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    Friendships are sometimes very important to most of us. With friends, we can tell secrets to him/her that we don't tell most people. We also have very close friend and best friends that we trust more than others. Its always nice to have someone who will be there for you other than a boyfriend, girlfriend or family.

    There are also bad times where our friendships begin to slowly fall apart and things change a bit. We stop talking to them, don't call them and sometimes completely wipe them from our memories. There are also times where we make up and end the feud between us and start over fresh.

    When it comes down to it, true and blue friends will always stick together and charish each others friendships.

    Now Iwaku, tell us, what do you do when your friendship is going down the drain?
    How do you get it back to where it once was with your friend?
    What do you do when you argue or get on the verge of never talking to your friend again?

  2. I yell at my friend. >:[

    Seriously, I do. If they are my friend and their being mopey or an all around jerkass, I yell at them! I tell them about how stupid their being by taking things the wrong way or handling them like a depressive moot! Yelling lets them know that I care and that I can barely take anymore of whatever is bothering them and breaking us apart. Even when they're far away, I will call their phone and be all "OH, SO I DONT EXIST NOW!? D:<" They know I'm doing it because I care! I'm not really mad at them. Just annoyed that they're acting differently than the person I used to know.

    Sometimes friends willingly move on or want to break the friendship. I have to respect that one with gritted teeth, mind you. It's more of a "....Fine." Then an all out yelling at them, which I still want to do! >< If it's what they wanna do, it's what they wanna do! R-E-S-P-E-C-T! ...Still going to tell them how I feel though....

    I usually get it back by reminding them of what they mean to me and what they're hanging out to dry. It seems like its on the edges of a guilt trip, but they're my friend. They should know better. >> It's not like I force them to stay! They have free reign to waltz out if they want to! But they'll hear it from me if they do. >:[ I don't like losing friends and people who are important to me. That's one for me reason for me to lock myself in an house all day!

    The argument is the best part. Argue back. Let them know you're serious about the friendship instead of begging them to stay like some pansy. They have free will to do whatever they wish, but i'm still going to put my foot down and be no less of who i am. >:[

    ....I love my friends! :D
  3. I sit them down and tell them we have to talk. I don't hold back either and I kinda demand that they stay and talk. I think communication is one of the keys to a good friendship, and you shouldn't be hiding what you feel about your friend from him/her to begin with anyway. The argument would probably just escalate if people began to be dishonest so I demand the truth and I give them the truth in my most scathing words. (Hey. I have to have my fun.)

    If a friend wanted to move on from the friendship though, I'd want to know why. I would begrudgingly accept their decision, but that doesn't mean I'll stop being a friend completely.

    When an argument escalates beyond my control, I just take a step back and breathe. Let both parties cool down... Before beating down on them with the fury of a thousand blazing suns with the cold, honest truth. And then I ask for the same from them and accept what is said, apologize if needed, ask for one if it's denied and try to move on as friends.