just wouldn't know what to do with me.

    I'm also very touchy towards other people. I'm always hugging them or hanging off of them. Oddly enough, I hate it when this is done to me. I don't want people touching me unless I've already latched on to them. There are very few people that I'm ok with spontaneous touch. This would likely create problems with friending myself. Both of us would want to hug and hang off of each other, but neither of us would let the other.
  4. Sometimes. I find myself to be, pardon my language, quite a dick at times. I'm very rough (I'm not good at being gentle), tend to tease and manipulate, and I'm pretty much socially-inept/kinda recluse. Being friends with me takes a lot of guts and you'd have to be somewhat masochistic (LOL). I admit, the only good part about me is that if I deem you worth my trust, loyalty, and affection, I will be dedicated to you wholly. So the answer's "sometimes". XD
  5. Honestly, I have no idea. I have a huge penchant for being dramatic and I am nearly always acting as if I was on a stage, but I guess that is tolerable to most of my friends, or maybe that is what attracts them. I also tend to joke around and tease my friends a lot, but they always tease me back, so I guess it is okay for them. But I do not know if I would want to be in a room with a person who is almost a complete copy of me. I do not know how would we get along, because I have never met someone who was as theatrical as me, although I have met plenty of people whom teased others a lot.
  6. I think I would not mind being friends with a person like me. Aside from my lack of drive in life, which would, quite honestly, piss other me off, I do seem to have an almost scary focus when it comes to things I care about. If I needed to talk video games with someone, I know other me would just be as focused and passionate about video games, fantasy novels, and so on, so I know I'd have someone to always talk to about such things. And I can be serious about other things, like when giving advice.

    All in all, I guess I'd make a good friend for myself. Unless he went after the same ladies I do.... Then we'd throw down like no other. pokemonbattlemusic.mp3
  7. I would actively avoid being friends with me.

    I switch moods on the dime, I'm temperamental as heck.
    I'm also a whiny narcoleptic.
    I feel like whem I'm not eating or exercising I'm usually complaining about something stupid or crying and wondering why I hate myself so much. I'm really lucky that I actually have friends I guess, and I'm thankful every day that I have them because I love them but man, how they put up with me is award-worthy.
  8. I bend over backwards for the people I care for. I'd love more friends like me.

    Or, even just more friends who care. That's always a good thing.
  9. I actually don't know if I'd want me as a friend. I am really bad at keeping touch with people, my anxiety overpowers my desire to answer phone calls, I'm too shy, I'm a hermit, I seldom initiate conversation or ideas for outings... As a result, my relationships with people tend to wither. v__v Unless, of course, they keep trying. Some friends give up on me, some friends love me enough to develop the relationship further. Peoples gots to understand that I take some work and time to get comfortable around others.

    At the same time, well... To the people I can keep touch with and feel comfortable hanging out with, I'm a delight. I'll do favors for them, I'm a great listener, I'll laugh at pretty much everything... I also am an accepting person. I embrace peoples' flaws so that they feel wanted and loved, then I tell them that their qualities are just bonuses. Because that's just how I feel about people. :] I like to give hugs, too. I'm weird about affection at first, but eventually I warm up to the human contact.

    So maybe I'd love me as a friend. As long as a person is patient with me and persistent in communication as to keep me out of my shell, I prove to be a keeper. Heh. I know myself to be a patient and understanding person, so getting to know another me would probably be fantabulous.
  10. I'm a great drinking buddy, yeah.
  11. Yes and no.

    I'm not the sort of friend who enjoys going out to bars, or shows very much. I enjoy sightseeing, museums, and games far too much so yes my life revolves a lot around the computer/consoles and learning. I'm not always great at small talk nor is it easy for me to initiate conversation, but I'll be there to listen if you need to get something off your chest. I'm not very forgiving however and I can hold a grudge for a while. Not sure if I'd want a clone of me as a friend because I'd probably end up ignoring it, I bounce better off of other people with more energy and omph.
  12. My first instinct is to say yes. I am an awesome person. I would probably make myself laugh and we would have a good time. However I know this would only last a little while until me and my alternate-self would try and kill one another.

    I'm sort of friend who demands attention, is wild and crazy in a group, and usually for inexplicable reasons gets people to do what I want. Even if they are not sure why they are doing it.